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In today's article, we are once again going to be talking about skill-based matchmaking and reverse boosting in the article here today because it is probably one of the most talked-about topics right now because of how bad it is. It is so bad in Modern Warfare 3. This is the worst Call of Duty since skill-based matchmaking really ramped up in Modern Warfare 2019.

This is hands down the most crowded it has ever been in a Call of Duty game. I mean, the first couple weeks of this game. I think if we had one good game, it would be the next four hours of just getting absolutely stomped on, and honestly, that's unacceptable. They don't want to be sweating the entire time, especially with weapons that might not be that good.

I have a solution for you, though we're going to be talking about Lobby God today. God was so kind to reach out to me and sponsor this article, and I want to tell you everything about them because this service is going to take your games to the next level. If you want bot lobbies, you're going to get bot lobbies, so with Lobby God, you're removing the skill-based matchmaking, and you're going to be getting bot lobbies on Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.

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And season 1 just came out, so now you can use it in War Zone. I think this is where a lot of you guys are going to shine. Loading into War Zone, you have hundreds of players in the same lobby with you. Not only do you want to be able to actually do well and not have to sweat and not get constantly stomped by the super sweats like you're playing in a tournament, but you also want to be on good ping with other VPN services; you're not always on a good ping.

I remember that I used to use ExpressVPN, and when I would go to a different country, it would be like 120 pings. Even though you're on people, it's not that great of an experience, kind of skipping around or not having the bullets connecting or not having the best bullet rag, so with Lobby Good, they only route the information that's important; they don't route all of it, so you're going to get the best connection possible when playing.

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It works on all platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, and that does include both Steam and Battl Net. You get a three-day free trial, completely free. No credit card, no risk. A completely free trial is available for you to try for an entire weekend if you want to game with the boys and let them try out your new VPN.

There are tons of different servers already, and there's more being added, but you can pretty much go wherever you want at this point. It's easy to set up, you know; if you're pretty technologically advanced, it'll take you maybe two minutes or maybe a little bit longer. You might have to follow the step-by-step, guy, but that's okay, and number one, as I already mentioned, there's no lag.

That's right, the most important part you load into a high-skill bracket game is that you feel like you're slow. You feel like your bullets don't hit. They're not just going to, you know, kick you to the curb and say thanks for the cash. Thanks for the money. Thanks for the free trial, but we're not going to support you.


God is here for you to have an enjoyable experience on Call of Duty like we used to back in 2009, so step one is disabling IPv6. On your router, something you actually cannot do on the Xbox console, and then on your Xbox dashboard, you're just going to go up to your settings. Select Network, then you're going to go to the advanced settings, and then you're going to select DNS settings, and then set manual.

This is important; make sure you're filling in the primary and secondary DNS's listed here on screen; confirm that; and restart your Xbox. Once you do this, once you are completely power cycled on your Xbox, just select your location from the dashboard on Bobby. Com. And also, make sure the device you are visiting the dashboard from, whether it is your phone or your computer, is on the same exact network.

As your Xbox, let's head over to Playstation. All right, so I do want to let you guys know there is a guide for the PlayStation 4, but this is a Modern Warfare 3 article. I would highly recommend playing the game on a PlayStation 5 if you're going to use a PlayStation, but if you are unfortunately still on the L-gen console, there is a guide for you.


I'm just not going to show it in this article here today, but it's relatively the same on your PlayStation. Visit the settings menu and select Network, then you're going to set up an internet connection. Select your home Wi-Fi, If you usually connect to your Wi-Fi, but if you're using an Ethernet cable, then you're going to choose the land after choosing your network once again.

Go to the advanced settings to configure the DNS. Choose automatic for IP; do not specify for DHCP. On the host name, choose manual for the DNS settings, then fill in once again the primary and secondary DNS's on screen; there, they are choosing automatic for MTU, and then choosing do not use for the proxy server.

Next, test the connection. After that, just restart your PlayStation, and it'll be exactly the same thing. Select a location from your dashboard and once again make sure those are on the same network, and then launch up the game and confirm that everything is working as per usual, and you should be good to go.

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Now we're going to check it out on PC. I do want to say this is like one of the only VPNs right now you can actually use on console, so it's a big step in the right direction for the VPN game and why Lobby Gu has a significant advantage over some of its competitors. So for PCs, this is the Windows 10 guide.

If you guys are on Windows 11, there is a separate guide for that, but, to be honest, I think a lot of us are still hanging around on Windows 10. I think it is still a little superior. So you don't have to pay for this first software, but it's called Yoga DNS, and this actually does come with a 30-day trial of the pro version, but you don't need it anyway.

The free version has literally everything you need for this, so on this page you'll be able to get to this page. Select the last option, import from a yoga DNS configuration file; it's extremely important, and then you're going to select that configuration file we just downloaded. Now you're going to restart your PC, and you're going to relaunch Yoga DNS if it hasn't launched automatically.


And this is the same thing here if you are using the dashboard from your phone. For example, just make sure your phone and PC are on the same network, and after that, you are good to go. That is a setup for all three of the main platforms you're going to be playing Call of Duty on. Now let's get into the juicy part of the article.

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