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As you can see, a little left on the d-pad is going to activate it, and then we can hold it down and just spray with a chainsaw, so let's find out what it's going to do against this sort of zombie. Let's see if it's going to get any better once we start upgrading it. I really don't know what to expect with this chainsaw, if I'm totally honest, so we can melt through one zombie and melt through two zombies.

Okay, so far, it doesn't seem too bad. There's no sort of range on it, though, which is one thing I just noticed. Of course, I've played with the Ram 7E, which is obviously a very good assault rifle in this game. The reason for this is that I just simply didn't know how good this gun was going to be, so I thought I'd test it with a gun that I know is actually capable of playing within this game.

So let's try and group all of these together and see if we can just sort of hold down the trigger and just take them out one at a time so we can just melt through them with no problem. Does the chainsaw overheat? It doesn't seem to look like it's going to overheat. It looks like you can just sort of hold it for as long as you want to hold it, and so far, it doesn't actually seem too bad.

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The zombies don't seem to want to get near me; they don't seem to have touched me yet. So far, I'm impressed with how this chainsaw is playing. Let's just sort of see if it's going to be able to get any better when we upgrade it or anything like that. As you can see, it takes maybe one to two hit markers that we get on each zombie to take them out of the game, so if I go ahead and Chuck a pack-a-punch on it, is that going to make a difference to the gun or not?

Let's have a look to see if this seems to take it out any faster or if it's going to stay just as it was. It doesn't look like it's actually going to get any faster, which is kind of interesting. So now we need to work out if he's going to be viable in Tier 2 and Tier 3, so I'm going to go straight into Tier 3 and see what sort of damage it's going to do there.

So my kind of hope is that in Tier 2, it's going to kill just as fast as it does in Tier 1, and then do exactly the same in Tier 3, otherwise this chainsaw just really isn't going to be viable in any areas, if I'm totally honest. Okay, so we've got our first tier 2 zombies. Let's pull out the chainsaw.

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Start holding it against them, I mean. Yeah, armored zombies, it just really isn't doing anything, actually anything is it it's really is doing, actually anything to these zombies in the tier 2 zone, it really is doing no damage, whatever to the zombies in the tier 2 zone, maybe we need to try and tier 2 Pack-a-Punch it to see if that's going to make any sort of difference, but like I said at tier one Pack-a-Punch, it didn't seem to do anything in the tier one zone, but maybe it was just already at its fastest capacity in the tier one so Pack-a-Punch and it didn't make a difference, so what I'm going to do is get some cash together, try and tier 2 Pack-a-Punch, and see if it actually makes a difference or not.

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So I just want to double-check that this is going to do little to no damage to the zombies. Yeah, it's really not going to take these zombies out fast enough in the Tier 2 zone, so hopefully, if we pack-a-Punch it, it actually makes a difference, but If it doesn't then the chainsaw is just an overall l in Zombies it's just not going to be viable in any sort of situation unless you're just running around the tier one zone but as we know basically every single gun is viable in the tier one zone there's no guns that are bad in the tier one you can literally use anything you want, so let's just put our hands together and let's just pray that this gun is actually going to do some extra damage at tier 2 Pack-A-Punch and we can actually keep using the chainsaw and even then tier three it take it into the tier three Zone and try and take down some tier three zombies with it okay so I've actually increased the Rarity up to a rare Rarity does it now seem , the rare Rarity seems to make a little bit of a difference not.

I don't know, but actually, it did seem to make a bit of a difference to upgrade it to rare rarity. I've still got a legendary AOL that we can go ahead and put on at some point, but it looked like the actual upgrading of the rarity of the guns seemed to make a little bit of a difference—not by a crazy amount—but it looked like it did make somewhat of a difference.

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So the plan's still going to be to Pack-a-Punch this to Tier 2, and then we can really get a feel for if Pack-a-Punch is going to make a difference within this game, and if not, it might just be a case of actually upgrading the rarity, which is going to make a difference to the chainsaw. So I might be a bit stupid for this, but I kind of want to see what sort of damage the chainsaw will do to a HVT, and it doesn't even look like it's touched its health.

Basically, at all, I don't know the fact there's tier three zombies on me when I've got a tier one pack-punch gun. If I'm totally honest, I don't really like this. I'm not a big fan of this. Okay, so finally we're at a point where we can tier two Pack-a-Punch. I was trying to do a contract. I got cornered, went down, and ended up losing all my perks and stuff like that, which is kind of annoying, but it is what it is.

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We've got the money, so now we can tier two Pack-a-Punch this bad boy to see what it's actually going to be like and if it's going to increase the damage that the chainsaw does on this gun. So there we go, Tier 2 Pack-a-Punch. Chainsaw is now ready to go. Let's see if it is going to take the zombies down.


Okay, so it looks like it might actually take the zombies down a little bit faster, which is a big deal, I think anyway. I think it looks like it's taking them down a little bit faster; it's not. The craziest, of speed just not as fast as it was in the tier one zone but you know that was the tier one zone so we can keep going just keep grinding through all of these see if we can do any more damage to any of them at any point and what I wouldn't mind doing as well is now upgrading it to the legendary ather tool so we can go ahead and Chuck that on and see if that's also going to make a nice difference to this gun or not, because if you was to use any gun in tier two at legendary ather and tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, it's going to literally melt through the zombies with no problem and I can show you that by literally shooting a zombie in the tier 2 zone so as you can see it does melt through them quite quickly it's not too bad the legendary tool definitely made a bit of a difference 100%, it's made a bit of a difference, so it looks like it's going to start melting through the zombies with not too many issues.

Pack-A-Punching the chainsaw Aftermarket Part in MW3 Zombies What Happens. What Happens if you Pack-A-Punch the chainsaw Aftermarket Part in MW3 Zombies.
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