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This is DK Dynamite for a breakdown of all of our brand new challenges. Here today, for season 2, we reloaded several weapons. We can go ahead and unlock lots of brand new content that did drop as of a couple of minutes ago. You can now install patch 1.40 for Modern Warfare 3/War Zone. As a reminder, we have plenty of brand new articles on Detonated covering everything you need to know about MP War Zone and zombies.

As of today, we have lots of stuff we will be covering, even in separate articles later today for the Dune R of Fate event. We got some stuff for zombies coming up in the next couple of hours or whatnot, and obviously we also got breakdowns for bundles and everything else, but we also got plenty of tweets on Detonated Twitter nearly every single hour. There is lots of great news following the release of our patch notes earlier this morning, which I also read in full in a previous article, but with that being said, we do have week five challenges, which just went live.

Week 5 challenges

Week 5 challenges

As you can see, the game's a little laggy because it's pre-loading some shaders as you can see but as a part of week number five, you can unlock the new SOA subverter.

Battle Rifle, which is awesome just by doing five of any of these challenges here across MP, zombies, and Battle Royale for MP. Get 15 operator hip-fire kills with a recommended battle rifle set to Full Auto Fire. You can also get 10 operator melee backstab kills. 15 operator quick scope kills with the Jack glassless optic equipped to a recommended weapon Take my camera off so you can see your 15-operator long-shot kills with a suppressed, recommended battle rifle.

20 operators kill with a tyrant 762 kit equipped with the Longbow. 20 operators kill with a Jag Magift mod equipped to the haym maker, and then 20 operators double kill with the hogar 5.56. Four zombies 50 mercenary soldiers kill with a recommended AR, 250 critical kills with a recommended LMG 250 ad kills with a recommended SMG, followed by 400 kills with the hoger (556).


I could also get five rapid kills 15 times with the recommended AR 300 kills with the recommended lmg. While stamina up is active and lastly 500 kills with the recommended shotgun at Epic SL purple or higher Rarity moving on to Battle Royale, just about the same challenge as usual except we finally got a bit of a refresh on where you can do the challenges.

Instead of just having to go to Ukhan and open up certain chests or get kills in specific areas, now you can do them on Fortune Keep, which is awesome for the northern region, the eastern region, the west region, and the south region of Fortune. You can go ahead and get 10 operator kills in those areas to progress some of those places in the top 10 five times, open 50 loot caches, or complete 15 contracts.

You can do those on any war zone map, but that's cool. We got a refresh on our Battle Royale challenges, but yeah, the next set will unlock in six days. We're about halfway through season two in terms of weekly challenges. Week number eight will allow you to go ahead and unlock the animated rotten Inferno, but obviously, do not forget about the new classified battle pass sector.

Classified sector challenges

Classified sector challenges

The features are brand new weapons that the soul renders, as you guys can see. First off, we have an aftermarket part temporarily unavailable in Modern Warfare 3.

I'm not sure why that is. I guess it's only available in the war zone for now or in private matches. I guess we'll wait and see, but as you can see, the challenge for that is to go and get five operators or special zombie kills with throwing knives. 10 operator or special zombie melee kills to get your hands on a bone Dome emblem; there we also have 15 operator or special zombie kills with a frag grenade or seex to get a 1H hour Double XP token; and there's surprisingly a grave robber.

Universal. Camo, which is absolutely surprising here, and to go ahead and unlock this, all you have to do is get five operator or special zombie kills with a butt of a gun. My very cool, and then lastly, once you complete these four challenges, you unlock the HVT, which is the final tier of this classified sector, and to get the sword unlock, you have to go and get 10 operators or special zombie Crou melee kills, which is our classified sector, as you could see for season 2 reloaded.

I guess this is bugged out for now. We'll have to wait and see in the next couple of minutes if it's usable in private matches, but yeah, you have to do these four challenges first in any order you get these rewards, then you unlock the fifth challenge for the fifth reward, which is the brand new Soul render weapon.

2 new dlc weapons gameplay

2 new dlc weapons gameplay

Take a screenshot of that so you guys can see it, but ladies and gentlemen, this is the new Soul render sword. We're also on Dos House, a beautiful new 6v6 map that reimagining of, my a reimagining our Vanguard map. Crazy, what is this new sword? Sally doesn't look like the aftermarket part is live.

I guess they're going to release that a little bit later on, but we still have the sword here, which is awesome. Absolutely clean; animation is definitely a big one; obviously, there's a blueprint available via the Warhammer bundle, which I don't believe is released just yet; but the animation and inspect are absolutely insane.

Does the house look better than ever? It kind of reminds me of a sword from the one we can use in World War II zombies. This is very cool stuff, but this is the new SOA subverter battle rifle. It fires at 762. I believe there's an inspection for you. Here's the irony: Sight, my, very, very clean, and we don't have that many battle rifles in the game, so it's cool to see this added in again.

You can do your week five challenges right now to go ahead and unlock this thing. There will be updated best loadouts on {607} for war zone and zombies also posted today, and we of course have been covering all the weekly challenges and whatnot on the site or over on Twitter for those that are interested in all that, but very cool.

Very cool new weapon today, very quick handling, and I'm excited to see some blueprints on it, for there's a rumor that there's a free fortune. Keep blueprint for this bad boy that we try to go out and unlock later today, but keep is only available in solos today, so we'll see how fast we can go ahead and solve that all right.

All new camo challenges!

All new camo challenges!

But as far as camel challenges go, they do go first up the SOA subverter. 50 operator kills with the SOA, 50 operator kills while fully auto with the SOA, 10 operator kills while using a magnification scope attachment, followed by getting 15 headshots with the weapon as well, and then for gold, two operator headshot kills in one life, 10 different times, will be 25 suppressed clean kills, three operator kills with one mag 15 times for priceless, and lastly, just 36 priceless overall.

Unlock 3 NEW DLC Weapons in MW3 Season 2 Reloaded. All Classified Battlepass Sector Challenges.
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