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This is DK Dynamite for a full breakdown of the season 3 battle pass for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone. We got some beautiful new artwork and a ton of exclusive previews of upcoming skin blueprints and other surprises that you probably did not expect, which are going to be releasing on April 3D. First off, in the background, we have this nice artwork of the season 3 Battle Pass, perfectly emphasizing our Coney focus on the season.

You got Mao, you got Banshee, you got a new character to the left, and we of course have the return of Snoop Dog. Some beautiful new outfits will be featured in our third battle pass, but With that being said, we also have plenty of coverage over on.

Checkout detonated for more

Checkout detonated for more

Donated. To. Lots. That needs to be added to this article, but there was a glimpse of a lot of cool skin in the initial rebirth. The gameplay trailer as of yesterday made a article about that, but we also have plenty of other articles going up about multiplayer war zones.

Zombie War Zone Mobile: The Week Eight Update There's lots of stuff you don't want to miss out on, but with that being said, ,.

Season 3 battlepass weapons

As of today, we got confirmation that these are our weapons coming in our season 3 battle pass, so we have the FJX. Horus, that's the MP9, machine pistol, and we kind of saw a variant of that in advanced warfare, and we of course have the beautiful Morris Sniper, which is really exciting; it's a rail gun, and then we have the Gladiator melee weapon.

Those three will be featured on day one of the battle, passing through various sectors we're going to go through in a second, but then mid-season we have the Bal 27. It's unclear right now if that's going to be in the classified sector. Is that going to be just a weekly challenge? It's a little bit unclear, but I'm sure to learn more about that in the coming weeks.

But those are our weapons coming. There will also be bundles released for these weapons. In case you guys don't want to unlock them through the battle pass, you can just buy bundles and use them straight away, and you can even expose them to zombies to auto-unlock all that.

Full battlepass map & all sectors

Full battlepass map & all sectors

We did get a nice glimpse of our full season 3 battle pass map. They typically start revealing these battle pass maps throughout the initial seasonal block post and then on Tuesday before the start of a new season, so 24 hours before April 3rd, this Tuesday, we should be getting a full-fledged and dedicated map, battle pass blog post, and black cell trailer.

We'll be covering all of that here on the main channel. But let's go through our full map as best you can. See, And I'm sure season 3 is going to be a full-fledged season. I know this timer up here is probably incorrect, but with that, you can't see our classified sector just yet, but if you look at the math, it looks like May 1st should be the start of season 3 Reloaded; that should be when the classified sector does open up, but taking a look here at our entire map, we got our instant rewards.

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Here we see a Snoop Dog skin. We got a Mac-off look, which is very cool. not sure what the blacko variants look like just yet; we're going to find that out in the next couple of days, but you also get to look like another pet finisher, a blueprint, and then an exclusive token there, which is going to be a consumable.

Here's our icon for the season 3 battle pass. Cover my camera for a second so you guys can see, And then, going through some of the other sectors here, yeah, black cells could be your starting point. If you buy that $30 bundle, we'll talk about the black cell operator in a second, and then, as you will see, throughout our pass, you could see a blueprint there.

The blueprints themselves don't look that crazy, but I'm sure the black variants with traces are going to be a lot more impressive. You can see some operator skins finishing, moving, and our new weapon right up on the top left of the map, which is the MP9. Some zombie consumables are also featured in some of these sectors.


Some decent-looking blueprints got some cod points; another operator skin was there towards the bottom. I think that's for Banshee, or is that someone else, probably somebody else? I see Doabe's skin up there, which is nice. I love the look of the bandana on her. There are some nice blue and red blueprints.

This one's kind of plain, but I'm sure the black sarian will definitely be Peak. I love the blue and red variants, though I like that quite a bit. We have some more operator skins, and our new melee weapon is right there. The Morse is towards the bottom, so I'm sure most folks are probably going to end up going straight for the Morse or the MP9.

But for those that want to get crazy with it, they'll probably start at the black cell, get the melee weapon right away, and then work their way to the Morse or something. We'll have to wait, and then we get some more Cod points and then our completion sector, with a really cool-looking mov variant, which we're going to get to in the blog post here, but some really cool-looking operators.

I think overall, with the season 3 battle pass. The highlight as of right now before our black soul marketing is our operator skins and the weapons, of course, but in terms of like the blueprints and the other skins, we can see they're not anything crazy but stop dog marov. For sure, some highlights here for our third season are closing out of that and getting into the season 3 blog post, obviously.

Blackcell season 3 skins preview

Blackcell season 3 skins preview

With the black-and-white offering, we're going to be seeing a trailer and dedicated blog this coming Tuesday. I love the fact that they're mixing in other colors aside from just black and gold, because black and gold's going to get a little stale at a certain point in time, right?

But we got some blue into the mix; it's obviously my favorite color, as you guys can see with the theme of my channel, so a bit biased towards the blue. I love the look at that, but as it says, black soul. Grant you an extensive collection of digitized and animated operator skins in shimmering gold with vertical glyph streams, tattoo work, a golden glitch wear mask, black fabric, and a vivid teal blue accent.

modern warfare 3 season 2

My God, these words, man, vomit right here in front of me. A variety of newly crafted premium items are yours with a full accent. season 3 battle pass Black cell owners can enter the season 3 battle map through the exclusive black cell sector, instantly unlocking 20 battle token tiar skips to quickly unlock items across the adjon sector, so there'll be a dedicated road map for the black cell content in a couple days.

They might drop that on Monday, which is actually the day before some of the marketing starts. They sometimes switch it up a bit, but let's see what we have for season 3's black cell. We get the new stasis black cell operator plus the aggressive action fragment grenade blueprint with the death effect.

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