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I'm Black Ops amazing. Welcome back to another article where today we're going to be taking a look at the brand new Modern Warfare 3 zombie-ending CT scene that we saw for Act 4 because it is very juicy. We see a load of different things, such as Weaver Strauss and Carver Gray as zombies, and we see Samantha Rego, who we believe to be her in the entity Revov, being killed, along with a load of other things as well.

So first off, I'm going to play the cut scene for you guys. If you have already seen it, you can skip to the time stamp, but let's remind ourselves of what it takes. Johen, this is November. The MRA team has returned from the rift. ROV and AA made contact with some kind of entity. They're coming for a debrief report to Ops.

They met what an entity! Inside the rift, I'll be right there. So at the end of Act 4, when our Strike Team were about to leave the [__], they came into contact once again with the entity, this same entity that AA came into contact with in Act 3's quote scene. We believe this entity to be Samantha, but that hasn't been confirmed.


It's just a theory based on the fact that the last time we saw Samantha in Black Ops called War, she was plunged into the dark ether because Modern Warfare 3: Zombies is a sequel to the Troyo game next year in 2024, which we think is going to be called Black Ops Gulf War. It isn't a direct sequel to Cold War zombies, which means there are a bunch of contexts that we are missing.

There are clearly a bunch of events that take place between this game mod Warfare 3 zombies and Cold War zombies that we just don't know and we won't find out until next year's game, so for that reason there might be storyline stuff that would explain these events that we wouldn't learn about until next year, which leaves us guessing for now, but getting back to what I was saying as the Strike Team leave the dark ether, that is when this cut scene kicks in and they come face to face.


With the entity, which is more than likely Samantha, she says to the Strike Team your presence means nothing here in the dyu, this is not your domain it is ours made of memories you will not corrupt so that was what the Strike Team witnessed as they were leaving the dther samanther talking to them and based off the last cut scene switches to AA where she's sitting in what I assume to be operation deadbolts HQ where she begins having a headach and based off the last cut scene she's also hearing Samantha.

In her head, she grabs her pills off the side, which we can see are labeled as clopine, which are used to treat schizophrenia. Schizophrenia causes a range of different psychological symptoms, but it's often described as a type of psychosis. Meaning the person who has it isn't always able to distinguish between their own thoughts and ideas from reality, so for example, they hear voices in their head or they see things that are not real.

But just breaking the fourth wall here, it's more than likely that AA doesn't have schizophrenia; she's just been prescribed these by the doctor because, well, who's going to believe her if she hears the voices in her head? Well, this voice is the entity; there is actually someone speaking to her.

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Of course, doctors are going to believe that, so she's been prescribed clopine because she's probably been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which she doesn't have, but she probably believes she does, and so do her doctors, obviously, but she doesn't. The voices she's hearing are real, and also the visions she's been having might also be somewhat real because we see next the alarm goes off in the room, air picks up a gun, she walks out, and then all of a sudden she is surrounded by zombies, and he will notice four zombies in particular look different to the rest because not only do they have purple eyes but also they are wearing clothing of characters that we are very familiar with.

We see zombified versions of Weaver, Gray Strauss, and Carver. They then begin to attack as she starts fighting them off, shooting and stabbing them. There is a cool little. I would call it an Easter Egon, where you hear the voice of the denisons as AA hits one of the zombies in the head with her machete, but anyway, she slices one of the zombies throats, turns around to cut the one behind her, the camera then changes and shows that AA has actually slit Revan's throat, killing him, before SSO Green approaches her, tells her to drop her weapon, and has her arrested.

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But the camera then changes again to show that none of that happened that it was either a vision or a premonition, which goes back to AA schizophrenia diagnosis, that she's hearing and seeing things that are not real but what if these are real we know the voice is real and what she's seen here might have also been a vision shown to her by Samantha because we see when she wakes up or when the camera pans back to her eyes are lit up purple the same color as Samantha's, and AA starts speaking in Samantha's voice she says we will never be alone again we will be one if we go back to act 3's cut scene we saw in that as Samantha or the entity came out of the rift and AA was pulled towards her Samantha said to AA let us in AA then screamed, she dropped to the floor and opened her eyes to reveal Samantha, was inside of her so in act 3's cut scene Samantha, got inside of AA and now in act Four's cut scene we begin to see Samantha, taking, control of AA speaking to her in her head giving her these Visions or premonitions.

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And speaking through her AA. Samantha in AA is essentially possessed by Samantha. She just came back to AA with the vision of seeing Weaver. Carver Strauss, and gray ass zombies in front of her, fighting them off, and then turning around to slit Revan's throat before realizing that none of it actually happened if that was a vision shown to her by Samantha.


Is that something that AA is going to do in the future maybe as we progress on through the Moder Warfare 3 Seasons and Samantha begins to take more and more control, of AA that is eventually something that Samantha is going to make AA do slit revan's throat kill him and also when she sees zombie weave for stra car and Gray in front of her well we saw in Moder Warfare 3's intro cut scene those characters were lying, dead around the table in Las almus with this device in front of them that had two ethereum vials in it but we still don't know right now why, how they died but if AA is seeing them as zombies in her vision and especially because their eye color is different to the rest of the undead are they of more importance than regular zombies, because the last time we saw these characters alive in Cold War and the last time we saw Samantha.

Zombified WEAVER The Crew! RICHTOFEN SAMANTHA'S NEW PLAN EASTER EGG Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Storyline.
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