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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about another surprise crossover between Godzilla and Kong, some new content that was found for MW3, plus even more.

Icymi: new weapon gameplay

Icymi: new weapon gameplay

Twitter Now, as of last night, I made a separate article talking about the upcoming Warhammer crossover for season 2 reloaded. For whatever reason, as of the last couple of days, the usual leakers on Twitter did go ahead and preview a bunch of new content we never heard of before that hasn't even been announced yet, some of it being in particular for the upcoming Warhammer, 40K, and Collab.

We also got a glimpse and some gameplay of the new Soul render sword DLC weapon, which is absolutely insane. I have another article also dropping for you guys in the next couple of hours since, again, quite a bit did leak out over the past few days. I wanted to recap all that for you guys before the marketing begins for season 2 reloaded.

She'll be getting a blog post maybe tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest, but.

Free xp tokens & calling cards


As a reminder as well, Call of Duty has granted us all some free XP tokens. As a bit of an apology for last week's server issues, you can get your hands on a 1-hour Double XP token weapon. XP token and even a double battle pass XP token just by logging into the game, so make sure you guys go ahead and ensure that you now have that on your account.

There are also some free calling cards being given away to celebrate the release of Dune Part 2 in theaters. Obviously, there is a Dune Part 2 collab also happening with season 2 reloaded, which we don't know that much about. I know there's at least one to two bundles that have leaked; one of them actually got confirmed via some marketing, but one other one is a free Paul skin that might be released for free through an event.

I actually believe it'll be through a bundle, because I just find it hard to believe they'll release a crossover skin absolutely free. That might be happening, but there's even a dune type of challenge event releasing at some point before the end of season 2, so there's still quite a bit to look forward to when it comes to our season 2, 5 update.

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Operation monarch event recap

Operation monarch event recap

Now for context, we ended up getting a Godzilla versus Kong event back during Vanguard's life cycle, and the event itself was really just for war zone Caldera since Vanguard didn't really get anything for that event. I mean, there were three bundles: one themed the wrong Godzilla, one for King Kong, and one for Megazilla.

There were obviously cosplay outfits for various operators, those you were able to use in Vanguard MP zombies or War Zone Cera, but there was a monarch LTM inside of War Zone; it was actually pretty fun. There were a series of challenges you were able to do to unlock charms, calling cards, sprays, and even emblems, and there were even some secret challenges you could do, which I actually found pretty enjoyable.

They didn't actually fight; they just kind of attacked players if you got really close to them. There were certain attacks they were able to do. It was cool seeing them walk around the war zone. I mean, even the cinematic cut scene they released for That Season was absolutely gorgeous, even though I didn't really go any further.

Whatever narrative there was for Vangard at the time for the post-launch, it was still a really cool update, and we got that one. It was, I believe, right around the time the movie ended up dropping.

Kong finishing move early footage

Kong finishing move early footage

But what do you know? There's a movie called Godzilla Xcong: The New Empire, a direct sequel to that one, which is actually dropping at the end of March this month, so there's a high possibility that we get another collab for Godzilla and Kong either with season two reloaded or not.

Or maybe season 3, so a couple of months ago, even a finishing move surfaced. And the finishing move itself, as you can see on screen, was taken directly out of the King Kong theme bundle from Vanguard, so a lot of us are speculating that could be a hint towards another collaboration with Godzilla and Kong.

A bunch of other finishers were discovered, but we don't actually have footage of them, and some of them are called banana and pineapple plantains. Plum, raspberry, and even strawberry. So considering the fruit names in The Game's files, a lot of us were speculating that this could have just been to conceal the fact that another cool collab was coming to Call of Duty that the studios didn't want leakers to go ahead and find, and again, the leakers do post whatever they do over on Twitter, and we try to recap it in a safe way if we're allowed to undetonate.

I know I talk about it in articles as long as it's safe, but the finishing move did give us a hint that we could be seeing another collab, and what do you know?

New mechani kong operator skin

New mechani kong operator skin

A couple of days ago, after all those Warhammer leaks came out, there was a new Scorch skin discovered, which is believed to be for season 2 reloaded, although I doubt it. And this is a really interesting-looking gorilla outfit, which people out there could speculate to be the Manan, Kong skin.

Manan Kong was in a very old movie. We haven't seen Manan Kong in any of the new Monster V films, but maybe this is, if anything, a spoiler for what is going to be featured. Inside the new Godzilla Kong movie, right, mechazilla was in the last one. Maybe there's a robotic King Kong in this new one, who actually knows, but it's very clearly a gorilla outfit, and there's probably going to be other cosplay skins for Godzilla, or maybe even scar King, the villain of the new movie.

I'm actually a big fan of the new Monster Verse Cinematic Universe; it's a lot of fun to watch, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what else gets featured with a collaboration like this. Now there's even blueprints that were found, which obviously confirm cross-over.

New kong blueprints & tracers

Here we have the Monarch Stinger for the SVA 545 and the Titan Tech rifle for the Bruan MK9, both of which feature Beast Tracers.

So that right there is confirmation, and I think they even fit the color palette of that gorilla skin, so that could be confirmation that a gorilla-type King Kong bundle is coming to MW3, featuring Monarch Blueprints and Tracers, and a little cosplay outfit for a character that might even be in the movie.

NEW MW3 Godzilla x Kong Event Operator Bundles EARLY Gameplay. Season 2 Reloaded.
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