News - Warzone 2 Season 2 Weapon Balance Change Details. Mcw & Bas-b Nerf, Longbow Buff, And Much More

Base mwii melee range reduced

Base mwii melee range reduced

Increased mwii gun movement speeds

Next, another thing I mentioned is that they increased the movement speeds of all Modern Warfare 2 weapons to align with Modern Warfare 3 standards. This is quite a general change, so I'm not going to cover every single gun, but what I noticed is that none of the SMGs really changed at all.

Also, with assault rifles, none of these sprint or base movement speeds changed, but all of the aim walking movement speeds were increased, For Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles. So in general, we should just be seeing more parody when it comes to that.

Tac stance recoil improvements

Then another thing they mentioned was that unfortunately I didn't have any pre-patched footage for, and this is again a very general change that was made. They added gun kick control and recoil control benefits when in intact stance for all weapons in the game, so not just Modern Warfare 2 weapons but all of them.

Holger 556 nerf

Holger 556 nerf

And that's it for the general changes. Now let's get into the specifics with the individual weapons, and we're going to start off with assault rifles.

The first gun that was nerfed a little bit was the Hoger 556. They slowed down the aim-down sight speed from 260 milliseconds up to 270 milliseconds.

Mcw nerfs

Then, with the MCW, they increased our aim-down sight speed from 240 milliseconds up to 265, and they slowed our sprint speed down as well, from 241 milliseconds up to 252 milliseconds.

This means we may have to revisit our MCW builds, especially for ranked play. If we're really trying to optimize them, it's likely some adjustments are going to be in order for this, and that's something I may revisit after everything settles down and I cover all of the Season 2 content.

Mcw jak raven buffs

cod mwiii

Now additionally with the MCW, with the Jack Raven kit specifically, they adjusted the damage profile a bit now the first thing they did here and probably the most notable thing is previously we had to hit the upper torso or arms to get that bonus damage whereas now that's going to apply to the entire torso and arms so it's going to be a bit more forgiving there on top of this they slightly buffed the damage values in Close Quarter situations, which doesn't change the number of shots to kill to the body but it makes it so now you only need to mix one head shot in with torso shots in order to reduce the number of shots to kill and that applies now to the first three damage ranges cuz they also boosted headshot damage in general, so some nice Buffs there but they also nerfed a couple of the damage values, and the most important thing that comes out of this part.

Pre-patch, our hip spread would increase a little bit while we slid, which is typically expected. Post-patch, it actually decreases slightly lightly when sliding while using the Jack Raven kit, so definitely a good handful of buffs to this, and I would say this kit is going to be significantly more viable now compared to pre-patch, and you may want to give it a shot.

Bas-b nerfs

Bas-b nerfs

Next, let's get into the battle rifle category, and bass B saw some Nerfs.

The first thing is that they slightly nerfed its aim-down sight speed, so it's now 270 milliseconds whereas it used to be 260 milliseconds, and our sprint-out time was also nerfed by a noticeable margin; it's now 252.

Sidewinder buff

modern warfare 3

Milliseconds on top of that they made our minimum hitfire spread so while standing still they made that hitfire spread notice possibly worse post patch with the BBY, so a few little Nerfs with this gun that will slightly reduce its Effectiveness but at the end of the day it's still going to be one of the best guns in the game , next up let's get into The Sidewinder and the first thing they did here is they actually significantly improved our recoil on this and this is the buff I was looking for previously with the Sidewinder it's still not going to be the most accurate gun in the game but as you can see there especially with those initial shots fired they're not bouncing around nearly as much and therefore this is going to be much more manageable, on top of this they buffed our bullet velocity a little bit on this from 540 m/s up to 600 m/s.

Sidewinder jak thunder kit buffs

So post patch I think the Sidewinder is finally starting to get to the place where I feel it belongs and that's excellent news but on top of this with the Sidewinder new kit the Jack Thunder lmg kit they mentioned they increase the delay before the accelerated fire rate begins to Decay, as well as decrease the accelerated fire rate Decay rate I think this is if you're pausing between firing because just looking at it to pre patch versus post patch I couldn't really tell a difference in the fire rate at all even going frame by frame, however the really big thing you'll notice with this Jack Thunder kit now is it is way more accurate than it used to be now of course it's still a pretty inaccurate gun I definitely wouldn't call this accurate. But at the very least, we're not going to end up looking at the ceiling if we're trying to fire a full magazine of this, unlike prepatch.

Striker buff

But then finally for battle rifles the TV saw some very noticeable range Buffs here you can see our four shot kill range is nicely improved so the TV should be a little bit more viable now let's move on to the SMG category and the striker SMG saw a range buff to its four shot and five shot kill potential although that six shot kill range didn't change at all next with the amr9 Jack Eton kit prepatch there was a bug where you didn't get hipfire crosshairs post patch that has now been fixed, then with the wsp 9 we saw some very slight range improvements with our first two damage ranges, and on top of that they improved the aim down sight time from 240 millisecs down to 220.

Wsp-9 .45 broodmother kit buffs

Milliseconds ; additionally, with this gun, if you're using the 45 brood mother kits, they first improved their aim-down sight speed from 270 milliseconds to 241 milliseconds, and then on top of that, they just reduced the movement speed penalties that this kit used to provide. As you can see, it used to hurt our movement speeds across the board, and now it just hurts our base movement speed a bit as well as our tactical Sprint movement speed; the rest are untouched.

Lockwood 680 barrel nerf

So that's it for SMGs. Now let's move on to the shotgun category. The first thing here is the Lockwood 680s Defender heavy-long barrel, which is probably the most common barrel with this gun. They made the Sprint out time very noticeably worse pre-patch; it was 216 milliseconds, while using this barrel post-patch it's now 260 milliseconds, so that's a pretty big trade-off to using that barrel now.

Kv broadside buffs

Kv broadside buffs

Then, with the KV broadside, we actually saw a couple buffs. Our aim-down sight speed was significantly improved; it used to be 330 milliseconds, but they cut that all the way down to 240 milliseconds.

Season 2 of Modern Warfare III brought with it a solid list of weapon balancing changes for multiplayer so today, I'm going to dive deep into this to share exactly what changed.
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