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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about the gameplay trailer for the Godzilla XCON collab in Modern Warfare 3, plus an $80 weapon unlock. We want additional coverage of multiplayer, Zone, and zombies in the form of articles, plus we get plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter.

It's been a very busy week with the reveal of season 3. We had the road map blog post, and I've been making dedicated articles breaking down everything topic by topic and game mode by game mode, so I appreciate all your support for the recent articles.

New rebirth fly through trailer

New rebirth fly through trailer

But earlier this morning, we ended up getting a rebirth flythrough trailer, giving us a nice glimpse of all the updated points of interest that we're going to be seeing on April 3D.

I think we all pointed out the fact that one of the most noticeable signs that we had in rebirth was reinforced by Vanger's life cycle, which took place in 2021. We noticed that in the new trailer, that's sign has been ripped off, and it was looking very faded, Rusty, and our updated rebirth in 2023.

Now that Coney has taken over. I guess it confirms that Con and Perseus aren't one and the same; they are. I guess, rivals, but I'm sure we'll learn more information about what is going on with our different factions.

Zone 5 is rebirth in day zero!

In the upcoming season, but speaking of rebirth zone 5, it did open up for Operation Day Zero, which is the current in-game challenge event for War Zone Mobile.

Zone 5 requires us to play on Rebirth Island, so all the event points we earn throughout Rebirth will obviously give you progress towards your individual rewards to unlock the bloody Reaper exclusive skin and will also progress the community to unlocking the golden Phantom skin, which will work in every single Call of Duty title.

We have an M4 blueprint also coming out in the next day and a half or whatnot. I'm sure the community will hit the milestone to unlock it; it just stinks that it's not for weapons that are actually viable inside of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer or the current war zone.

Gameplay trailer: mw3 godzilla x kong

Gameplay trailer: mw3 godzilla x kong

I'm sure you guys get what I mean, but we think I got a gameplay trailer today for the brand new Godzilla Xcong New Empire crossover that we have here for MW3. The crossover itself is kicking off here to close out season 2, and we obviously got the release of the Kong bundle, which we'll talk about in a second, but throughout season 3, beginning on April 3rd and lasting until April 10th, there will be an in-game challenge event, and throughout that period of time for the entire week, we should be seeing the release of the bundles you're seeing inside of this trailer.

For some reason, they're still keeping Shimo a bit of a secret, even though the bundle itself has been announced. I guess it's a spoiler for the film since that character wasn't marketed at all in the movie trailers. Now I want to say that the skins are better than the ones that we got in Vanguard.


The finishing moves look cooler, the blueprints are nice, and we have some tracers. And the Godzilla skin is indeed reactive, so when you first equip the skin, you'll see a blue theme all around Godzilla himself, but as you get kills throughout the match, you'll end up seeing the blue turn into pink, which fits perfectly with the lore of the current monster verse.

King kong bundle available now

movies As of today, following the launch of this trailer, we ended up getting the release of the King Kong bundle inside of Modern Warfare 3. It's unclear if the mechanic Kong look that the bundle offers is a spoiler for the movie, I doubt it. I haven't seen the movie yet; I'm going to go see it this weekend, but it's a pretty cool-looking pack.

You have two blueprints featuring Beast Tracers; they have a finishing move. And yeah, it's funny how the finishing moves for all the Godzilla bundles have been leaked out for. I think, over two months now, so we're finally seeing the release of this content that we've been talking about for a minute, but beginning on April 3rd at the start of our third season, we're going to be seeing an event called Battle for Hollow Earth.

Battle for hollow earth event soon

Battle for hollow earth event soon

It is an XP-focused event that we'll talk more about in a separate article once we learn more about the rewards.

And the event itself is going to require us to just play any game mod of our choice, but by running any one of the four bundles that you guys just saw footage of, you will get a bonus. Towards the progression of the event, now I'm going to guess we'll end up seeing an operation, a monarch-themed Universal Camo, or a blueprint for finishing that event, but Sally, it's not going to be a challenge event where we can see the players facing off in a match of War Zone like we saw over on Cera for Vanguard's life cycle.

Now before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {682}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 Bari reviews.

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modern warfare 3 season 2

80 weapon unlock in season 3?!

Something crazy that got announced and was shown for a second in the trailer is an $80 melee weapon. I'm not kidding, so there is a new melee weapon coming on our season 3 battle pass, and that is the Gladiator. And we're going to be seeing a skin for this weapon themed around Godzilla X Kong.

This is the Beast Glove, right? You could see King Kong wearing it in the movie, along with a bunch of promotional material, posters, and trailers. Everybody has seen King Kong wearing this glove. It's actually going to be a melee weapon that you can bring into Call of Duty, but you have to buy all four Godzilla Xcong bundles apart from the Titan collection, so we're going to guess that each bundle costs around 2400 Cod points.

I don't see any of them costing any less considering they all have the same amount of content, so that'll bring you up to around $80 in value depending on your currency. If you buy all four of the packs, you get the melee weapon, so yes, it is an $80 reward as a part of this crossover.

What they should've done instead

What they should've done instead

It would have been amazing if there was an in-game challenge event that required you to just maybe play as one of the skins, and by doing the challenges while playing as a skin, you could work towards unlocking the melee weapon for free.

That would have been phenomenal. I want to make something very clear: I'm not defending, nor am I a fan of an $80 melee weapon or these big collection type offers, because how far could they eventually push? I mean, we've seen these offers a few times in Moder Warfare 3, where if you buy two bundles as part of a collection, you'll get a free blueprint or a free operator skin.

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