News - The Dna Bomb Is Back. All Warzone 2 Season 4 Content Revealed. New Guns, New Maps, Dna Bomb, More

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May 28th is going to be the launch of season 4, bringing with it three brand new maps and four new weapons, but technically only three guns. There's one melee weapon thrown in there, new game modes and playlist modifiers, as well as new streaks and new perks. New vest, and guys, there's a lot to cover here, so let's just go ahead and jump into it.

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When it comes to the brand new maps, we're going to be seeing Tokyo as well as Paris, and then later on in the season, we're going to be getting inclined. These are all original when I first saw the Paris map I thought to myself well is that resistance from like the OG Modern Warfare 3 are they bringing that back again, no they did not it's just the same setting it's not the exact same map it's going to be different, and I've got to say so far the original maps that Sledgehammer Games has released post launch have been pretty good the game did get some Flack for releasing with only remastered Modern Warfare 2 maps but of the ones that they brought back post launch as well as the original ones they've released post launch most of them have been pretty good so I'm interested to see how these maps are going to play out and then on top of that we get a new remix map called dos gross which is going to be added in presumably to the other Vortex Maps, it kind of looks to me like a Diablo, esque version of Dos house It's cool to me.

I think the vortex maps are fantastic, and I'm happy that they're finally utilizing them within the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Moving along here, we have three new guns and a new melee weapon. We have the Car 98k; we have the Sniper Rifle; we all knew that one was coming; we have the Reclaimer 18 shotgun, which is kind of like the Spaz 12; either way, we have the sledgehammer.

A melee weapon wouldn't be a sledgehammer game without a sledgehammer melee weapon within it. On top of that, we have new modes. We have the return of demolition. We have hyper-cranked, which is a lot like the old cranked game mode that we had in previous Call of Duty titles, except this one's a little bit different because the moment that the match starts, everybody is cranked, which means that as soon as you spawn, there's a countdown timer, and if you don't get a kill before that timer is up, you explode and die, so there's no camping in that game mode, really.

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Then we have the return of Havoc from last year's Modern Warfare 2, which is a mode that I'm personally not a fan of. It was a mode that had random affixes applied to it, which applied to everybody, like limitate advanced uavs, auto reloads, random guns on kill, headshots killing on one bullet, etc.

I didn't like this back in Modern Warfare 2 when it first came out just because it seemed like the advanced UAV AIC was in almost every single game, and it's really not fun having everybody have a perpetual blackbird in the sky and always knowing where everybody is; it just causes people to stop moving, and just because I didn't care for the mode really in general, but they're bringing it back and they're trying out some new things with it, so we'll see how that goes.

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Now the next one here is pretty big, in my opinion: playlists and modifiers. This is something that could potentially be so good that every Call of Duty game going forward should have it. Allow me to explain how it's going to work. So within season 4, certain playlists are going to have these affixes, which is kind of weird because I just said I don't like the AIX game mode, but these affixes seem a lot better.

Certain playlists will have it, like Domination Team Deathmatch or whatever, and then when you get in there, there's going to be one of four affixes. For the game mode itself, we have looping kill streaks, which will make it so streaks will fully reset. Once you get your top streak, allowing you to get basically unlimited streaks in one life, then we have earning kill streaks, which is going to be a lot like the OG Modern Warfare 2 where you receive points added to your streak if you kill an enemy player with your kill streak or assist in killing a player with your kill streak, so basically stackable kill streaks.

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Back in the day, you would get a predator missile and get two kills with it, which would get you your hair. Your hairdresser would hopefully get you enough kills to get your chopper. Gunner earning kill streaks is basically that old system; then we have killstreak cache. When a player is eliminated, they drop a cache containing a percent percentage of their earned killstreak progress cache and add it to their own, which sounds pretty crazy, and then critical countdown event items.

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During the forthcoming critical countdown event, which of course we have every single season, expect enemies to drop redacted in-game items that can be collected to more quickly progress the event. This sounds really interesting to me, so it's kind of them like one foot in one foot out; they don't have to commit to looping kill streaks; they don't have to commit the stackable kill streaks, but they have them within certain game modes for people to try and experience and then of course they is the developers, will'll gather all that data and with that feedback and then potentially some changes could be made to Future games or even this current one, with that data and with that feedback so I'm personally pretty excited to try that out, especially considering we have new kill streaks coming with season 4.

One of them is an old favorite here on the channel so we have the IMs which is whatever we have the loitering munition it's kind of like a bomb we have the missile drone, but the big one we have the return of the DNA bomb, now they won't tell us how many kills it requires to get but they did say that it will not end the game, so if we take that earning kill streak modifier that we just talked about basically it's going to feel like going for the original tactical nuke back in the OG Modern Warfare 2, where you know you might get your chopper Gunner or your other kill streaks and those can help you earn your DNA bomb and then you call it in it kills the entire enemy team, and then it doesn't end the match like that sounds pretty freaking cool to me man I'm going to have to go back to DNA.

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Saturday like we did back in the day, probably not, although it is pretty crazy to see the DNA bomb returning to Call of Duty once again on top of those new perks and new vests. You guys know how all that goes, and like I mentioned at the very beginning of the article, all this stuff was revealed in one day.

Well, I think the reason for that is pretty simple, with the added competition for X defiant, which drops tomorrow at the time of this article being recorded on May 21st. I'm thinking that they're going to try to keep fans occupied, away from the ex-defiant right. Have a wonderful

Today we got pretty much everything revealed for MW3 Season 4. so expect Black Ops 6 reveals soon.
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