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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight I have a fourth article here for you guys talking about our first look and early preview of the season 3 bundles. Twitter today was absolutely insane in regards to marketing. I want to thank all of you guys for the immense support on all of my recent articles and even my live stream this afternoon, where I went ahead and reacted to all the brand new gameplay and all the brand new information.

Now for this fourth article, I want to focus more on the cosmetic side of things for those that do care about bundles, because trust me, there are people that do.

Earn free camos & blueprint now

Earn free camos & blueprint now

The Vortex Doom's realm event is also live in Modern Warfare 3 right now. I know it got overshadowed by all the season 3 marketing. You guys are probably aware that week 8's also released for the weekly challenges, but yeah, there was a lot going on today, and it was probably the busiest Wednesday that I could remember in recent years.

Now you can go ahead and do a bunch of challenges across MP Waron and zombies. You only have to do five challenges total, and they were easy to burn through in multiplayer. By doing all those, I got free cosmetics and even an animated regular camo.

Combat pack 3 first previw

This is going to be known as Sapphire. It's probably the best combat pack we've gotten in a while.

It was confirmed that this pack's going to be released for PS+ members on April 10th. As a reminder, all PS+-related content for Modern Warfare 3 is going to become available for Xbox and PC, beginning. I want to say, at the end of October or early November, so later this fall, but it is of course the last Call of Duty to have any type of PS+-related content.

It was also confirmed by Sony. There will be an exclusive Double XP period for PlayStation, beginning on April 18th and ending on April 19th, as all other platforms then get the XP, as we joked about over.

Early gameplay of season 3 skins

Early gameplay of season 3 skins

On detonated today, we have a bunch of milsim operators coming in season 3, and I know we're kidding; there's a bat, there's a bunny.

And I think they may save the bunny for closer to Easter time or they'll do a traditional Easter pack closer to the holiday, but yeah. Easter's like right around the corner from season 3's launch, so I figure they'll probably end up doing a bunny skin. Relatively soon, they've done a lot of animal-themed cosmetics over the last year, so I'm not really surprised we're getting this one, but in the trailers that we got for multiplayer and War Zone, respectively, we got a nice glimpse at a lot of upcoming skins that we're going to be seeing either through the battle pass or through various store bundles.


A lot of them glow; a lot of them are animated; they look pretty damn cool, or definitely a step up from the skins that we were seeing throughout our second season; there's a sloth that looks high; there's a brain and a glass jar operator; there's a robot named Coney. And then, towards the very end of the multiplayer trailer today, people were pointing out that it looked like Kratos was getting killed in the match, and upon a quick analysis of that trailer, it did kind of look like Kratos, but I'm like, there is no way we see a God of War collaboration in Call of Duty, at least not anytime soon.

This isn't Fortnite, but what ended up being the answer to that mystery is that there's a skin that kind of resembles the same color palette as a Kratos operator. We're going to get deeper into this article. It wasn't Kratos himself, but still something kind of in the ballpark of the mythology. On top of that, it was confirmed in the season 3 blog post today that a full blog is coming this Tuesday for season 3's cosmetics, black cell, and the full battle pass.

We typically always see a black cell-themed trailer about a day before the new season begins, so that's going to be the same deal this time around, so on Tuesday. April 2nd, we'll know even more about upcoming offerings and the entire battle pass. Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {681}, where you can get assistants grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3.

These guys do not use unlock tools or any banned methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 verified reviews. You can use Go Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order.

Cheech & chong tracer bundle

Cheech & chong tracer bundle

So they first went ahead and mentioned the Chich and Chong Tracer Pack voiced by the respective actors that played Chich and Chong in the movie many, many years ago. It does confirm that you're going to be seeing both of them in one single bundle, and on top of that, you're going to see three weapon blueprints, a charm sticker decal loading screen, and the secondhand smoke finishing move.

It would be cool if, when performing The Finisher, they both came out and did something, but that's probably not going to be how it works now. For those that are a little bit younger, you're not going to recognize who Chich and Chong are, but for the more mature audience of Call of Duty, they're definitely going to recognize exactly who these characters are.

It's funny to see them live in action for Call of Duty.

Godzilla tracer bundle

modern warfare 3 season 2

There's definitely something unexpected here for season 3, but we then have information about the Godzilla Xcong and the new Empire bundles. Obviously, the King Kong pack still hadn't come out at the time of recording this article. That's a bundle confirmed to release before the end of season 2, and it's coinciding perfectly with the launch of Godzilla Xcong, the new Empire movie.

I believe that actually comes out tomorrow night, if I'm not mistaken. But there are three other bundles themed around the movie coming out throughout our third season, and I believe they're all going to end up dropping before April 10th, and that's because there's an in-game challenge event; it's an XP-focused one that will give you a boost for running any of the four bundles.

So that probably means they just have to come out before the end of that event, right? So the information provided in the blog is as follows: So the Godzilla bundle comes with the Godzilla operator skin, two blueprints, a charm loading screen, a large decal, and the feel of the heat ray finishing move.

Fun fact: if you look at some different images from the season 3 blog, you can see the Godzilla skin is blue in some images while pink in others, and that makes sense with the lore of Godzilla in the current monster verse; he was very blue in King of the Monsters but very pink in the new Empire movie.

FIRST LOOK Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Bundles Showcase Reactive Godzilla, Dinosaur Ultra Skins.
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