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This is DK Dice, and today we're going to be taking a look at the $80 melee weapon in Modern Warfare 3i in War Zone. This is the Beast Glove blueprint for the Gladiator. Also, as a reminder, we have plenty of brand new bundle coverage over on {719}, including other articles for multiplayer war zone and zombies war zone mobile best loadout CDL, and even more. If you guys do have any interest in bundles or the cosmetic site of Duty, then don't worry because I have you covered here on the channel, and so does detonated.

Titan collection complete

Titan collection complete

They obviously ended season 2 with the Kong Tracer pack, and I'm still a little confused as to the direction of this bundle considering there isn't a mechanic, type of character, or any type of reference to this look in the new Empire movie that just came out, but still a cool bundle nonetheless, and of course gets a really nice loading screen, but then we of course got the release of the Shimo Bundle, which in my opinion.

This could be the best bundle of the bunch considering it does feature what is honestly a mastercraft but isn't labeled as such in the pack for whatever reason, and you get an equipment skin, of course. Tracer Blueprints. And a really beautiful-looking operator outfit, but then we ended up getting the launch of the scaring bundle, which might be the weakest of the bunch.

But in all honesty, the tracers are still pretty cool, especially the primordial ones, and you get a nice finisher, which fits the theme of scaring from the new Oner movie. This is a reactive skin that looks absolutely gorgeous, so it'll start off blue, and as you get kills, you can evolve the skin into pink, as we see in the new Empire film, and then you, of course, have Tracer blueprints and you get another equipment skin, so these are some pretty cool bundles.

Not going to lie to you guys, but here's the thing: upon purchasing all four of them, you do get a bit of a bonus, so as a reminder, you'll get an XP bonus towards the progression of battle for Hollow Earth if you run any of the four skins. I went over all these rewards in a separate article, definitely some cool rewards themed around some Easter eggs in the brand new movie and just the monster verse Al together.

How to unlock b.e.a.s.t glove

How to unlock b.e.a.s.t glove

Now, as you guys can see in the season 3 Battle Pass, we have the brand new Gladiator. Melee weapon, and you of course have to finish these sectors around sector 15 before you can go ahead and claim all the items inside of this one, but it's important to note that you don't need the base version of The Gladiator in order to use the brand new Beast glove.

If you've purchased all of the Titan collection bundles, as you can see in the gunsmith, head over to the Gladiator. Click on it, and you'll find the Beast Glove. Here's a flaw right out of the gate with this brand new skin. You can't actually go ahead and equip any camels on it now.

Be.a.s.t glove camo issue

You could, of course, equip a camel if you have it unlocked, but you just can't see it on the Gladiator skin.

So the thing is, if you want to go ahead and grind camos for the Gladiator while using the glove, you can do that, but you just can't go ahead and see any of the camos while equipped with the glove. It's kind of a weird choice, if anything. I think it kind of undermines the value a little bit of this new reward, but you guys out there might disagree.

Maybe in a future title update, they'll go ahead and allow you to go ahead and use a Mastery skin on this new Beast Club. I think that would be pretty cool, even if you have to wait half a season or longer to be able to do that. Maybe that'll come in the future, but as of right now, that just isn't possible.

Multiplayer gameplay

Multiplayer gameplay

Folks, we are here on Six-Star. I believe that's a unique sound as well. It definitely doesn't sound like any other melee weapon I recognize, at least in this game; now it's just a basic punch that you hit enemies with. Nothing too crazy; it would have been awesome, of course, if, as you punch an enemy with the glove, they go flying into the air, similar to when you do that Kong finisher and you kind of just launch them into the air.

We also saw that one in Vanguard, but yeah, I think that would have made this a little bit cooler. But let's try doing a finishing move, and, sadly, you do not have the glove in your hand when doing it. Maybe they'll change that later. That would be pretty cool. I wouldn't be shocked if they honestly adjusted this glove a little.

Bit it's nothing crazy, but it definitely looks aesthetically pleasing if you're a fan of the Monsterverse. If you saw the new Empire movie, this is very accurate to the glove Kong does wear towards the later half of the film. Now the thing is, they really had to make the Beast glove a blueprint for another melee weapon because if they didn't, then there would have been an argument that it's pay-to-win because you have to spend 80 bucks to get all four bundles, and it's still a pretty cool blueprint, though I mean, the size difference in the skin compared to the base version of The Gladiator is crazy.

Zombies gameplay

Zombies gameplay

All right So upon going into a game of zombies, yes, the blueprint for the Gladiator does load in properly if you go ahead and spawn in with it thanks to your insured weapon slot, and you could of course put in brain rot or any other ammo mod. On the melee weapon, look at that first hit that got a brain.

Rod Zombie would be cool if it at least launched the zombies into the air. Even if it doesn't work in multiplayer with real people, if it launched the zombies far into the sky, that would have been pretty cool. Now, I believe the speed of the Swing is probably the same as that of the Gladiator, but obviously, aesthetically, it looks a bit different.

It takes about one to two hits to kill a zombie, depending on how much armor they have. Maybe it'll be around three hits if they're a little bit beefier, but it's still fun to bring in the zombies and try something a little bit different if you guys do have this, but here's a bounty in Tier 2. Let's go ahead and punch him a little bit.


Obviously, it doesn't do much damage at all. Let's try out tier one, Pack-a-Punch, and see if that does anything else. Really, not much at all. Let's go and armor up before this guy wants a box over here. Yeah, really not much damage now; sadly, there isn't a pack-a-punch, Camo, or On the Beast Blop either.

I guess that makes sense; you can't even put Mastery Camos on this thing. Maybe it's a bit of an oversight, or they'll update this later. It's a little unclear as to what they're going to do with it, but they still go to test it out nonetheless. Go and pop our tier two Pack-a-Punch camo here, and there you have it.

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