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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the upcoming Warhammer Crossover with Modern Warfare 3 new content modes plus even more. To. Now, as of earlier this morning, I posted a bit of a news roundup on what's going on with Cod 2024. I'll obviously be going more full force with Black Ops 2024 content roundups over the next couple of weeks and months, of course, as we get closer to the imminent reveal of Treyarch's new premium title, but apart from that.

I want to talk a little bit more about MW3.

They nerfed the taq evolvere!

They nerfed the taq evolvere!

Big foot & ultra skin added to mw3

Unfortunately, just like with season 1, there really isn't a schedule anywhere. There isn't any information in the official blog post about when certain bundles are coming out. We don't have any of those leaked schedules anymore from the usual data miners since the schedules are no longer put into MW3 files.

The best we can do is guess, but it's also an ultra skin pack for 2400. Cod points, and it's a pretty cool-looking skin. It's definitely animated, but there aren't any tracers on the blueprints. It just has me scratching my head right now. Why do they keep having these bundles cost upwards of 24, 2, 800 Cod points, but then you don't have tracers on the blueprints? really confused as to what changed with MW3, cosmetics, and whether or not that's just something that is temporary for some of the early days of MW3 is post-launch; maybe that'll change in the future.

Free combat pack released for mw3

Free combat pack released for mw3

But also as a reminder, the free PS+ combat pack did go ahead and drop for MW3. This is the second pack called D Composition, featuring a new operator skin for Lockpick.

We also got two blueprints, a charm sticker calling card, and even an emblem as a reminder. This is the final year of PlayStation exclusivity for Call of Duty, meaning that beginning with Black Ops 2024, we're no longer going to see combat packs like this that you can only get on PlayStation, and obviously, after a year of exclusivity, all the combat packs end up dropping for Xbox and PC anyway, but I'm curious if we're still going to get combat packs next year and beyond.

But just to the point where they release on all platforms at the very same time, we also have a pro pack that's live in Modern Warfare 3.

2400 cod points for free with pro pack

This is the season , two, which cost 20 real dollars. You have a raptor operator skin, two blueprints, a calling card, a dcal charm emblem, and of course, don't forget about the 2400.

Cod points, so you're spending $20 and getting reimbursed first with $2400. Cod points are essentially worth $40 of value for the price of $20. This is again for those out there who care about bundles of cosmetic skins and cod points in Call of Duty. If you don't care about stuff like that, I totally respect that, but it's a part of the news, hence why I am covering it here.

Now before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {550}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 positive reviews.

You can use C Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order, but jumping into Warhammer has been a rumored crossover for Call of Duty for the last month and a half.

First look: warhammer skin gameplay

First look: warhammer skin gameplay

I want to say so as of a couple of days ago we have actual footage that was posted by the usual data miners of a marine Trooper, or I guess you can call him a Space Marine that will be making his way into MW3. At some point, reportedly, season 2 will be reloaded, but it could even be a little bit sooner than that because, according to these leakers, this isn't referred to as season 2.

5 content, but instead of just season 2 now, I don't know much about Warhammer. I'm not ruling out that this isn't an operator skin, but we'll just have to really wait and see what this could be for. I mean. I've seen some references posted on Twitter about a dark angel blade or a dark angel guard skin, so there appear to be a number of different cosmetics, which I'm going to break down for you guys in a second, but I think one of the best theories about what this skin could be is that it is a jug skin.

Juggermosh ltm for warhammer collab


Leaks out there do suggest that it is, but nothing is confirmed. Take everything with a grain of salt. Of course, this may end up being for something called the Jugger Moss mode coming later to War Zone season 2 reloaded now. As they wrote in the recent blog post, this is a juggernaut of combat all the time type of experience within matches of kill confirmed, domination, and hardpoint.

But there's also a twist with this: you're going to be playing in third person. So what you want to actually do here is maneuver your hulking armor to the middle of the map and secure a powerful on-hit kill melee weapon, giving you tremendous close-range power at the expense of becoming the biggest threat on the battlefield.

So you can drop an adversary and inspect the remains, or you can grab armor from the fallen and bulk yourself up. Check the health bar above your enemy's heads and ensure your head shot matters as the damage is increased. Apart from the critical weak spots, your armor is impressive enough to prevent any kind of fall damage.

In fact, dropping from a tall enough structure creates a ground pound and an area of effect stun. Only air support kill streaks are available, along with weapon reloads for your Juggernog armaments, specific perks, and stronger melee damage even without the special weapon. This encourages a more combo-centric combat strategy, where melee grenades and gun pairings are created depending on the engagement.

An important part of this description for Jugger MOS is the very end here, where it says expect an event to launch alongside this limited time mode, so what are the odds? Do we apparently have a juggernaut skin for this Warhammer event, and then we have a juggernaut-themed LTM coming to multiplayer ?.

Early gameplay of chainsaw sword

Early gameplay of chainsaw sword

Then they also mention an on-hit melee weapon, which is going to be a special one you have to find in matches of Jugger MOS, so here's what I think is going on here: Right there's footage that just surfaced of a chainsaw-sword-looking finisher, which, again according to leakers, is a part of a Warhammer themed bundle coming at some point, and that's probably a blueprint for the new sword Ender weapon coming with reloading; it's probably in the classified battle pass sector, and this could also explain why Michael's upcoming Walking Dead bundle doesn't feature a blueprint for the new sword coming but instead features dual Kadachi blueprints; maybe they're saving a blueprint for the sword for a Warhammer.

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