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Let's break down the new update live in MW3, some more content releasing, and much more.


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New mw3 update: 12 new operator packs added

We have a pretty big store bundle update, so it's not going to be in the feature section.

You have to go all the way down to the bottom, and you'll see all 12 of the CDL team operator packs now in the store; they're each $12 a piece, and they come with a bunch of different skins here. Four skins, two home and two away, one for male and female each. They all come with a universal camo, and some are a lot better than others.

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We'll talk about that any second. You have some cosmetics for the team as well. They're all 12 bucks a piece, so not terrible. It would have been cool if each team got their own tracers; as well, that would have been the next level and much more worth it, but it still isn't terrible. I guess, for $12, and again, as I've been saying, honestly, every bundle should be priced at $12.

Instead of what we're seeing now, no way, 2400 C points even higher sometimes, so that's just a side note there, but let's run through a bunch of these bundles here just to see what we're looking at. Phase one again is pretty solid; we have a couple cool red operator skins, red and black here, and then red and white for the away ones, a red and black Universal camo, and a couple of phas cosmetics here, not too bad.

We have the Boston Breach one-four operator skin, the green and black here, and then the white green and black as well. This Universal Camo seems pretty dull. I think a little more green would have been beneficial, but it is what it is, I guess, and some Boston Cosmetics. The next one here is the Miami Heretics team pack with a bunch of cool operator skins; these are a bit more vibrant kind of like these honestly.


This one is pretty cool, this Universal Camo. They don't show good preview images; honestly, they should show what the universal camo looks like on a couple different weapon classes so we know what we're getting into and what we're receiving when we're spending money on the bundle, so that should be a feature in a future update.

Not too bad again. As I said in my previous article, this blue looks fire, so not the best team in the CDL if you watch, but they have a pretty solid team pack, honestly, so four operators skin the blue Universal camo and some other cosmetics, as well, not too bad. Here we have the Los Angeles Gorillas team pack with a couple of operator skins, the purple and black and the purple and white, not looking terrible.

There we have this weapon camo, not too bad, and some cosmetics here. Next one, the Los Angeles Thieves Team packs four operator skins, the red and black, and then the white, black, and red. Not a bad look; a bit dull. Here's their universal camo, and some other cosmetics as well. Okay, next one here.

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Minnesota Rocker four operator skins, kind of similar to the LA gorillas. Pretty cool stuff there if they'll ever load Okay, here's their Universal camo and cosmetics; as well, we have the New York subliners here for operator skins. The yellow and black are not bad looks, and then this one as well for the away operator skins solid stuff The yellow weapon camo is pretty cool, as are the cosmetics as well.

Next, here in optics, Texas, there are four operator skins. The home ones are okay, and the away ones, in my opinion, look a lot better with the green and white look. The weapon camo is pretty cool, as are some optic cosmetics. As well, we have the Seattle Surge Team Pack. This blue is pretty sick, honestly.

Nice teal type of look if it'll ever load. Okay, and here are the away ones. Okay, pretty solid, and then the universal camo looks pretty cool, as do the cosmetics as well. Finally, here we have the Toronto Ultra team pack with a really cool operator skin. The purple really pops on these away ones as well.

The weapon camo seems vibrant, and the cosmetics as well are not too bad, so overall, those are the 12 team packs now in this store. I think the best ones are guaranteed. Are FaZe pretty cool? Carolina might be my favorite, honestly, and maybe Toronto. I would say those are my top three; Optic looks pretty good as well, and even Miami, so a lot of them don't look that bad.

Get extra mw3 cosmetics & 2xp with week 3 pick em␙s

And for the CDL as well, of course, I'm covering all of the pickems for the CDL matches, where if you predict matches correctly, you'll get some extra cosmetics and free rewards. Week three of the CDL major one split is happening, so be sure to make your predictions. Here are my predictions up on screen.

Of course, I watch a lot of CDL. I'm not always going to be accurate or correct, but you know more times than not. I'll predict these matches correctly, and all you guys have to do is copy my predictions up on screen, maybe make some changes for yourself based on what you've seen, and you'll get some extra cosmetics and double XP.

Mw3 season 1 reloaded update added to database

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But for some more updates, of course, next week we have the release of season one reloaded. On Wednesday, January 17th, at some point this week tomorrow, maybe we'll get a full breakdown of Call of Duty. A blog post, maybe a trailer going through all the content we're getting for this update now.

I already made a big article going through everything we're getting for multiplayer, War Zone, and zombies that will be linked down. Below in the description, we got some early previews as well, so we pretty much know what we're getting. We know the boys challenge the rewards as well, so unless they reveal a new surprise, we know what we're getting for the update, which doesn't seem too bad.

Not a major update but a decent mid-season update, I would say for MW3, and it seems like they're getting ready to release that update. Play Game Size tweeted this out. Call of Duty update 1.37, Added to the database for PS4 and PS5. And Cod Warfare, all the news from a leaker, you know, tweeted this out as well, pretty much hinting at yeah, they're getting ready to release that reloaded update.

The pre-download should go live in a couple of days. PlayStation will absolutely be able to get this downloaded early on PC and Xbox. We have to wait, but as always, it is what it is. I'll break down exact download file sizes and release times as we get closer to the release of this update, but again, for previous reloaded updates, 15 to 25 GB is a good range, which isn't terrible, but it is a lot of gigabytes for just a midseason update.

As I said, hopefully these updates are better optimized and just much smaller than they've been over the past couple years, but we'll see if that actually ends up happening.

MW3 Season 1 Reloaded Update just ADDED to Database New Content Now Live.
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