News - Greylorm" Red Dark Aether Worm Boss Fight "full Gameplay" Warzone 2 Zombies


Jason is here, and welcome back to another Modern Warfare 3 zombie article. Today I have gameplay of the Red Worm Boss fight within Modern Warfare 3 zombies. This honestly came out of nowhere for me; I was not expecting to defeat Grey, the red dark ether worm, because, to be totally honest with you guys.

I don't even know how to do this Easter egg to summon the red worm. I was just playing a casual game of Modern Warfare 3 zombies when, all of a sudden, everybody in the lobby wanted to do the boss fight, so I agreed, and I met everybody at the particular location on the map where the boss fight would take place.

This is a very interesting boss fight because it happens towards the end of the game when the ether storm engulfs the entire map. If you're looking to do this boss fight, definitely have a durable gas mask. What's really nice about the boss fight is that there are two ammo caches. In case you run out of ammo or your gas mask is about to break, you can just replenish the ammo and repair your gas mask, so definitely take advantage of those ammo crates.

boss fight

Also, bring a handful of self-revivals with you just in case you aren't able to be revived by any of your teammates. Because of how chaotic this boss fight can be, having those extra self-revivals is really nice. Also, it's worth mentioning that the gry alarm boss fight is the only method in Modern Warfare 3 zombies currently to get your hands on the schematics for the legendary ether tool, the level three Pack-a-Punch ethereum crystal, and the Scorch or Wonder weapon, so if you want to collect every schematic in Modern Warfare 3 zombies.

You have to do this boss fight a few times, and lastly, if you're looking to do the red worm boss fight for yourselves. I would highly recommend that you bring a ton of people into this boss fight with you. There were about eight or nine people doing this boss fight at the same time in my game, and I can only imagine this boss fight is going to be a nightmare for solo players, which is definitely one of the shortcomings of Modern Warfare 3 zombies.

In my opinion, many aspects of the game are not very solo-friendly, but anyway, that's a topic for a different article. Without further ado, enjoy the rest of the gameplay of the boss fight versus grey, the red dark ether,

In this video, I take on the Red Dark Aether Worm boss fight, GREYLORM, in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies! This boss fight was hectic and challenging, and I had the help of a handful of random players that wanted to do the boss fight.
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