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The Prestige camos in Modern Warfare 3 take 150, 000. Method and the playlist you want to play for this is the smallmap mosh pit unless shipment 24/7 is an option, which in that case obviously means you want to play shipment 24/7. Now personally, I prefer playing the hardcore versions of these playlists because it leads to more XP per minute because you're able to get kills quicker.


The strategy is so simple that you really can't mess it up every time you spawn and throw all of your decoys. Try to throw these near the enemy spawn point or the middle of the map get kills try to play The Objective when possible collecting kill confirm tag gets you easy XP, getting kills while on a domination Point are a hard point gets you more XP per kill call in your kill streaks as soon as you get them and use your field upgrade every time it recharges, here's the class setup I recommend, clearly for your primary and your secondary, you want to be using the weapons you're trying to grind the camo for the vest I use the engineer vest this allows you to see enemy equipment around the map and if you destroy it you're going to get XP for it but more importantly it gives you an extra tactical, and for a tactical we're going to be using decoy grenades so we're going to get three of them and this is the most important part of the Strat just spamming these around the map leads to a ton of free weapon XP for the field upgrade I use dos.

It has a really quick recharge rate, and every time you call it in, you're going to EMP players. You're going to get XP for that, and you're going to destroy things around the map. You're going to get even more XP. The perks themselves don't matter too much. I use Commando gloves because I like the reload while sprinting and the improved sprint to fire, but a lot of people like the ordinance gloves while spamming decoys because they allow you to use equipment and field upgrades by 20%.

fast prestige camo farming

Faster, which is pretty helpful if you spawning in throw a bunch of decoys being able to get those off quicker is nice but for shipment I just prefer using the Commando gloves I then also use lightweight mag holster and Tac mask Now using this method it takes about an hour and 50 minutes to unlock One prestige camo with double XP, but this includes matchmaking time so it includes the time it takes for you to find a Lobby the time you're sitting in between lobbies so if you sit down and grind for an hour and 50 minutes straight you should get one of these next we have the zombies method which is actually one of the most efficient methods but it's a little bit confusing, but first let me introduce you to 1v1 the LOL a free fast-paced Battle Royale game designed for mobile and they've challenged me to quickly win a match while I tell you about it so here goes nothing, o the charm of 1v1.

Lol is a quick, fast-paced game that gets you right into the action, from the abilities of the Champions to the well-known building mechanics. It's a crazy combination that's enjoyable from the moment you drop it off, now in 1V. LOL, you play as Champions, and each one has a different unique ability, from Quick, who can bolt around rapidly to dodge attacks, to Shadow, who teleports and leaves a shadow decoy behind to confuse enemies.

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My personal favorite is Sky, who can leap high into the air and reach enemies on high buildings, just to get an aerial advantage. You can build, but I can jump. He's fighting someone else. Don't mind a little third-party snipe. We're in the zone. We're in the zone. We're in the zone. no, not the snowball.

There we go and rank up. Some of the biggest YouTubers are getting skins in the game, and the best part is that you can unlock these for free right now. You can get both unspeakable and rug for free just by playing, getting all the items needed to craft my favorite, unspeakable, with the bright standout colors.

However, these skins are only available for a limited time, so if you want to get them, get them before they're gone. So, what are you waiting for? Okay, so when it comes to zombie prestige camo farming, the most important thing to know is that there's an XP cap, and once you've hit this cap, you get a massive slowdown in weapon XP, and unfortunately.

fastest prestige camo unlock guide

Double XP doesn't raise this cap, so when you're using double XP tokens or during a double XP event, you're not really getting double the XP per game; you're just hitting that cap quicker. From my testing, using a double XP token in Zombies is only going to get you about 20% more XP per hour for this camo, not double what the XP cap is.

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It's around 15, 000 XP to hit this. You want to get around 800 kills in a match without Double XP, but if Double XP is active, you want to get around 550. Kills for Max Efficiency Farming: Now I'm going to show you a zombie method to work around this XP cap for Max Efficiency. And while doing this I'm also going to show you some tips and tricks for slow killing weapons like sniper rifles and so on now when you load in the first thing you want to do is open your map and go to a tier one Outlast, if there's none near you keep in mind contracts are going to continuously spawn in for the first minute or so just keep looking around your map until you see a tier one Outlast pick up the contract head to the Outlast building activate the PN D now we're going to head outside and find the spawn point each Outlast has like eight different spots outside the zombies can spawn, and when you first activate it it's going to pick one of those spawn points however it's probably a ghost spawn and it's going to switch so right now they're spawning here but after we kill them all it's probably going to move it somewhere else okay they appear to be spawning on this side over here this is definitely our permanent spawn point however let's say the spawn point for the Outlast you got was bad there is a way to force change it so we go back inside the Outlast and get the progress bar up to 33%.


So 30% 31%, 32 we'll get 34 and we're going to walk outside, now the progress bar is going to slowly go back down to zero and while it's doing that the spawn point is going to change over and over again we're not going to get the next permanent spawn point till it hits zero all right back down to 0% let's find our new permanent spawn point okay yeah this is definitely our new permanent spawn point this is also a pretty good one now let's say you got two really bad spawn points in a row you do have a third option, you could now go back into the out last get the progress bar up to 90%, and cancel the Outlast, but I would only do this as a last resort because that's going to greatly lower the amount of kills you can get per minute it is always better to get a good spawn point on the outside.

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