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So we are back here again. Roughly 1 year later in Modern Warfare 2, 2022. I put out a lot of articles talking about the SP spmm, and I know this time around people are calling it eomm, so it's engagement-optimized matchmaking instead of skillbase matchmaking, but it feels exactly the same as last year but a little bit worse in fact, so I'm just going to stick with skill-based matchmaking, that's what I'm going to call it, and yeah, as I said, it is worse than last year.

I loaded up Modern Warfare 3 beta for the very first time, jumped into a match of Ground War, didn't really enjoy it, quit out, went into my next match playing, and I believe it was highrise. And yeah, I got my ass absolutely handed to me; it was a complete sweatfest. Then I go into the next game, being really negative in the previous one, and I do really well.

Then, doing really well, I go into the next match, and I do okay. Then, going to the next one, I get battered. Then, going to the next one, I do really well. And it's not that I want bot lobbies or anything like that; it's just spmm. This has been a big complaint for a long time within Call of Duty, and they've got the map voting system in Modern Warfare 3, but it makes no difference.

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Your entire lobby is still being disbanded after every single match, and it just seems as though every single game you do well, the next one you'll do poorly, then you'll do well, and it's back and forth, and that is not an enjoyable experience. While trying to keep as many players as possible as close to a 1kd as they can, they should have gone back to like because they've got a bunch of maps in from Modern Warfare 2.

2009 they should have gone back to the classic matchmaking system, where the lobby stays together after people leave if they don't like that Lobby other players join, and it goes like that with the map voting systems there. They should have gone back to that, but instead they've got this modernized matchmaking system, and it's awful to say the least; it's really, really horrible.

That just puts you off the game, and it seems as though it's just a new generation of people playing Call of Duty nowadays, because years and years ago playing cods like when I was in my teenage years, it was like everyone's running around, everyone's gunning, everyone's finding their classes and stuff, and it was a lot of fun.

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You want people with a high skill level to be able to show that they have a high skill level and create a massive skill gap, and you want people like me to be sitting in these lobbies like that. Okay, time and time again, not having one really good match and then one really bad match, you want it to be leveled so that you are like, basically, let's say you start off with zero points, play your first game, and finish 18 for 14.

You get a thousand, like, skill points to send eventually, then you play your next match, you do okay, and you go up to 12200. And then you're sat in lobbies around that skill level because that way you're either going to start doing poorly, go back down against players that are a little bit worse than your current skill level, and then you'll go back up, and then, like, it basically promotes players getting better at the game instead of players going against really good players, and then really [__], the way they have it set up at the moment, it's just that it's going to be worse than what it was last year in Modern Warfare 2.

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There's going to be so many complaints when the game Fly launches because the system they have in place is terrible for all sorts of players you don't want to play with. Okay, in one match, go into your next one and have to get your sweat bands out, have to get your G fuel ready, and basically, be trying to compete at an eSports level.

You don't want that when you're playing casual matches of Call of Duty, do the SP spmm when you get ranked play and stuff in the game, but when it's casual playlists. It needs to be casual; you don't want people having to sweat every other match in order to get a decent result, but jumping into TDM, you've now just got players sitting in corners doing nothing, making the campions even worse, and it gets worse year in and year out.

It's awful i'm going to say that based on the multiplayer beta, this is the worst Call of Duty they've released in years. I really have not enjoyed my time on this channel. I've got other articles coming up. I've recorded a bunch of matches, so I've got enough footage to talk over the top of them.

cod mw3 2023

There will be other articles for the game on this channel, but I thought I'd start it off with the SP spmm or the eomm, because it's a [__] disaster. It is such a horrible experience. And it was the same last year, and they haven't done anything to change it, and there's supposed to be this innovative franchise.

I mean, they couldn't even innovate and create their own maps; they had to go and essentially remaster maps from 14 years ago, and this is what Call of Duty is going to be like even going forward because nobody complains about this, like you'll get a couple of people to complain about it, but there's a lot of people that will just eat it up; they'll just go out and buy the 1 pound addition of the game, sit there and play it for a couple of months, and then they'll never touch it again.

And on that note, we are going to leave the article there. If you enjoyed it, leaving a like is appreciated. All support on the channel is greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Modern Warfare 3 SBMM is WORSE Than Modern Warfare 2! In this video I want to talk to you about the SBMM or EOMM in the upcoming Call of Duty game, MW3. Skill based matchmaking has been a problem for a long time in the cod franchise and with the Modern Warfare 3 2023 beta being available it seems even worse. People are now calling it engagement optimised matchmaking but I've always known it to be skill based so we'll leave it at that.
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