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Wesley is here, and today I'm going to be showing you guys the unlimited Essence glitch yet again after the patch. Now the tombstone duplication glitch has changed, and therefore this glitch has been improved, and I'm going to be showing you guys footage on both Xbox and PC. A lot of people have also had issues with the timing of the tombstone duplication glitch.

I will be going over that in great detail, so if you appreciate details like that, make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications. This will be included in my season 2 reloaded all working glitches compilation. Up so every time an after-patch method comes out for this glitch, I see people posting.

Videos of them dropping Max Essence to their friends, and I'm here to tell you guys you don't need to do that; you don't need to beg for Essence in discords. I've seen people do it all the time, and it takes forever to actually get someone to help out, so I'm going to be showing you guys how you can do this very easily, and first of all.

I'm going to apply this medium backpack because it will stick around. I'm going to be showing you guys again how you can keep everything on you whenever you do this glitch. This applies to the tombstone duplication glitch as well, but I'm going to be showing you guys first how you can get the maximum amount of essence very easily on your own without even doing a glitch.

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So first of all, what you're going to want to do is start to do Tier 3 contracts. Typically speaking, I like to do the delivery contracts. Now, what you want to do is have at least one other person on your team at this point while you're gathering essence. Now, what I mean by that is that if you have a full squad, for example, you will get three times the reward, so if you do a Tier 2 delivery contract, for example, then you will get $9, 000 Essence with three players; if you do it with two players, you will get $6, 000 Essence.

It's super easy, guys, but you 100% need to make sure that you have other players with you when you do this—at least one other player. I have them up on my Xbox, and so I just have him off to the side while I do these delivery contracts, and while I do these delivery contracts and Bounty contracts, I'm gaining 6, 000 s each.


Now I highly suggest that before you start duplicating Essence itself, make sure that you get at least 15 to 30, 000. By doing these contracts, and the reason why I say that is because each time that you do this glitch, you are going to be doubling or tripling your essence depending on the number of players, right?

Again, if you have three players on your team, if you have a full squad each time, you will be tripling the amount of essence that you have, so if you start out with 5, 000 essence, for example, and you're just going to be shooting yourself in the foot, you might as well do a couple more contracts because, again, they're worth either 6, 000 or 9, 000 depending on whether you have two or three players.

So once you've gathered all the essence that you want to duplicate, remember that you will also duplicate the items in your inventory with this, so if you want to do the tombstone duplication glitch for items while you're doing the essence portion of this, you can now do it and you won't lose your backpack and you won't lose your insured weapon.


Anything like that, just like I said before, so let's go ahead and gather all these items, and what we're going to do next is we're going to head over to our tombstone because what you want to make sure of is that your tombstone stone is destroyed. That is absolutely paramount in this glitch. This is very important, so make sure that you go to the graveyard, which is typically where your tombstone would be if you're doing the regular tombstone duplication glitch, and go ahead and destroy it.

So let's head over there now and make sure that we do that. Also, a little bit of a fun fact. I had no idea there were multiple blood hunters on the map. Look, it's there. It's as clear as day. I had no idea that there were multiple I have trouble just finding one of these things, and I found it for the article, so I figured I'd let you guys know.


Also, I let other players know in the game just for good luck. You know, you never know when that good karma is going to come into play. Now, once you've destroyed your tombstone, go ahead and find the tombstone soda machine across the mount. You can also use the Wonder Fizz machine; it does not matter.

Wonder Fizz is in the red zone, though, so just be careful and don't risk your life if you're not good in the red zone. Now I already have a Tombstone Soda in my backpack, a physical one, but I wanted to make sure that my second one that I have I gave to my second account just in case in the future, because, let's be honest, the acquisition stash glitch is being patched; it's really a bummer, and since mine is dwindling down.

I just want to make sure that at all times I have a backup in case I need to record you guys a new glitch article, and I don't have my crafting schematic, you know, available if it's on cooldown. Now, once you make it to the tombstone perk machine, make sure that both players have Tombstone at this point.


From this point on, both players should have Tombstone. You could buy it later, but the next step in this glitch requires it per player, so make sure that you buy it and make sure every single player on your team has Tombstone. Now next we can head over to bad signal if you want your Tombstone to be there but depending on where you go, this is where your tombstone's going to be so just to keep things simple for me on my main account I'm going to do this at the graveyard because the normal Tombstone duplication glitch obviously will make my Tombstone end up here so I have all the items that I want as well as a uninsured weapon but you can also use an insured weapon obviously, the point is that it's a weapon that you can take out so I have a contra band weapon on me in this case and I'm going to try to down myself and run out of ammo because I can't do anything right when it comes to recording articles it's kind of funny but thankfully these zombies showed up the graveyard's actually pretty hectic place to be quite honest with you guys I also forgot that I had a self-revive; that's a double whammy.

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