News - The Next Warzone 2 Zombies Overhaul Update Is Looking Crazy



A new MW3 Zombies overhaul update leaked out, and it's looking pretty interesting. We'll break down all the info plus some new PVP details in today's article. Be sure to.


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There's a bunch of stuff over there.

Huge pvp mode details leaked for mw3 zombies␦

Off here, let's start with the biggest overhaul change for zombies. It's the PVP mode coming to MW3 zombies. Kind of crazy stuff here, so leak new, {717}o, there will be normal zombie bounties. And probably other various developers as well. This makes complete sense here, because I'd assume that Treyarch, if they were still in charge of the mode, wouldn't want to do this.

modern warfare 3

I would hope they wouldn't want to do this year, but other developers may want to bring back those DMZ Vibes because that's what they're more familiar with. Who knows for sure the reasoning behind it, but there is still crazy stuff here. Now more PVP details Apparently leakers are saying that this could actually be an in-game map of then inside of the normal Zombies mode, not a separate mode like we previously talked about, which can mean it could be activated like a story xfill and infilled into the new match or mode with PVP enabled for the lore.

It's a deadbolt recon mission, so no one seems to know the specifics on how this PVP mode is going to work here. Will it be a separate LTM? Will it be an in-game event? Will the whole lobby be dragged into PVP mode? I mean, we just don't know how it's going to work here, but it seems to be a bit more integrated into the main zombies match than we previously thought it would be, which again is very interesting and even more pvpve.

There are lines of code here, so you have a bunch of squad contracts here. Squad contract cancelled, complete targeted timeout. Bounty contracts here of course, just like we saw back in DMZ, so all that stuff seemingly returning here infill points, the Recon points acquired, respawn, reassign, new player request, so the same mechanic we have right now where you leave a party you could join a different team as well that's going to be the same thing in the PVP.

In addition to zombies, I guess weapon cases will also be in zombies, and people will, I guess, be fighting for that weapon case just like you saw back in DMZ. There's crazy stuff here, so that's all we have right now on PVP in the mood, so it seems like again, it's going to be a bit more involved than what we originally thought, and again, nothing is confirmed so far, but we've been getting more and more leaks every couple of weeks here regarding this edition.

It seems very likely again to be a massive overhaul of the mode. Is it a W? Is it an L? I think for most zombie fans, it's for ShL. Maybe it could be fun if it's a separate one-off LTM, a separate mode, but if it really ruins the normal gameplay of MW3, zombies, then definitely not a good update whatsoever.

Drivable helicopter in mw3 zombies??

Drivable helicopter in mw3 zombies??

This year, but for more updates that got leaked out, this is kind of cool a potential, heli in zombie, so not just like the x-fill chopper, but maybe you could actually get in the helicopter and drive at yours. We don't know again what that means here, but it's still a different addition. A different vehicle could be kind of cool.

Getting around the map super quickly with a rare helicopter—maybe eventually there's a super rare helicopter schematic you could get—could be pretty cool. We'll see very soon, and before we break down some more leaks, here's a quick reminder: I do have a second channel for more matters, where it's probably going to be mostly zombie articles.

I just uploaded a pretty fun article on the new Mo Sniper, and it's a new feature in Zombie.

Holdout objective from cold war zombies to return


I really appreciate it, guys, but for more. Here, this one is pretty cool. Finally, a new contract in Zombies: the holdout mission that we saw back from Black Ops Cold Wars outbreak mode will be in MW3, zombies, which is pretty cool now.

There is a mission similar to this right now, but it's not exactly the same as in the Cold War. Of course, you would actually teleport to a different area, and you would be locked in a small room for around 3 to 4 minutes, and if you were on a higher round and outbreak, it would get even more difficult here, so I'm assuming in MW3, zombies, you would still teleport to a different area, maybe the dark ether.

In a fortress or Zar or Hydro Electric, whatever one they want to pick there, but if you access the contract in Tier 1, it'll just be easy zombies and probably would be a waste of time, honestly, because you have to be trapped in this room for 3 minutes fighting, easy zombies. It wouldn't really be the most efficient contract to do, but in tier three, being trapped here in a certain area wherever it is with tier three zombies and bosses coming at you in a small, confined area probably would get kind of crazy there, and hopefully if they do, you do get really good rewards for again being trapped in a room for that long.

At least if they do the same thing they did with Outbreak, you should get some decent stuff from completing that, so we'll see very soon, but overall, it's good to see just a different contract get added here, even though we kind of saw it in a previous game. I feel like MW3 zombies would benefit from more contracts. Variety in the mode, whether or not you're in the dark ether, the base area, it just seems like we're doing the same contracts wherever we go, so different contracts, different things to do, even if there are slight variations to existing contracts, would be a W for.

More season 3 reloaded zombies content releasing

More season 3 reloaded zombies content releasing

sure, and of course, very soon we're going to get a bunch of content for season 3: Reloaded, a new dark ether Rift, and again.

Zara Hydro Electric, a new Easter egg quest, have been leaked out as well. Obviously, we were getting more updates as well that we talked about that we thought would be available at the launch of season 3, but we still have to wait here. The stash size in season 3, and there's also a new xfill schematic cooldown mechanic where extracting certain amounts of essence reduces all cooldown time, so you know good changes.

Overall, we don't have exact release dates for this, but it should be season 3 Reloaded. But for the PV P stuff, I would still assume that we're waiting a bit longer for that there, which seems like season 4 content, but maybe they'll just surprise us with this stuff here. I don't know for sure how they're going to do it.

The NEXT MW3 Zombies Overhaul Update is Looking CRAZY. Check out my most recent video! ALL SEASON 3 RELOADED OPERATOR BUNDLES EARLY GAMEPLAY! Full Showcase.
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