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Z's here today with another article. In today's article, we are going to be taking a trip down memory lane in Aces gaming history here on the channel. Modern Warfare 3 is the closest representation of Modern Warfare 2019 that we have had since that game was actually released and in Modern Warfare 2019.

That year, Call of Duty was what really took my channel off. I think I started Modern Warfare 2019 with maybe between 3 and 5, 000 subscribers, and over the course of just the first 2 or 3 months of MW19. I think we were up to 15, 000 subscribers, and one of my best performing articles was the best sniper class, the M4 A1 sniper in Modern Warfare 2019.

You could put an attachment called Socom rounds in your M4; it was a 10-round magazine; it was basically sniper rounds; two to three shotted almost any range before all the Nerfs; and here's a little history behind here's a little extra history when it comes to that article. I was the very first person to post an M4 sniper article in Modern Warfare 2019.


It was basically an sr25, conversion kit because of the socom rounds and when you combined that with a sniper scope it was absolutely deadly it was one of the best rifles in the game at that time there was two articles that popped up a day after mine I don't know who the creators were I'm sure you could still find them to this day but one got over a million views in a couple weeks and then another one actually got like 5 to 700, 000 views if I remember correctly in my article was sitting at like a measly 2, 000 3, 000 views and I definitely felt a little upset about it but don't worry the YouTube Gods got me the Cod Gods got me ball don't lie your boy was the first one to make that article the algorithm picked it up three or four separate times until that article took off it blew up and it got, 1.28.

Million views I think what it says on the official view count in my analytics is that it actually says 1.3 million for context. I have not had a article in the last two to three years. Well, as a matter of fact, the best article I have probably had since then has only performed at 10% of what that article actually did.

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I have a couple different Modern Warfare 2 articles from last year that have around 120, 000 views. I think I have three articles from Modern Warfare 2 over 100k, so I've come nowhere close to shattering the ACES gaming record. Maybe one day I'll definitely be grinding this year, and honestly, it hasn't been going too well.

It seems like not a lot of people are liking Modern Warfare 3, but besides the spmm in reverse boosting articles, that's okay. I wanted to make this article because I did not make it in Modern Warfare 2. When Modern Warfare 2 came out, there was an M4. However, it did not have any conversion; it had no spicy rounds; it had nothing, but later in Modern Warfare 2 they added the Tempest torrent, and I kind of forgot about this.

I was watching a article today. I was actually watching the article about Myth the Fortnite streamer falling off, and I was like, well, damn, I kind of fell off too, if we really want to think about it that way. I was like, and I started thinking about the M4 sniper, and I was like, well, let's hop on Modern Warfare 3.


I'm really enjoying the game right now, and I was like. Let's see if we can make an M4 sniper, and well. I couldn't until I found the Tempest torrent, which is a Moder Warfare 2 DLC weapon that is basically on the M4 platform but using 762 x 51 rounds, which I do believe is just like the M80, so we are going to try this one out.

I built the M4 sniper, and of course we had to go with the iconic Blue Tiger Camo as we did back in Modern Warfare 2019, so we have the chroma LRs, the SPX scope, the PSO heavy some high grain ammunition to make those rounds a little bit spicier, and the stable shot, bipod. We are going to head into Invasion to try this one out so we can kill some bots and kind of have that feeling of one-shotting.

But we're going to head into Invasion, try and kill a couple players, and see how this rifle actually performs. I'm excited; it's going to be a trip down memory lane. It was a long intro, but I wanted to give you the proper history lesson when it comes to Aces Gaming in general and how we got this far if I hadn't had a good year in Modern Warfare 2019.

cod mw3

Who knows if I would have stuck it out on YouTube? I probably would have because I have an absolute passion for creating and helping others, but at the same time, it definitely did allow me to hop in a game and see our first target. Man, the money. It's so sad that we don't actually have a weapon that can, you know, kill it at long range.

When it comes to some sort of rifle, it's really upsetting, but you know I'm making do with what I have. close Ah, it's really nostalgic to use this. You know something really crazy that I've told this story before, but I played a lot of ground war in Modern Warfare 2019, and that's what I showcased this rifle in was ground war, and there were multiple times that I found this rifle on the ground, and I was just so amazed, and it had the Blue Tiger Camo and everything.


I was so amazed that I actually had that much of an effect with a article that people were making my class, my exact class, down to the bipod, and it was just a really surreal moment. I got to say yes; it does a little less damage, but this one feels a lot more fun and has a little bit faster fire rate.

UAV last week, Mike thought I might get the guys close. Yeah, come on, friend, UAV; you know you want to PE, teammate. That's not a great spot to sit, buddy; he's not peeing. Man, I need that ammo right there. So we actually got 22 player kills, apparently. I didn't know I killed that many, but I did know we popped off a little bit at the beginning, so 22 and one when it comes to players like actual real people.

Bots don't count for that, so it's definitely not a bad game. I'll definitely take that Tempest torrent. It definitely put in work for us and was a nice trip down memory lane with the M4 sniper and the M4 A1 sniper SR25. Whatever you like to call it, it's mainly an SR25. If you watched to the end, then you probably were.

I do appreciate you so much. Make sure you leave a like. Make sure you're subscribing.

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