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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about all the challenges and rewards of being a part of the virus. Drop a like, and as a bit of an FYI Earlier this morning, I did post a separate article talking about all the weeks. You will go ahead and unlock the Jack Cutthroat stock, which is an aftermarket part that could be used on several Modern Warfare 2 weapons as well as a couple of MW3 weapons.

Late last night, I did post a massive news round about season 3 Reloaded. There's actually quite a bit of content coming for every single game mode, and that's all going to be dropping on May 1st, not too far away from now, but marketing should begin for the mid-season in around a week's time. As a reminder, there is plenty of brand new article coverage going up over on Detonated for those who want to read up a little bit more on multiplayer War Zone and zombies in Black Ops 2024.

Wars on Mobile Plus We get plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated.

Surprise updates released

Surprise updates released

Twitter now Over the last couple of days. I've been seeing a lot of questions asking about the Cheich and Chong bundle, which does cost around 3, 000 Cod points and is now popping up in the item shop as of today, so you'll see it in the item shop, and if for some reason you don't go to your daily login reward menu, that should also pop up when you go ahead and click on that, but they also announced a brand new giveaway as of today, a collaboration between Call of Duty and able Gamers.

Some prizes do include a trip to Treyarch Studios, a custom ghost mask, a DEC-out gaming chair, some posters, and even more. You have to donate for a chance to win. I find that a bit ironic, though you get a tour of Treyarch, which I think is perfectly timed since they're about to start marketing Black Ops 2024.

Right, that's the new Call of Duty releasing in the next couple of months. We did get some minor patch notes as of today.

Big nerf & extra patch notes

I went over quite a few in my amp article earlier this morning, but after I made that article, some other patch notes did go ahead and get released. First off, they fixed the emblem customization issue, and they've gone ahead and nerfed the Morse sniper rifle.

They've gone ahead and reduced penetration on the base weapon, which the photonic charge Barrel no longer provides; Cap penetration; and they've also reduced the penetration multiplier provided by hvp, anti-material, and Slug ammo. They've also acknowledged there is a higher than usual RAM usage problem over in Modern Warfare 3, and I think just Cod HQ in general, my game really wasn't running that well today on stream, and I know there was a driver update yesterday, but I think this has something to do with this really weird Ram bug that hopefully they fix in the next 24 hours or so. But now, when it comes to the virus Mainframe Challenge event, this is not an event that's going to be releasing with season 3 Reloaded; this is an event starting in about a week time on April 24th.

Season 3 vortex playlist & event

Season 3 vortex playlist & event

The event itself should last around a week but might even last two. We'll circle back to that in just a couple of seconds, but it is confirmed in the season 3 blog post that this will also launch alongside a new Vortex playlist.

Sadly, this season we're not going to end up seeing any new Vortex Maps, which are just map remixes of some of our classic MW2.2009 experiences. I think the vortex maps they've dropped thus far have been pretty solid; they dropped Skidrow and Airborne back during season 2 reloaded. I think those were a ton of fun to play, but I'm sure in season 4 or 5, they will end up adding in another extra map remix or two.

I do mention it'll be a familiar playlist along with a new arcade mode made with redacted gameplay modifiers. If I had to guess what this means. I'm going to assume this is going to be a similar LTM to what we saw in Modern Warfare 2, a mode called Havoc that was a mode that also provided us several different gameplay modifiers.

As you play throughout the match, I think it was timed every 30 or so seconds, or maybe a bit longer. They would change the gameplay modifiers where you're maybe off the ground with anti-gravity, or your weapons are a little bit different, or maybe there's an advanced UAV always on crazy equipment.

The modifiers were pretty damn cool and were definitely spicy for a metch of multiplayer, so that's probably how this LTM is going to play out on just the vortex maps.

New vi.rus horsemen ultra bonus

New vi.rus horsemen ultra bonus

Now, apart from the release of the event with the playlist, there are going to be a series of challenges to unlock various cosmetics. If you go and run the operator skin from the upcoming virus Horseman B bundle, you will get an XP boost towards the progression of the event. The XP boost is probably upwards of like 1, to 2500.

XP, it's really not that much; you never get that big of a boost from running the skin, but hey, if you guys out there do need some extra XP and you also wanted to buy that bundle, then you're in luck when it comes to progressing through the event. The event itself is XP-based, not challenge-based, but in the bundle itself, you will see two Tracer blueprints, a charm, and some various cosmetics, along with the really cool-looking Ultra- Skin itself, which looks pretty damn good.

I'd say cosmetics are definitely stepping up quite a bit with Modern Warfare 3. They've been getting better and better as the seasons have progressed. You'll also be getting a zombie Pack-a-Punch Crystal consumable and some more, as you will see, but some gameplay has already surfaced for the various cosmetics AP parts of this new bundle.

I'm sure the bundle will end up releasing a day before the start of the event, so maybe April 23rd or maybe on the release of the event on April 24th.

All vi.rus mainframe event rewards

All vi.rus mainframe event rewards

Now in the virus Mainframe event , these are the following rewards and XP milestones: Keep in mind that footage did leak out of hackers while loading this event into their games; hence, footage does exist. So the first item is a loadout weapon sticker for 9500 XP; the next one is a double weapon XP token for 21,500 XP; we then have the point and click large decal.

36,500 XP; we then have the double battle pass XP token for 55600 XP. Next up is the pop-up pop-off emblem for 79, 500 XP. The going viral decal will cost 10,700 XP, and then the hacked calling card. 147,00 XP, we then have a battle pass tier skip for 195,00 XP. The Black Fly charm is up next for 255, 000, and 950 XP.

Next up is the sneaking-in sticker for 332,000 flat XP. The error code cosmetic will then cost $4,127.00, XP. But then, last but not least, we have , binary morality.

Free animated binary morality camo


Universal Camo, which is animated, will cost $5485 total. XP is a pretty badass camo, probably one of the best cam rewards we've seen to date inside of MW3, or just many previous cods.

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