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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about all the challenges and rewards as a part of the Godzilla event in MW3. Definitely, stay tuned.

Battle for hollow earth event delayed

Battle for hollow earth event delayed

Drop a like, and also as a reminder, with the launch of our third season , that was supposed to be the same day that the battle for Hollow Earth XP event also began for MW3, in the war zone. For whatever reason, the event did get pushed back by about 2 days. I'm recording this article Friday morning, so the event will go live in the next few hours.

I want to say that at around 12:00 Central and 1:00 Eastern. I'm not sure why the event ended up getting delayed, but I'm not really complaining about that since the launch of our third season was busy as it was with plenty of other content, so I think splitting up the launch of the season with a brand new in-game challenge event was probably the smart move.

But as a big reminder, there's plenty of brand new article coverage going up over on Detonated oncom for those that want additional content talking about multiplayer, war zones, and zombies. R CDL best loadouts and even war zone mobile plus We got plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter.


The new recruit event is live now

Now I'll tell you about an event that didn't get delayed following the launch of our third season: the new recruits event, which I actually went ahead and live streamed as of yesterday. That is an exclusive event for War Zone Mobile, which does require you to earn about 100,000 event points. If you're familiar with Operation Day Zero, which is an event that just ended following the global launch of War on Mobile, then you'll know that you have to do specific in-game tasks while playing Dance s Rebirth to unlock event points.

During Day Zero, it was really encouraged to do contracts that would really help you get a bunch more points, but within the new recruit event, it's really encouraged to do damage against other enemies and to get kills in any match that you're in that'll help you rack up those event points rather quickly, and there's a pretty cool Hutch operator skin that you can unlock at the very end.

Sadly, the rewards in this event aren't transferable to Modern Warfare 3, but there are Bruiser badges that you can actually grind through while playing through the event. I believe you can earn a total of 10 by finishing the event, and those badges are a different currency that you can use to buy some other exclusive cosmetics, which may transfer to the main game in the future, but as of right now they are just exclusive to the mobile experience.

Sneak peek: titan collection reward

Sneak peek: titan collection reward

Now what's really cool is that, as of right now, two of the four Godzilla Xcong collab bundles have been released in Modern Warfare 3.

If bundles and cosmetics aren't your thing. I totally respect that, but these are all part of the news and a part of the event, so I do want to go over this information in case some people are interested. Now in the menus, you could see what looks like the Beast Glove Gladiator skin blueprints, which you do unlock after purchasing.

All four Godzilla Xcong bundles, like I just said, only two of them are released as of right now. As I'm recording this article, the release dates for the other packs are a bit unknown.

Release date of all godzilla bundles

I know some of the release dates did leak out thanks to some data miners that went through war zone Mobile's files but like I always say with war zone mobile those release dates aren't exactly accurate and maybe aren't all that reliable considering, sometimes there's bundles that come out that get delayed by a good 24 to 36 hours for them to release inside of the mobile experience even though they're already out for MW3 in war zone but apparently we're supposed to be seeing the scaring bundle on the 8th of April so a few days from now than the Godzilla bundle on the 14th of April not sure how reliable that is considering, if the event itself only lasts a good seven days that would mean we're getting one of the Godzilla bundles after the end of the event which is kind of counterintuitive. Considering it says you can run any of the four bundles for an XP boost towards progression of battle for Hollow Earth, we're going to get through the event and all the milestones in a couple of minutes from now, but the Shimo bundle, which might just be the best of the bunch, ended up releasing as of yesterday, and I feel like they actually mislabeled one of the blueprints.

Shimo bundle full gameplay preview

Shimo bundle full gameplay preview

I swear one of the blueprints is actually a mastercraft. The inspection animation is really damn cool. I think if you're a fan of Shimo or just a fan of the Monsterverse altogether, you'll really dig this pack. The operator skin looks absolutely insane, for by line you get two Tracer blueprints, even a flash grenade skin, which is cool to get some cosmetic skins for various pieces of equipment inside of Modern Warfare 3.

You also get a finishing move, which I'll put footage of on screen so you guys can see. I believe you get a large decal, a loading screen, and even a charm, so it's probably the best-looking bundle out of the Titan collection.

Skar king bundle content preview

Skar king bundle content preview

We next up have the scaring pack releasing reportedly in a couple of days. This might be the weakest bundle of the bunch, but hey, if you guys saw the new Empire movie, you'll still appreciate how accurate some of the cosmetics are in this pack. You of course get the operator skin for soap, you get two Tracer blueprints, and it looks like a finishing move, a decal loading screen, and even a charm, so all these packs do feature the same type of content in terms of what you're getting for 2400.

But I just think it's funny that the King Kong bndo, which was released before the start of season 3, doesn't really reflect what happens to King Kong in the movie, nor does it reflect anything to do with the movie; there isn't a mechanic Kong type of character. Inside of the New Empire, maybe it's foreshadowing that we're going to see something like that in a future Monsterverse movie, but other than that, the other three bundles here are pretty accurate to what we did see in the film.

modern warfare 3 season 2

Godzilla bundle content preview

And last but certainly not least, we do have the Godzilla and Tracer bundle, and this may be the best pack. I want to say it's between Shimo and Godzilla here, but this Godzilla operator skin is going to be reactive. It is a skin for Jabber, and you, of course, get two Tracer blueprints. You also get an equipment skin in there, followed by a finishing move, a decal loading screen, and even a charm, so this skin definitely looks great.

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