News - This Is "horde Hunt" Zombies Event & Hordepoint Warzone 2 (season 2)


Jason is here, and welcome back to another Modern Warfare 3 article. Today I'm going to be covering the hord hunt event as well as the hord point for season 2. Hord Hunt is the first event for Modern Warfare 3 Season 2. Season 2 as a whole is supposed to be a zombie-themed season. Taking a look at the event, you have to kill zombies to collect their bones and skulls.

There are four categories that you can complete, two of which are locked until later in the season, but the first two categories you can complete right now are the bones and the skulls. You pick up bones from normal zombies, and you pick up skulls from armored zombies; however, in the first category where you collect zombie bones, there are a handful of rewards that you can earn, and these rewards are actually for Modern Warfare 3 zombies.

What's really ironic about this is that this is supposed to be a zombie-themed season for Modern Warfare 3, but you have to play multiplayer and kill zombies in multiplayer to unlock things for use in the actual zombie game mode. All the while, the actual zombie game mode doesn't get any updates until another month or so, but I digress.


The rewards that you can earn are a couple of ether tools, a Legend AR ether tool, and a ray gun case, all of which are single-use. Acquisitions that you can use in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. In addition to that, there are these really weird white boxes in between each of the zombie rewards. I'm not entirely sure what these rewards are supposed to be or if they're supposed to be rewards at all, but this event seems to have launched a little bit broken, but when you complete the armored zombie category, you just unlock one reward, which is a weapon charm.

You have to collect a total of $10,000. Zombie bones in total for the first category, and then you have to collect 600 skulls in total for the armored zombie category. Later on in season 2, you'll be able to kill hellhounds and mimics and collect their bones to unlock rewards, with the hellhound reward being a calling card, and then for the mimic challenge.

cod event

I'm not entirely sure what cursed ammo is supposed to be, but that's what you unlock, and then once you complete three out of the four main categories for the event, you'll unlock a new skin. This skin is called Swagger, and it reminds me of a disciple. I think the skin looks pretty cool, and I think it goes well with the zombie-themed event, so now that we've covered the basics of this event, you have to jump into Hordo, the brand new game mode for season 2, and start collecting the skulls and bones.

Hardo is essentially hardpoint, but with zombies, and every time you kill a zombie, they'll drop bones, and every time you kill an armored zombie, they'll drop a skull. Another thing that I find pretty cool about this game mode is that you're able to pick up powerups, such as instakill. Max Ammo and Nuke Instakill do exactly what a dozen zombies it kills.

However, it doesn't instakill enemy players that would be insanely overpowered if it did. Max Ammo once again is pretty self-explanatory. It gives you max ammo, and then the nuke once again does exactly what it does in zombies: it clears the immediate area of all zombies. Besides the skulls and bones that the zombies can drop, you can actually pick up pack-a-punch weapons as well, and these pack-a-punch weapons definitely do more damage to the zombies.

cod multiplayer

I haven't noticed it doing more damage to enemy players yet. You'll also see on the left side of the screen that there's a counter to show you how many bones and skulls you've picked up. You'll also see that periodically throughout the game, it'll say Elite zombies incoming. The elite zombies according to this event are the armored zombies, the hellhounds, the mimics, and again At the time of recording this article, only armored zombies were available.

However, later on in season 2, you'll be able to kill hellhounds and mimics, so now all that's left for you to do is kill the zombies and pick up the items that they do to contribute to the event and be a good objective player. To summarize, the main point is that it's a pretty simple game mode, and it's actually kind of fun.

cod zombies

Throwing the zombies on the multiplayer maps is actually kind of fun, although I can't help but think about the zombie onslaught and how that probably should be in this game. I mean, take a look at this yellow portal where the zombies come from. Doesn't this look like something that would be in Zombies Onslaught, and, like I said before, a huge missed opportunity to not include some sort of survival-based game mode in Modern Warfare 3 zombies?

But I digress. That is the hord hunt event here in Modern Warfare 3 for season 2. It's a pretty simple event, and it can be pretty fun. However, I just can't get over the fact that multiplayer is getting more zombie-themed updates than the actual zombie game mode. I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but my point still stands: Modern Warfare 3 zombies are not getting the support that they need, and it's pretty sad to see.

epic aether tool

I guess it is somewhat nice getting Acquisitions here in the Horde Hunt event for you to use in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, but the problem is that it's just their Acquisitions, their single-time uses. I think the acquisition and schematic system for Modern Warfare 3 now that we've actually played the game is actually kind of ridiculous, but I think that's a topic for a different article.

In this video, I cover the HORDE HUNT EVENT HORDEPOINT in Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3.
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