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Let's go through the early access and download to the MW3 season 3 update releasing tomorrow, all the content we're getting, new free rewards releasing, and much more.

Early download for the season 3 update & early access!

Be sure to like the article and subscribe if you're new, but first off, here You're now able to download the season 3 update, which is super cool because for most updates, as we talked about for the past couple of years, it seems like since MW19, only PlayStation players were able to pre-download the update, which is good for them, of course, but for other players on Xbox and PC, we would always have to wait for the full update to go live to then download.

If you had slow internet, it would sometimes take several hours, all day, to play, which is definitely very annoying. Not a big deal, but we would rather all play at the same time, and now here, pre-downloads are now live for all platforms. At least it seems like on all platforms, PC, for sure, {698}, it's around 25 gab or so.

Here are all the official file sizes. Here are the issues people are facing right now, and that's it. They're kind of quiet on it, so I would rather them be more vocal on what's going on, who exactly gets the pre-download and who doesn't, and if Xbox is left out this time around and PlayStation and PC get the pre-download, that is kind of weird.

Why not give it to all people, right?



There's a bunch of stuff over there. You can use SC M for an extra 5% off.

New free trial for modern warfare 3 multiplayer & zombies

Of course , we are getting a free trial from MW3, as well as starting on April 4th and ending on April 8th here, which is pretty interesting. We're getting access to a bunch of the new MP content here, and we have the new emergency map for Airborne.

Satan's Quarry, and they don't list the rest of them there but a bunch of cool maps and the vortex maps as well. We have five MP modes: hardpoint kill confirm capture, the flag, of course, domination, and Team Deathmatch, and of course you're getting the full mod Warfare Zombies experience for free as well, which is cool if you don't own the game and have never played zombies before.

It is a pretty fun mode, but of course if you already played zombies, you would know that there's no new content for season 3, so it might be a bit underwhelming, but of course the point of a free trial is to get people that have never played the game before to potentially want to buy by checking out the free access.

Usually it was for MP, and now they're doing it for zombies, so I do appreciate them opening up zombies, at least temporarily, for free for other new players. What would be better in the future is just making zombies straight up free to play, which would be so insane. Of course, even if zombies were free to play, we would still need new content.

Just making it free to play is not good enough; actually, having regular good and fun updates would be a lot better right now. Zombie is definitely lacking that, but for Black Ops 2024. I doubt it's going to be free to play, but if it were and it did get consistent updates. I feel like zombies would be a really big thing, blowing up to new heights we've never seen before in the mode.

New free warzone anniversary rewards releasing!

New free warzone anniversary rewards releasing!

Well, for season 3, we're also getting access to the free War Zone 4th anniversary. Pack which is going to include an MCW blueprint with a lot of cool you know parts of previous war zone updates different iterations, of War Zone events and stuff like that you're also getting a bunch of the individual stickers here as well so the MCW blueprint comes with all the stickers already on the camo itself but you can also you know separately add all those different stickers to any weapon of you're choosing, which is pretty sick and it seems like this pack here is just available in the store tomorrow as a free gift pack there's no you know, challenge event or any type of XP progression event you just hop in go to the store and redeem it I'll be sure to go through on the channel tomorrow how to get that if it is kind of complicated, but it should be a very easy redemption.

Mw3 season 3 blackcell & battle pass overview!

modern warfare 3

there, and of course earlier today we did get a full look at the black cell and battle pass for season 3, which is a pretty cool upgrade this time around. Is it better than season 2, at least in terms of the black cell? I think a lot of the skins here are pretty sick. The black one sells again for $30.

USD is a lot of money, but you are getting the full base battle pass; you're getting 20 plus battle pass tier skips; you're getting 1100 Extra Cod points. So if you were already planning on buying the battle pass, if you already were planning on buying other C points, it's actually not that bad. I guess, but if you weren't planning on getting that stuff, it is pretty expensive now as the main stasis operator for the black cell upgrade.


Is cool. Not better than the season 2 black cell, in my opinion, but still pretty solid, although the best part of the black cell, in my opinion, is that Snoop Dog operator skin that turns you into an actual dog there. I think that's a really funny idea. There was super cool stuff there that would have been cool as a Tier 100 Snoop Dog operator skin available in the base battle pass, but of course they had to put it in the black cell.

They understood it was a good selling point, so they kind of got me there; it is what it is. The base battle pass has some decent skins. Is it the best battle pass we've seen? Definitely not, but it's not terrible, I would say, so we'll be going through a better look at that stuff tomorrow when they do go live with season 3, and for future seasons as well.

I saw this comment on my article earlier today from Crunch Water, where he said he was hoping we get some more futuristic skins, like insight for scor. The AW and IW looks are Peak Cod, so a lot of those skins are back from Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare. A lot of the futuristic cods we've seen in the past would be so cool to get in this game.

I mean, they could have leaned heavily into an advanced Warfare theme season, have the entire battle pass have Atlas, corpse skins from Aw. They could have made it so cool, but instead, they went with a kind of random theme here, like, What is the real theme of season 3? I don't really know; I guess it's kind of Coney themed, but it seems to be pretty random again.

It would have been so much cooler if we had a full aw futuristic theme season there, along with the aw weapons being added as well. They didn't do that, though, so for future seasons and maybe for future games, they'll actually do that.

EARLY ACCESS to MW3 Season 3 Update! Download NOW, All New Content More.
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