News - Warzone 2: All Season 2 Battlepass Items (tier 100 Rewards, Reactives, Rick & Blackcell)

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This is DK Dynamite, and season 2 has just gone live. It'll be a season that lasts about 55 days. We have a brand new season of content for multiplayer War Zone and zombies. This is going to be a full breakdown of the brand new battle pass. Yes. I'm aware that there's a capture event about a week ago in which we got plenty of footage and even images that were posted online about the new battle pass, but we're going to go through an order by every single sector.

Here's our recap of season one, as we already knew. One will cost. I think it's 11100, but just showing 1400 on this and did they increase the price of the battle pass. I'm not sure, and there's black cell for. I think that was referring to excuse me how many free Cod points you get, that's what it was, so base battle pass you get, 1400 with black soul you get 2500.

Yes, the battle pass still costs $1,100, or $30 if you buy it in black and white. Jumping right into things, let's start with sectors. B1 we have a Gilbert-free charm there, a peekaboo emblem, a double weapon XP token for 45 minutes, as well as the shatter blast ammo mod acquisition for zombies. You get two uses for that; they aren't permanent.


Once you use both of those, that's it. You never get him back ever again. I also got a blueprint in here called groom for the DM 56 Marksman rifle, and there's a black cell variant of that called groom black cell. It's very nice, and I love the way that it's animated. In sector B2, we got the split ends large decal, a blossoming decay emblem, as well as a splinted defense calling card followed by a Survival 101 charm, and then in here we also have a blueprint for the carit called Edge Node, which is very nice.

In B3, we got the Maragold LMG Pulat blueprint as well as a double XP token for 30 minutes and 100 C points. What lurks within the calling card and we also have a soap operator skin, as you will see, which is really nice-looking. Hector skin, as it's called, but then there's a black soul variant.

I love the fact that you can still see the soap mohawk on top of his skull. It's really cool, and it's reactive skin. Don't forget B4. We also have the 1-hour Double XP token, a mercy, tyr, handgun blueprint, or tier, if you want to call it that, the Gates of Hell large decal, a couple of cod points, and then we have the Carry operator skin for Alpine Carry.

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Carry is a new character for zombies via the Warlord Fortress update coming mid-season but is like a cosplay outfit for Alpine for whatever reason, but there's a black cell variant for Alpine as well, called Car's Black Cell. Cool-looking hat, very cool-looking design there. B5 We do have a team charm, an animated hold the door emblem, followed by an animated rev-up col card, and even a bloodlust weapon sticker vehicle skin for the UTV called Trust No One.

Obviously, it's a zombified theme season, so we're getting a lot of post-apocalyptic vibes. Our brand new battle passed, but we just got interrupted a little bit. Moving on to Sector B6, we have the hazard pay weapon sticker. A double battle pass XP talken for 15 minutes, a unit 01 charm, and an unchallenged large decal, followed by our brand new weapon, the Ram 9, which is an SMG.

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That is a free unlock, and of course we also have the U-in weapon sticker. 30 minutes of double battle pass XP, a batter-up charm, which is actually pretty cool-looking, and then a gut-wrenching large decal, followed by our next new weapon, the BP50 assault rifle, aka the FNF 2000. And that was also featured in Vanguard, if you guys are familiar with that: a 30-minute Double XP token for B8, a weapon XP token for 30 minutes, a shoot your shot Lockwood 680 blueprint, which looks pretty damn sharp, and then a new finishing move called Ninja Nity.

Very cool don't forget about our new operator skin for Far. For those Far fans out there, we got the skulker look for her character. Hopefully, she plays a bigger role in the post-launch story as well. We also have the skulker black cell look, which is absolutely. Gangster Love, who looks far away, is a great character.

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B9, we got the 11th Hour weapon sticker, a 30-minute double weapon XP token followed by an incision, a Renetti handgun blueprint, and then we also have an animated Double Tap emblem, which is pretty cool, so I will double tap every return as a perk. Maybe in the next Black Ops game, but there's also a bassilus blueprint in here called trigger finger and a blacko variant of that blueprint, considering it's kind of Rick's iconic pistol, right from the Walking Dead familiar with that, so it makes sense that they show the basilis from MW2.

Some love in this new battle pass, but a 30-minute Double XP token. We also have another acquisition for zombies: two epic ether tools. And then we also have—we actually have one Epic, one rare one, to be exact—and a find-out charm. And a F556, or better, a Day weapon blueprint Followed by some cod points in as well.

B11, we also have the lmg go, finishing move there a crash dummy Ram 7 blueprint, and then we have a corner check weapon sticker followed by a blueprint for the bruan MK9 called Pale Death. There's an operator skin for Valeria, lots of Laria fans out there got the rupture look for her character, and even a black cell variant that is reactive like the others, so very damn cool to see for iconic hairo with the black cell skin there.

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B12, we got some cod points: the quiet way, charm, the asphyxiate weapon sticker, as well as the rustless knights large decal. There's a blueprint as well for the tack eradicator lmg called full stop, and then there's a full stop black cell variant, which looks incredible, so although they stuck with the black and gold theme for black cell again, they still did a nice touch and twist for black cell this season, but we also have the abyss HRM 9 weapon blueprint and two more acquisitions for zombies.

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We have raw ethereum crystals, we have a Sleepless Wake large decal, a double weapon XP token to last an hour, and we have a new pet operator finishing move called Play Dead, which is very damn cool. B14, hun C points animated calling card called Duos till death also have a blueprint there called shatter for the Riveter shotgun loving that design for sure also have a death small emblem followed by a blueprint for the ex stalker called Old Faith, got a nice ore design on that one and then the black cell variant of that also looks incredible, and moving on to B15, double weapon XP token for an hour we got the center mass large decal, followed by a blueprint for the bass B called crocus loving the pink one on there and then we also have an emblem called cranial renovation, and some cod points 200 Cod points to be exact.

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