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In this article, I'll be showing you all my strategies for farming the Tier 3 zone for rare schematics and also the dark Aether sigils. Before we begin, I quickly want to thank the GM for sponsoring this article. U4gm is a professional Call of Duty boosting service, and they'll help you get all the rare schematics and the new classified schematics; they'll even help you get the Borealis Mastery camo.

Hip for 5%, Off all righty boys So for this method, there are a few items I'd recommend bringing along with you. I'd recommend bringing a few perks, an armor tool to upgrade your weapon, and an ethereum crystal to get your weapon pack-a-punched, which is going to help speed things up. The weapon I'd recommend bringing along would be the akimbo-tier revolvers with snake-shot ammunition.

This is definitely the most overpowered weapon in zombies right now in terms of lethal and tactical. I'd always recommend going with decoy grenades and either seex or throwing knives. You definitely want to have Aether Shroud as your field upgrade, as that helps you get out of hectic situations in the Tier 3 Zone and in the dark Aether.


Once you've got everything you need, it's time to infiltrate. Once you arrive here, Nikan will use your perks and weapon upgrades, and it's time to make our way into Tier 3. If you used a refined ethereum crystal, which gets your weapon to the Pack-A-Punch Tier, then there's three contingency contracts.

I recommend farming if you only had a raw crystal, which means you'd have Pack-a-Punch Tier 1, then there's just two contracts. I'd recommend farming the raid weapon stash and the delivery cargo contract. If you do have a refined crystal, then you can also do the hvt, Bounty contract. Now I'll quickly go over the method for completing each of these contracts.

I'll start with the delivery cargo contract. To do this, you're going to want to run out of this area as quickly as possible and make your way up the stairs right here. From here, you can simply jump down to the gas station. If there are zombies standing there, just chuck your decoy grenade to distract them, and then open up the garage door.

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Get into the LTV and drive straight; this is the fastest route to deliver the cargo with little to no obstacles in the way. Just keep driving along this path past these buildings, and you'll have the cargo delivered in no time. Then just wait for the contract to respawn and repeat. The second contract we'll be going over is the raid weapons stash contract.

To complete this contract, you want to walk into the building and throw a decoy grenade at the wall while approaching the safe. Once the zombies are distracted, go ahead and start drilling the safe, climb up these boxes, and make your way to the rooftop. There's actually this ledge you can get up here, so you're all the way up there, and the zombies cannot get to you.

Be aware that the zombies will still throw meat at you, which can cause damage and quickly result in you going down. That's why you have to keep moving left and right as shown on screen and make sure you're standing in this spot here. If you stand further back, the safe will no longer progress. While you're dodging all the meat, I'd recommend taking out the pile of zombies below you just so you get some extra Essence and plates.

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Once the drill is finally open and the save's open, go ahead and collect your reward from the rift, and be sure to also check inside the safe for some extra loot. The final contract I'd recommend doing is the HVT Bounty contract. Now for this one, you'll definitely want to have Pack-a-Punch deer 2 or higher just to make sure you can take out your target without too much difficulty for the Bounty contracts.

I'd always recommend making use of nearby rooftops, especially when you're fighting a mega-abomination. Also, make use of decoy grenades because you'll be dealing with a bunch of zombies and your target at the same time. The Outlast contract and the sport control contract are also doable, but they can definitely get pretty hectic.

If you're up for the challenge, then by all means do these as well. Your main goal here is to buy Pack-a-Punch Tier 3 a couple of self-revivals, and once you're fully geared and you've collected some rare schematics or sigils, you have two options. The first option would be to just fill it and play it safe; the second option would be to head over to the dark aether.


If you choose to go to the dark aether, then head to a buying station and buy a couple Casmirs. I'd recommend having at least four of them. You technically only need three, but I'd recommend having four in case you mess up once you've got at least one sigal on you, an extra self-revor 2, and your four Casmir bombs.

It's time to head over to the dark Aether Portal. Walk up to the side of the portal, and you'll get an onscreen interaction prompt to use your sigil to open the dark Aether Portal, open your sigil open your map and hold y on Xbox or triangle on Playstation to accept the teleportation. Request a few seconds later, and you'll be teleported to the dark ether.

Now that we've arrived in the dark aether, you want to run forward a bit and then hop off the bridge and run along the left side of the area as shown on the screen. We'll be making our way over to this Ammo Depot building. Be careful, as there are hvts around and a bunch of zombies, so you definitely want to move fast in this area and do your best to avoid hvts.

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Once you arrive at the Ammo Depot building, make your way to the rooftop right here, where you'll find some teddy bears. There are three of these teddy bears in the dark aether, and they act like contracts. The one we chose is an Aether extractor contract, which is definitely the easiest of all. The other two are the Outlast contract and the Escort contract.

To do those, I definitely recommend coming in a bit differently, but I will be making a article on that soon. But, like I said, the Ather extractor contract is very easy, and that's why we brought the Casmir with us. They'll suck up all the zombies and kill them, so all we have to do is walk towards the extractor and then throw the casmir.

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Just be sure to throw it so that the zombies don't block the extractor. Once the zombies are getting sucked off, we're going to walk up to the extractor and interact with it. Do this for all three extractors, and there you go, contract complete. We ended up receiving an elder sigil, which you can use to enter the harder version of the dark ether, and that's actually where you can find the craftable classified schematics.

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