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Mw2 vs mw3 pros & cons

Mw2 vs mw3 pros & cons

So here's the thing: Modern Warfare 3 lmgs stink, and they are not worth using. There are a couple that I shared in my worst-to-best article that are slightly better than the rest, but I wouldn't call any Modern Warfare 3 lmgs good; they are so bad that the light machine gun class is the first I'm coming across where nearly all the weapons from Modern Warfare 2 perform better than the new ones from Modern Warfare 3.

So in this article, we're going to start by comparing the pros and cons between Modern Warfare 2 and three LMGs. Then I'll be taking a bit of time with each of these 6 MW2 LMGs to review any changes to their stats and how they play from carry forward. Three of them are particularly amazing, and one of them is one of the best guns in multiplayer that you 100% need to unlock and try.

556 icarus

Let's get started. The pros and cons between MW2 and three weapons can be summarized into three traits. The first being that mobility and weapon movement speeds are slower for Modern Warfare 2 weapons. Here's the thing: This isn't really a downside for LMGs. LMGs are expected to move and handle slowly, so slower movement isn't as big of a deal as it is with other weapons, at least in my opinion.

Plus, these speed differences are quite small for this specific weapon class; you can only feel the sluggishness when walking and when strafing ads, which again isn't strange for LMGs to begin with. The second trait is that MW3 attachments are better; the exclusive MW3 barrel stocks and rear grips tend to have better pros and cons balance, giving MW3 weapons a slight advantage.

But once again, this doesn't really apply to the LMG class. The MW3 lmgs have so many drawbacks you need to compensate for with attachments, to the point where you're not seeing that advantage in the first place. In fact, I think the MW2 LMG sees more benefit from the MW3 attachments by having access to their muzzles and underbarrels.


Lastly, and most importantly, MW2 LMGs kill faster than MW3. Over half of the MW2 lmgs can kill around 300 milliseconds, which is a great time to kill for this game even better. The MW2 effective damage falloff is much farther for lmgs, allowing them to not only decimate MW3 lmgs but also outgun a lot of MW3 ARS at mid-range.

And at long range, you can see MW3 has the advantage by 10 milliseconds, but that's on average. The fact is, there are a couple slower weapons that are dragging that MW2 average down, and in practice, most MW2 lmgs are just as good, if not better, than their MW3 counterparts at long range. So while the general pros and cons between MW2 and MW3 weapons apply to lmgs, the gaps that benefit and hold back MW2 weapons are larger and smaller at the same time, to the point where MW2 lmgs are better than MW3.

There is only one LMG that I recommend you avoid using. We're going to transition into reviewing each MW2 light machine gun now in no particular order, but I'll be sure to point out the one to avoid and the meta one. Those two will actually be towards the end, just so you have an idea of when to expect them.

556 icarus

556 icarus

I want to start with the 556. While it's still fresh in your mind, that was a weapon I used in the first gameplay clip in this article. I labeled The Icarus the best lmg in Modern Warfare 2 about a year ago, and thankfully it kept most of its traits, including faster handling and mobility in Modern Warfare 3.

The key difference in MW3 is that they removed the icarus's long range profile and adjusted its damage, so from 0 to 24 M, it kills in 308 milliseconds, which is great, but beyond 24 M, you need to land your shots way up, which is very forgiving. Otherwise, it can take an additional shot to kill. The Icarus is still really good, and it's easy to use thanks to its low recoil.

It's just not the absolute monster that it was in Modern Warfare 2. It's currently more of a slower-handling assault rifle that's competitive with the better weapons in this game.

Sakin mg38

Sak, mg38. Is the weapon I'm using in the game play right now and this weapon didn't change much at all the only difference is that it requires a bit more accuracy from you to reduce your shots to kill, with the way that lmgs are balanced in Modern Warfare 3 if you can land your shots chest and up the S has a ttk that is within 6 milliseconds of the bass B which I'm sure most of you are aware is arguably the best gun in the game at the moment I wasn't expecting, this weapon to be that good when I was comparing stats but this gun feels absolutely amazing to use in game I wouldn't be surprised if the body multipliers are actually more forgiving than ches up because I swear it feels like the S deletes people at all ranges, if you like the P meot from Modern Warfare 3 the aen is statistically similar to it but with a potential to kill even faster .



Let's move on to the RPK in MW3. Its damage is a bit more consistent, but other than that, this weapon hasn't changed much; it kills in four or five shots, netting you a 300 or 400 millisecond ttk, which is spectacular in outgunning most full-auto weapons in the game. It seems to have a touch more recoil than I remember, but luckily MW3 has some great recoil reduction attachments that help make the RPK an easy-handling killing machine.

It's borderline being a best of the best festar weapon, but I'm reluctant to give it that label when it has the slowest bullet velocity in class, slower mobility, and some bouncy base recoil.

Rapp h

Next up is the RP H, which I label the worst in Modern Warfare 2. I don't have any gameplay for this weapon to share, but it hasn't really changed much.

The damage is now more consistent, so it'll be a five-shot kill anywhere in the body up to 57 M, and then it will be a six-shot kill. Be aware that it remains one of the slower-killing weapons in this game, though not so much at long range. It's slow for an LMG but still competitive with your average assault rifle at range, but nearly all MW3 LMGs kill faster than the WP H.

The website also has a slow ad speed. I mean it's a it's a bad weapon, but I don't think it's something you need to avoid, like the plague; it has low recoil and it's easy to use, unlike many of the Modern Warfare 3 lmgs. But if you're looking for something like that, you're going to be better off using the Hoger 26 than the Rap H, which are pretty similar weapons. The ogre 26 is just statistically better .

Hcr 56

Hcr 56

That brings us to the amazing LMG that you need to try out, which, believe it or not, is HCR. 56 this weapon stands out statistically, and I was shocked at how great it felt when I first tried it in game. It received similar changes to the Icarus with carry forward; it lost its long range profile and had its damage adjusted, so now the HCR kills in five shots up to 31 m, but unlike the Icarus, it retains that five-shot kill if you can land your shots waste up, which is pretty forgiving otherwise it'll be a six-shot kill.

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