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In today's article, I'm going to show you how to set up and activate Modern Warfare Zombies hardest boss, Gry Lom. This is going to be the red variation of the Aether Warm that we've killed numerous times throughout the story. By killing this boss, you'll be able to get guaranteed schematics and acquisitions, new ones and old ones, whatever they may be.

Furthermore, I'm going to give you some tips and tricks to make this process not only extremely easy to do but also so you're just prepared for this fight and you can have guaranteed success. I'm Noom Man here on the channel. We cover all things MWZ. If it helped you at all, without further ado, let's get straight into it.

This boss can be activated directly on Zikan. So the moment you jump into the match, you can start progressing. To start off, you want to go either to the top left of the map above Lev Resort or Kavo Blocks. Once they're inside a building, there will be a little command center with pictures of the map on the wall.

You'll see a big picture of the map with four zoomed-in photos next to it. These are the locations you need to go to do a specific thing. There are four locations you'll have to match with places on the map. Keep in mind to remember these. I usually write down the coordinates for these, like G4, F3, etc.

aether worm mwz

Whatever it may be now, the fun begins. Get a vehicle and make your way to the closest location. Once in the general area, you'll be looking for a UAV. Tower: This thing's going to be kind of small; it's going to be green; a big box with a little antenna on top. These can be on roofs, on the ground, or on the balconies of buildings, so they're not only going to be on the roofs; they're going to be in different locations.

Some of them can be hard to find, but it's kind of fun to just search around the area and look for him. I recommend getting on a rooftop and scanning the area; once found, go up to it and activate it after a few seconds. The USB and drive will pop out. These are the items you're going to need to start the boss fight now.


During this time, I recommend other members of your squad do contracts to build up Essence. The more, the better you'll know why, and a bit of a big tip during this time is Type in the chat, letting other players know what you are doing, and they will always want to join you. In my experience, they do want to join and help out, so try to get to a six-man squad.

Keep in mind that the bigger the squad, the harder the boss will be to kill, and the bigger of a health pool he will have. I do recommend anywhere from four to six. If you can, four is doable. You can even do it with a three-man squad. It's totally doable with a three-man squad. Now Once all four USB drives are found, they are going to be labeled Bravo, Alpha Charlie, and Delta.

You'll now want to look for the boss's spawn location. There are currently three different spawn locations on the map; you'll know where these are from two ammo caches. Directly next to each other, they're going to be super close, and this is where you will have to go now. Once this is found, this is where you'll head to at the end of the match.

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Keep this in mind for later; furthermore, at this point, you will now want to meet up with your squad in the Tier 3 Zone to continue to grind. Essence and buying gear to prep are the most important things for this boss fight. The most important gear you'll need is two to three self-revivals, each a durable gas mask, because keep in mind you'll be fighting the boss in the gas and you will need to refill your mask at the ammo boxes around.

You'll also want to have all the perks and pack three weapons. I recommend epic or higher decoys and monkey bombs, as well as one of the most important things: each member of your squad will need four to five center guns. This will help a lot at the beginning of the boss fight; it's going to melt his health.

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Down super fast during the early stages, by now you're geared up and the ather storm is rolling in make your way to the location to the fight now to actually activate these extractors, on the ground the Aether storm needs to consume the area of the boss fight once all four of these are activated the boss will spawn you'll have up to 10 minutes to kill him once you activate all four of these reactors you're going to want to throw down all your sentry guns towards the center of where he's going to spawn do it as quickly as possible cuz once he spawns ads are going to spawn it's going to be very difficult to pop these down this fight is extremely, tough there's going to be ads that spawn everywhere manglers, mimics and, sometimes if you are not lucky, disciples.

And mega bombs will spawn during this fight, so you're going to have to worry about them. That's why the decoys and the monkey bombs are good. The sentry guns will also aid you in taking these high-value targets out, as well as the ads. Now I recommend that your squad spread out as much as possible.

Remember to keep filling your gas mask during the fight. When it gets low, I recommend doing it at about 10%. You still have a lot of time; it's about 1.5 seconds per tick, so you will have a decent amount of time with a durable gas mask. Once the fight is done, a reward will open up, and you will get your guaranteed, high-tier items.

cod zombies mw3

This is going to be all the new schematics as well as the older gear you can get from legendary tools. You can get the schematic for Acquisitions; you can get legendary sigils, whatever they may be across the board; and after that, an xfill portal will pop up nearby, and you'll be able to xfill immediately.

You can also choose to go into the new Rift in Tier 4 Zone if you want to right after this to have another 30 minutes in a new match, or you can choose the xfill. Right away, that is how you take on Grey Worm. If you did, drop a like on it, as it helps me on the channel and also helps this article reach more people.

I appreciate every single one of you guys. If you guys have any more questions, comments, or potentially want to do the worm with me, I'm so willing to queue up with you guys. I would love to do it super fun and fantastic. Subscribe if you haven't already. We are on the road to 10,000 subscribers, and I would love to have you.

As always, guys, stay happy, stay hyped, and have a beautiful

Greylorm is MWZ's hardest boss, in this video ill show you not only how to set the both up but as well as tips and tricks to easily take him on weather in a 3 man or 6 man squad.
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