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Video In this one, we went ahead and completed the red worm. Easter egg as a solo player now; unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find a lobster where you're the only person going for it. I've actually fought the worm three times so far, and every time I went for it, there were a few players there as well.

Something very interesting happened during this boss fight, and I'm not sure if it was a bug or a glitch, but I've never seen anyone wipe the worm as fast as we did here before we got into it. I quickly want to thank you. 4G for sponsoring the article. u4gm is a professional Call of Duty service, and they'll help you unlock all the rare schematics, including the new classified schematics.

They'll even help you unlock the Borealis Mastery camo. So if you're interested in taking out the red worm yourself as a solo player or as a team, then this is a setup I recommend using. We brought the akimbo wasp worms, as I believe that this is the best weapon to use against the worm due to the high fire rate damage output and the insane amount of ammo.

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The attachments I'd recommend using are as follows: the akimbo brace stock conversion kit so you can akimbo these bad boys the point G3P, the 04 laser for better hip fire accuracy, the WASP Reckless 9 long barrel for increased damage range, the S37.C DL breacher device's muzzle for increased hip fire accuracy, and of course the 100-round drum mag attachment, so we effectively have 400 rounds once packed.

In terms of the items I'd recommend bringing along, we've got the Aether blade, which is recommended but not necessary, and a Flawless Ethereum Crystal just so we can get our weapon to Pack-A-Punch Tier 3 right away; the golden armor plates, just so we don't have to worry too much about armor during the fight; a legendary Aether tool so we can upgrade our weapon to the legendary tier for the increased damage output; and then I'd recommend filling up the rest of your bag with perks.

I opted for Juggernog PhD Flopper death perception. Speed Cola and stamina; however, we'll be getting all the remaining perks during the game anyway. For our tactical equipment, I'd recommend using the experimental, Gas It did get nerfed with the last update, but it's still very effective since we have the Ather Blade.

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We won't be bringing in any lethal weapons, but for those of you who don't have them unlocked yet. I'd recommend bringing either throwing knives or SX, and for your field upgrade, use an energy mine as it regenerates very fast and helps clear out all the zombies that spawn during the boss fight. You're definitely going to want to use an operator who has a large bag so you can bring the most important stuff with you.

A sentry gun helps out as well. Just to clear out some of the zombies during the boss fight, a three-play vest is recommended. A durable mask is pretty much necessary, as well as fighting the red worm in the Aether Storm and, of course, the self-revive. If you don't have a fully geared operator, then I definitely advise you to get one fully geared up before infilling to fight the boss.


Once you've got everything, it's time to infill. Now that we've arrived in Ukraine, I'd recommend opening up your map and looking where the next storm is located. There are four spawn points for the red worm, as you can see on this map on screen right now. Just look for which one of these locations has two Ammo Depots near each other.

If the spawn point is too far from the Aether Storm, then I'd recommend Xing coming back in. If you've got the boss spawn point relatively close to the storm, like we did in this game, then you're all set. We now need to collect four USB keys. Inside these buildings, you'll find pictures of the exact location.

If you've got bad memory or you've just had a bit too much of that good stuff, then just take a quick picture with your phone or something now that you know the location of all four USB keys. It's time to head over to all four locations to collect the USB keys required to start the boss fight. When you get to one of the locations, you'll see these communicative computers that you can interact with.

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When you've interacted with them, they'll spit out the USB keys, which you'll want to pick up and keep in your inventory until later during the game. Once you've obtained all four USB keys, it's time to earn some Essence to continue preparing for the boss fight. I'd recommend doing some Tier 2 deliver cargo and Bounty contracts.

If you have a delivered cargo contract available in the Tier 3 zone, then go ahead and do that as well for some quick and easy Essence. While you're at it, you might even come across a player pleading for help like I did, so just go ahead and help them out. You know, spread the word. The goal here is to buy all the remaining perks and a few self-revivals.

I ended up buying a total of four self-revivals just in case things end up going south. Once you've got a couple self-revivals with all the perks and anything else you were missing, it's time to head over to the boss fight location. Once you're there, you'll have to wait for the aether storm to start moving in order to interact with the refractors.

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There's a total of four refractors you'll need to interact with, and each of them will use one of your USB keys, so once the aether storm spreads and goes over the refractors, you can interact with all four of them. Once you've interacted with the final reactor, you'll have a bunch of zombies spawning, and after some time has passed, the red worm will spawn.

If your gas mask is about to break, be sure to hit the ammo depot, as that will actually restore your mask. Anyway, guys, that's going to be it for the setup and guide. I'll now swap over to the live commentary of me actually fighting the red worm, and you'll see what happened. I really hope this article was helpful to you.

I hope you all have a wonderful day or night wherever in the world you are and enjoy the quote-unquote, hardest boss fight, Goodbye, so we have all four refractors. Ready now we just have to wait for the boss to spawn in order to get used to running around so similarly to the no-signal fight. It's going to shoot that laser, so you want to keep moving.


Just so that thing doesn't hit you when it pulls you in with that jump button, so once it spits you out, you don't die to fall damage; you actually open up your parachute and you land. Safely, and yeah, pretty sure that's kind of it for mechanics, the orbs that it shoots at you as well, make sure to focus on those cuz they will heal the worm, and yeah, we're ready for it.

Let's drop the Sentry and see if we can get a thumbnail here that should spawn any second now. Let's equip that. Let's go and inspect. Can we get it? Let's go Perfect timing. All right let's start lighting this thing up. Let's go all right keep moving; let's throw this thing down as well, K-5ether.

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