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Let's go through Try's final MW3 zombies update, all the new changes, content, and much more. Be sure to drop a like and subscribe if you're new, but let's get straight into this.

Treyarch no longer working on mw3 zombies

here Mr. Doc JD and a bunch of other YouTubers were on a call for season 3, where it was confirmed. Treyarch is no longer working on Modern Warfare Zombies; the remaining seasonal content is being developed by Sledgehammer Games during the TR shift.

Focus on other things, of course. There is very obvious stuff here. They're going to be working on Black Ops Golf War zombies, or they already have been working on that game, and hopefully they've been working on zombies for several years now, but now they're going to go full gear for zombies to finish up the game before it launches this fall, which is fine with me because I'd rather them focus on that game, but again, for MW3 zombies, it's a pretty fun mode.

modern warfare 3

definitely underrated. I would say, and it for sure didn't get the support it deserved, and now here Trey has done their final update and they're done with the mode here, and we have all random developers working on the mode for the rest of the season for the rest of the game. I should say, and obviously, expecting anything too spectacular here when you have a developer outside of Trey working on zombies, it doesn't always work out well.

Trych is the best at zombies; they do it really well, and obviously, like I like Sledgehammer Games, they've been doing a great job with MW3. But for zombies, I'm a bit worried about what they could do here regardless, though, just to be honest, try. Obviously, they were working on zombies for this game; it was pretty good, but we didn't really see any crazy updates anyway with Tryer in charge of the mode, but with Sledgehammer here now, could it get much worse, potentially because apparently there's a leak that came out that there's no Cinemac planned for season 4 of Modern Warfare zombies, so maybe they're just going to stop doing the dark ether Rift stuff and no more Cinemax, no more new content, and it's just going to be.

Very small, minor Bare Bones content updates for MW3 zombies It's already been kind of bare bones, but you know it may get even worse here, so this is kind of crazy. Tr's last update is here; it's unfortunate. But I guess it's for the greater good of them to focus on Black Ops Gol War, but there are still updates happening. I'm not going to act like there's no new updates for MW3 zombies; we'll go through patch notes later on in the article, but for a quick reminder , be sure to check out you for GM.



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Mw3 zombies stash size increased & more

So as part of Tr's last update here for this mode, they are officially doubling the stash size in season 3 for zombies. They have added a new XF schematic cool-down mechanic we're extracting, and certain amounts of essence reduce all cool-down time, so pretty solid changes. There are two overall changes that should have been there at the launch of the game, in my opinion, but I guess it's better late than never , but now, of course, for the passion notes.

Season 3 reloaded zombies content␦

Here is new content coming in season, so the new story mission. The rift, Zara hydroelectric, and a set of schax are on the horizon. Check out the Call of Duty blog for more details on what to expect. I went through all that content on the channel, of course, but you know there is no actual new content for the launch of season 3, which is so unfortunate, but there were some gameplay changes here that are still pretty important.

Massive packet burst issues in zombies right now

But actually, before we break down these changes here. I do want to mention that I did play Zombies today when the update just went live just to see if there's any, you know, weapon bounce changes and stuff like that stuff in the Tier 3 Zone with the contract awards. I just wanted to check it out, and I did notice that the game was very unstable.

I don't know if it's my computer, but I was getting a lot of packet loss issues. The game was really laggy—a lot more than normal. I didn't change any of my computer settings there, so it could just be on my end, but there's very weird stuff there, and I feel like they're having a lot of issues when an update does go live, like with season 2 reloaded. But I just found it really weird today, so hopefully that does get fixed very soon.

All new season 3 zombies patch notes

All new season 3 zombies patch notes

But for the first change here for gameplay pera's, ether shroud should address an issue that allowed ether shroud's visual effects to remain on an operator in third person for longer than intended, so that's actually not perolas, but interesting and Acquisitions here remove the ability to apply these tools to vehicles.

While players could elect to use the tool on a vehicle, the damage would not scale properly, which would waste The Ether tool is okay for weapons here. The Wonder Weapon vr11 change addressed an issue that prevented the vr11 from transforming warlord bodyguards into zombies. It is interesting to see attachment updates here.

The Jack Purifier decreased the amount of damage it did to Elite and boss enemy types. The Jack Purifier was overperforming. With the previous tuning against the more difficult enemies with this new tuning players can still utilize the attachment to manage large groups of lesser enemies in all threat zones and use different tactics to engage more difficult foes.

Okay, challenge updates are here. Prestige challenges unlock new Prestige call and card challenges at each level of prestige reach, and you can select up to five challenges to track, including any from across the game. For UI ux changes here, Address an issue where the containment level would overlap, the amount of customization, and options in the recruit operator selection menu.

Nothing too major, and again, most of the actual decent content updates I mean, they're okay; they're not even that decent, but most of the actual material updates will be for season 3.

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