News - Major Leak: New Warzone 2 Events, Og Dlc Weapons, Maps & More Free Content



We just got a pretty massive leak for upcoming MW3 content, releasing early gameplay of some pretty interesting events here. OG DLC weapons are returning new MP Maps modes and much more. We'll break it all down in today's article. Be sure to.

New mw3 stay in lobby feature just added!

Drop a like on the article and subscribe if you're new, but first off, here is an update that is actually live right now.

SL chamber games appear to have started to test persistent lobbies in MW 3's multiplayer.

Multiple new og dlc weapons returning!

This first leak should be pretty exciting for a lot of people. Four leaks tweeted out the car 98k, the spaz 12, and the sp9, to be added to MW3. At some point here, it seems like season 4 weapons Potentially, of course, we're not getting any more weapons for season 3, which would be highly unlikely, but still, the car costs $98k.

Of course, a classic OG weapon was used a lot back during War Zone 1, and of course previously as well, but a lot of people had fond memories of using it in War Zone 1, and now that Rebirth is back here, people want to use the C-98k on that map, obviously, so that returning makes a lot of sense. It was very cool to see the SP 12 as well, a classic iconic shotgun from the OG games.

There was also the SP9; not so sure about that weapon, but still a cool addition there. Of course, the car98k and Spas 12 are welcome additions to the game. Be sure to check out my partner Apex Gaming for a bunch of great customizable PCs great for making articles playing Call of Duty and other triaa titles.

huge price decreases across the board over there, so be sure to check it out if you're in the market for a PC.

New ␜get high␝ free run mode coming to mw3!

New ␜get high␝ free run mode coming to mw3!

Very soon, this is insanely cool. I mean, there's no official name for this right now, but of course this instantly reminded me of Black Ops 3's freerun mode, which, if you guys don't remember, was a side mode where you pretty much had a parkour course where you would get timed and you would get tallied for your faults and your retries.

You could have your best time compared to other players on your friend list. There's a worldwide leaderboard as well. I'm pretty sure it was a pretty fun mode, but we really only had that one run map, and that was it. There wasn't really much to it. It was just a fun little mode they added, but this here seems a lot more interesting, and we don't know the details of what we're seeing here.

This seems a lot more in-depth, complicated, and convoluted here, and a lot more colorful as well. The theory right now is that this could be tied to the upcoming 420 Blaze Up event that I'll talk about later on in the article because, obviously, it's supposed to be like you're on a trip, and at the end there, it says you've gotten high, so I guess it's trying to mimic you hallucinating.

You know, if you get high, I guess that's an interesting concept there, but it's kind of funny. I wonder if this is going to be accessible in multiplayer. In the main menu of War Zone, potentially, what is the point of playing this mode? Do you have to play this mode to get rewards? Is it literally just a play to have fun, and that's it?

We really don't know for sure here, but regardless, whether this is a part of the event or not doesn't matter; this is still a crazy thing to have in MW3. I can't wait to see more details and official information on that.

New 4/20 ␜blaze up␝ event details & challenges!

New 4/20 ␜blaze up␝ event details & challenges!

Soon, for more info on this 420 event, here we have some details on what it's all about specific war zone TMS as well as much more, so the main event is going to be called blaze up. As I said, the description is: How high are you, or, I mean, how are you?

The complete event challenge is for exclusive, dank rewards. Okay, warning events may cause the munchies, so that's the main event; they're a challenge event instead of an XP progression event, which is pretty cool. A bigger deal here, and we do have a bunch of leaks about some of the challenges for all these modes here, so first for the MP challenges of the blaze-up event, we have get operator kills with a cooked frag or thermal barrack grenade and get operator kills with the dragon's breath attachment equipped while sliding or crouching.

modern warfare 3

Get operator-clean kills with the Aikimbo attachment equipped. Get operator quick scope kills with the stalker boots perk equipped; get operator kills while in smoke with the Jack purifier attachment equipped. Hit operators with tiar gas with the attack mask perk equipped. Get operator stuck grenade kills with the god-dear vest equipped, and get operator direct impact launcher kills there now for the war zone.

Here, we have deployed an inflatable decoy. Fields upgrade a certain amount of times with the engineer vest equipped; reduce the Resurgence timer for a total of x amount of seconds; here are a certain amount of caches in a single Resurgence match on Rebirth Island. Use squad rage on all of your squad mates at once during info or a redeploy landing in a gondola using the parachute on Rebirth Island.

Eliminate x number of players while having an active PowerUp Gummy in High-Trip Resurgence. Have all four high-trip emergencies PowerUp gummies are active at once and collect a certain amount of gummies in high-trip Resurgence, and zombies here complete a certain number of contracts. destroy a certain amount of vehicles, get a certain amount of kills with a wall by weapon destroy a certain amount of harvester orbs. Get a certain amount of brain-rot zombie kills and get a certain amount of mercenary critical kills there, but a lot of interesting stuff there; of course those challenges do.

High trip warzone resurgence mode!

High trip warzone resurgence mode!

Reveal the high-trip revival mode, which is so interesting, so some details on this are here. War zone High trip, four different PowerUp gummies, Resurgence, and potentially Cor BR as well.

Definitely on rebirth, it seems, but maybe for the other maps as well. Jump into this limited-time event and get ready for some heightened fights. Collect gummies to sharpen your senses and smoke out the competition. Interesting stuff there are some more details on this possible exclusive reward below.

Eliminate X number of players while having an active PowerUp gummy in high-trip revival. Have all four high-trip revivals. PowerUp gummies are active at once and collect a certain amount of gummies in High Trip Resurgence, so there's a potential similarity here between some of the challenges for the Blaze Up event and other specific Easter egg rewards for the High Trip mode itself.

MAJOR LEAK New MW3 Events, OG DLC Weapons, Maps More Free Content. Check out my most recent video! ALL SEASON 3 OPERATOR BUNDLES GAMEPLAY SHOWCASE! Full Early Preview.
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