News - The New Warzone 2 Godzilla Event: 4 New Operators, 80 Melee Weapon & Free Rewards. Gameplay Preview



Let's break down the first major MW3, Season 3 event for the Godzilla Kong New Empire movie, which includes four new operators and $80, melee, weapon-free rewards, and much more. We're all down in today's article. Be sure to drop a like on the article.


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New godzilla kong event gameplay trailer revealed!

For this new Godzilla Kong event, and a look at a bunch of the new operator skins we're getting, as well as some of the new weapon blueprints, the really sick tracers, the cool finishing moves, and the operators, as we'll talk about in this article, are honestly pretty fire.

It's unfortunate you have to pay for a lot of them, but still, regardless, they're cool operators. For sure, you're going to see some stuff in the background.

New season 3 godzilla event details!

But first up, what is the actual event all about? Is it a challenge event or an XP progression event? They said this year in the official blog post a couple days ago.

Godzilla Kong's battle for Hollow Earth launches on April 3rd. Rayman season 3 goes live next week to April 10th, so a week long there is a small event: discover the mysterious power of the monster verse. The mightiest Titans earn XP to unlock exceptional rewards and equip Godzilla. Kong Shimu or Scar King operator skins for a boost, so just an XP progression event seems like a bad idea.

I feel like this would have been deserving of a much bigger, wide-scale event.

No large scale event like during vanguard/caldera?

No large scale event like during vanguard/caldera?

We saw this back in the Caldera, days during Vanguard where we didn't have actual challenges to do. I'm pretty sure, like we do in MW3, and the event rewards and stuff, but we did have a lot of stuff, a huge LTM in War Zone where you had Godzilla and King Kong walking around, destroying enemies, and we could fight them in some type of way.

It wasn't as cool as we thought it would be. I remember people thinking it would be the craziest event ever, and they were a bit underwhelmed. But still, regardless, it was a sick event. The LTM was a time I remember having a lot of fun playing the LTM, so unfortunately, that scale of an event isn't returning this time around, which again kind of sucks there.

Hopefully they do bring back something like that in the future. Maybe if these bundles sell well, they'll actually go even further and do something similar to what we saw back during Vanguard again, so we'll see very soon, but regardless, it's still a cool little event here, a weeklong XP progression event.

modern warfare 3

Not a big deal, but the actual operator skins themselves are pretty fire, as I said, so the first one here is Trac P Godzilla Kong, the new Empire. Godzilla bundle, which comes with the Godzilla operator skin and, of course, two weapon blueprints, a charm-looting screen with a large decal, and the feel the heat ray finishing move, and you see again some of this in the actual gameplay triler we just got today of that operator skin that feel the heat ray finishing move, which is so cool and much more solid operator bundle.


The next one here, of course, is the new Scar King bundle, which comes with the ape operator skin and two blueprints, again a charm looting screen large decal, and the whiplash. Unleashed finishing move pretty cool stuff there; you're seeing some of that in the trailer as well. The next one here is the Shimu Bundle part of the Godzilla Kong New Empire movie, featuring the Shimu operator skin, and again, a charm flash grenade skin and effect loading screen large decal, and the Frostbite finish finishing move there.

And the final one here is that new bundle now out right now, the new Kong operator skin, and again, here is that new bundle now out in the store. The Kong Tracer pack here comes with the main Scorch operator skin, which looks pretty solid. Here, we'll preview him real quick. Okay, cool stuff there.

We'll zoom in a little bit. It's a solid skin, I would say, that comes with the Bruin MK9. Titan Tech rifle blueprint, which will preview this one as well. This looks pretty cool; do a little. Full view here. Okay, I like the color scheme. The yellow and black solid stuff there is the Beast Tracers as well, which we preview to see how that's looking.

I think we saw this in the trail a little bit, but, okay, St. Tracers there, I mean, just like a gold yellowish. I guess there is no dismemberment effect, right? Yeah, wait, does it say dismemberment? No, okay, so just the Beast Tracers, not too bad, and the SVA 545 weapon blueprint as well. Monarch Stinger, same type of color scheme, not bad, got the finishing move here, Kong's knuckles, Slamwich, I guess something like that.

I think we saw this in the trailer as well. Solid stuff there, a large decal here bowing to no one, an okay weapon Sharm, and a looting screen, so a solid bundle. There are 2400 call points.

Exclusive mastery bundle reward (melee blueprint)

Exclusive mastery bundle reward (melee blueprint)

Of course, don't be surprised that they're doing this here. Purchase all four bundles to complete the Titan collection and unlock the exclusive Beast Glove Gladiator skin melee weapon. Equip any of the four bundles during the Godzilla Kong Battle for Hollow Earth event for an XP boost. As always, the king of monsters and the king of Skull Island have returned to take their Call of Duty Throne, so of course again, that's pretty standard to equip the operator power of the event and get more XP towards that event, but this one here they've been doing recently, where if you buy all the bundles in the collection, you get some extra items, some extra weapon blueprint, usually it's been or an extra free operator skin for those existing operators, but now here they're doing something to where if you buy all four operator bundles, which is $80.

USD in total, you'll get this Gladiator. Melee Weapon, which you see actually a gameplay clip of in the trailer we just got. I'll show that up on screen. It is pretty sick. I'm not going to lie, but I don't know. That's a lot to ask of people. I guess it is a cool reward, but $80 is a ton of money for some cosmetics in a game.

I mean, if you could afford it and you really like the skins, go for it, but they should really try to not do this here, like this should be a free mastery reward or any type of reward you get as part of the actual XP progression event as opposed to making people spend a lot of money on the bundles and get the skin that way.

So I don't know. It seems like it doesn't matter what we think about it. Overall, you just want to get all of them because, I'm not going to lie, they are pretty sick. At least the operators are cool. But I don't know, man. I just don't like that you know the Mastery incentive for buying bundles and getting extra content that way, so it is what it is.

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