News - Early Look At Warzone 2 Season 3 Reloaded Operators. Snowy Task Force 141, Aw Operators & More



Let's break down a bunch of upcoming season 3 Reloaded Operators content updates and much more first.

New season 4 zombies operator leaked out & og mw3 operators

Up here, I actually want to go through some season 4 stuff because this just leaked out. There are two operator names for season 4 that have been added to the files with the recent season 3 update; one of them is called Hammer.

Now there's two characters in The Call of Duty Universe with that same name, so we have Sergeant Hammer from MW3, the OG game back from 2011, and Hammer the second version from Modern Warfare Zombie, so obviously it is more likely we get this operation Deadbolt MW Zombie Operator in the game. That makes sense there, but I would love for them to bring back some of the OG characters from MW3.

There are so many guys, even the no-name characters, that you could just bring them back just in honor of that game. The game is called MW3, but I'm barely seeing any OG MW3, content, or MW3. Remakes for the MP maps and all the characters I mean, you have some callbacks with macarov and stuff, but that's pretty much it, and MW3 is one of my favorite cods of all time, so seeing more OG MW3 content in MW3 would make sense to me.

I don't know if it's going to happen; we'll see very soon, but most likely this character is probably from Mod Warfare Zombies, which is still cool to see overall.

French bastille pack/ event returning for mw3

French bastille pack/ event returning for mw3

Further content updates: here we're also getting another best day pack in MW3, which we saw last year in MW2. Here's a preview of what that looked like: You got a PDW blueprint, a Tac 56 blueprint, a vehicle skin, and another C cosmetic as well for 1,400. Cod points I mean, the color scheme is cool.

I doubt they're going to re-release that same pack, although it's definitely possible.


I'll be sure to update you guys on that before we go any further. A quick shout out to you, GM, if you need cheap C points or rare unlock codes. Z schx Mastery camos, and much more. There's a bunch of stuff over there.

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Snowy task force 141 operators & more mw3 campaign skins

Snowy task force 141 operators & more mw3 campaign skins

We've gotten a couple so far, but there's many more really sick skins from a bunch of different missions that still have not been added to the game in a battle pass bundle, etc., so this first leak here shows a bunch of campaign skins so far. Gaz, Ghost Price, and Soap have pretty solid characters.

There is another leak here. Price and Ghost are listed as two skins for the season out; one each for the season 3 update far has one skin as well, and of course, in the season 3 intro cut scene, you see a bunch of these campaign operator skins, most notably the snowy Task Force 141 skins from that mission.

I think it's called frozen tundra. I'll put it up on screen. I was talking about these skins being added to the game for so many months now, and I was kind of in shock that they didn't add them already, because these are some of the coolest skins from the campaign. I mean, MW 3's campaign is not the best story.

A bit sure, you know, not the best ending, especially, but the campaign skins were really, really sick here, and I'm super surprised they haven't really released a lot of them at all in this game, so of course the frozen tundra skins are really cool. Those are most likely releasing very soon season 3 Reloaded or maybe a part of the battle pass in season 4, so there is no guarantee on the release date here, but it seems like they are releasing; they got officially T, so that's cool to see, but for other campaign skins, here I'll put up on screen the verance, mission where the macarov, and blue skin.

There's a bunch of other skins as well in all different missions here, so I don't mind seeing new operators in the store. The crossovers are cool. The crazy mythical skins are cool, as are the animal skins. I don't mind seeing that stuff, but if you're going to do all that stuff, give us the campaign skins we just saw in the campaign for this game. We'll see very soon what we're getting there.

New blue monster energy operator promotion

New blue monster energy operator promotion

For other operators, this one is super cool. It should be released very soon. It's a new Blue Monster Energy operator. The Monster Energy operators are on fire. Now this one is here for free. Do you have to buy it? We don't know for sure. For previous Monster Energy operators, you have to buy Monster Energy cans, take the code, redeem it on the website, and then you would get that operator, and obviously we just got a free Monster Energy operator as part of some type of promotion where you just type in a code on Call of {739} and redeem, and you got the monster operator for free, which is pretty sick, so this blue monster operator could be that as well, a free operator code that you redeem, and that's it all.

Along with this, you're seeing early leaked gameplay; there's also a weapon blueprint and other cosmetics as well, which makes me think that maybe this is a separate bundle because it's not just a free operator; it's a free operator, packed with other items, and usually that wouldn't be free unless they just bless it up and give us a whole free pack, which is fire, but I feel like this might be some other type of promotion where you have to buy something, or maybe it's a cheaper bundle for a thousand points. Let's say that wouldn't be too bad, so hopefully it's free, but as you know, I'll update you guys.

New robot operators & advanced warfare-themed content

New robot operators & advanced warfare-themed content

On that very soon next one here A new by-line robot operator skin leaked out, which is super interesting. We saw a lot of different, you know, robot, kind of futuristic operators in the season 3 trailer, as well, and obviously we assumed that this season would be an advanced Warfare theme season with the Bal releasing the Moors as well.

I mean, it doesn't seem like that's the case here. I feel like they kind of missed a huge opportunity to make an AW-themed season, bring back some AW maps, have AW-themed operators, Atlas operators, all that cool stuff. I mean. AW was such a fun game for me back in the day, so having a whole season dedicated to AW, especially with Sludgehammer being the main developer, they're making the game right now; they could have done it, but they didn't, unfortunately, so it is what it is, but at least we're going to get some new robot-themed futuristic operators in the game very soon, which I guess is solid overall and in the trailers.

More season 3 reloaded operators officially teased!

As well, there's another operator that got revealed and teased early that isn't in the game right now. You have zombie and bunny operators; really interesting stuff there, like zombified and rat operators; and pretty interesting stuff there. I know these are a bit goofy; they're not mome; they're not normal Call of Duty soldiers, right?

EARLY LOOK at MW3 Season 3 Reloaded Operators! Snowy Task Force 141, AW Operators More.
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