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Let's take an early look at the entire season of Reloaded. Update all the new MP Maps modes, weapons, zombies war zone content, new events, and much more. Break it all down in today's article.

Season 3 reloaded release dates & early download

Be sure to drop a like on the article and subscribe if you're new, but first off, on the release date, season 3 will apparently end on June 11th, according to leaker Alix, which means this season is going to be around 70 days long, which is a pretty long season, but regardless, that would give us a midpoint of either Wednesday.

May 1st, or Wednesday. May 8th. Here. I'm leaning towards Wednesday. May 8th, honestly, but based on the classified sector in the battle pass, which is going to be the new weapon unlock that I'll talk about in a second, that starts in 16 days, and those are usually starting around the reloaded update, and that would bring us closer to Wednesday.

May 1st, so those two days—the first two weeks, honestly, of May—are when we'll see that reloaded update release, which is pretty cool, but for the early downloads. As well, we finally started getting some early pre-downloads for all platforms, beginning with a season 2 reloaded update, which is super cool to see, but unfortunately for season 3, first of all, not everyone got that pre-download, so some players on Xbox and PC got it, others didn't, and what happened anyway was that people got the pre-download.



Bal-27 dlc weapon finally releasing!

Weapon unlock which is so exciting of course again you don't need to buy the battle pass to get access to this sector, and unlock the batt which is pretty cool what's going to happen is that sector is going to open up you'll do some challenges, and you'll be able to unlock the batt 27 in the end here and of course if you guys don't remember this was the original, a, bow 27 AR we saw back in that game which was so iconic for a quick description on this here A Bullpup prototype weapon designed to increase fire rate over time while the trigger is squeezed the first four shots are slower to fire but highly accurate so solid weapon there hopefully it is actually good and you know not overpowered, but just a good formidable weapon to use in mp and especially, war zone can't wait for that and we've talked about as well the potential of maybe the OG ble obsidian Steed, blueprint, or variant coming to the game in some type of way now back in aw.

I guess it wasn't completely pay to win cuz you were able to get supply drops for free I kind of forgot about that whole thing a lot of you guys were correcting me on that it was a long time ago guys I was like 14 years old playing that game but of course this time around it's kind of a bit more difficult for them to do that because we don't have supply drop so my idea was that maybe the obsidian Steed variant could be a free Mastery, reward we get at part of an upcoming, event that would be pretty cool you can't have it in a bundle unless it's purely cosmetic, because the variant portion would be pay to win if you have to buy a bundle to get that better version of the bow which is the obsidian Steed that would be for sure pay to win so just giving us a free way to get that OG variant in the game that is more powerful, but accessible to everyone.

Would be solid. We'll see if they actually end up doing that. No one knows for sure, but I feel like it would be pretty cool.

New aftermarket parts/weapons releasing!

New aftermarket parts/weapons releasing!

But for other weapons, here we're of course continuing to get more aftermarket parts as well. They go through stuff. Obviously, we're getting some right now. We'll get more for the season 3 Reloaded update. We don't have official details on what exactly those aftermarket parts are for the reloaded update, but we'll get more information on that very soon.

New mw3 multiplayer field upgrade & tactical

For other content , here we are getting a new tactical. The EMD mine for the mid-season update is a proximity-triggered mine that sticks to surfaces; once triggered, the mine shoots out tracker devices that reveal the enemy location.

Two new 6v6 multiplayer maps releasing!

And direction until removed sounds pretty interesting, this is also cool as well a new field upgrade in the game pretty much like mvg goggles toggle between normal vision and enhanced Vision with integrated Target highlighting, has limited battery okay sounds interesting there for MP content here we're getting two new multiplayer maps a 6v6 core map Grime, which looks so cool and seems like a part of that you know final MW3 campaign mission in London can't wait for that one the map layout looks pretty cool the colors look cool as well and the other one here is checkpoint a 6v6 map a small part of rebirth Island actually coming to MW3 the vonell map I don't really enjoy as much honestly it's a bit too big for multiplayer but this one seems to be a lot more Close Quarters Compact and should be a decent map overall forther MP content here we have a new game mode called Minefield, which looks pretty interesting in the same way that season 2's hard point was hardpoint but with zombies think of Minefield as multiplayer but with mines currently applicable to almost any current game mode Sledgehammer Games will be switching on this game variant in a variety of modes like H confirmed domination and hardpoint.

Two new game modes for mw3 multiplayer

Two new game modes for mw3 multiplayer

Minefield uses the same rules as the mode in question, but with one important addition: when you defeat a rival player, a proximity mine is dropped at the end corpse. This mine cannot be picked up and remains deadly to the enemy team, but not to any friendly teammates. As the action heats up, the scattered mines across the map ramp up the action to a cacophony of chaos.

Watchers step out of their operator, so it sounds like an interesting mode. We'll see how much replayability it actually has, but it's still pretty cool. Another mode here that sounds interesting is called escort. They say those war zone veterans who remember playing the entertaining. LTM, known as payload, knows what to expect here as two teams, both with unlimited respawn, face off on a variety of maps, with one side protecting a maw as it maneuvers across the map while the opposing force has enemy takedowns and the grand prize of vehicular destruction on their minds.

modern warfare 3

The attacking team's overriding goal ensures that the vehicle reaches its destination. The defending team's plan of attack is to disable the vehicle by any means necessary. Once the first game of the match is completed, the teams swap objectives, and the side with the quickest vehicle takedown wins new events.

FULL MW3 Season 3 Reloaded Content Update Early Release. Check out my most recent video.
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