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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about the brand new Phantom Ghost unlock for Operation Day Zero in MW3. Also, as a reminder, we got plenty of brand new content going up over on detonated dcom for those that want additional coverage from multiplayer war zones and zombies, plus we got plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter now.

As you guys are probably aware, Detonated will also be fully covering War Zone Mobile, as it does release on March 21st. You can check out any episode you may have missed with the public Bombshell playlist here on my channel, but Al posted a article earlier this morning talking about the season 3 multiplayer overhaul, since a bunch of brand new info has been rumored in regards to Quick Fix and even MW2. Amps coming to the game, but in the background we got some Wars on mobile gameplay from Slush Op that you're going to be seeing, so shout out to him for the free footage that we were able to pull off of YouTube.

Warzone missions not appearing?

Warzone missions not appearing?

I first want to address confusion with the war zone welcome missions that did pop up.

I think it was last Sunday. With the 4-year anniversary of War Zone, those missions have popped up for random people all around the world. It appears like those missions are meant to be catered to brand new players on completely new accounts. For whatever reason, my buddy Faari, who was on a pretty old account, did end up seeing those missions, so it looks like it's completely random.

But what were the odds that those missions popped up on the day that it was the four-year anniversary of War Zone? It seemed like it was supposed to be like an anniversary. Type of Drop is a very easy event that all of us could take part in to get a free operator skin and some other cosmetics, but it looks like not much information is available just yet as to when those missions should be popping up for people.


I do feel bad for those who want to get the rewards but just don't see those missions in the game. Hopefully we get more clarification about that in the coming weeks, but it's worth mentioning that event was not tied to War Zone Mobile whatsoever, although it was previously leaked out to be by the usual data miners online.

That's why I always say to take all information that's rumored or leaked with a grain of salt because things might have been misinterpreted.

Condemned ghost rewards unlocked

By those people online , Mobile's marketing is kicking off, especially in Japan. As we get closer to the global launch of the game on Thursday. March 21st.

I'll of course be streaming the countdown and launch of that game here on the channel and making articles every single week whenever there's brand new content, weekly events, and other content drops that are even separate from Mod Warfare 3 and the main war zone. I also want to clarify some confusion about the Condemned Ghost offering, with some of those green-looking rewards they revealed well over a year ago being considered pre-registration.

mw3 operation day zero

So for anybody on iOS who went ahead and clicked Get Notified under the War Zone mobile app, or for those on Google Play who actually did fully pre-register. That will count as a pre-registration for you individually, so when the game does fully launch and you go ahead and boot up the game on your phone and log into your Activision account, you should be rewarded with all of those pieces of content that already got revealed, that will include all The Condemned ghost Cosmetics, right that's the green looking operator skin or I guess the silver and green and those other rewards that you can see on screen those should automatically be given to you since we as a community did fully hit those Milestones with pre-registering.

Hopefully that makes sense; nothing else should have to be done to go and get those rewards, and those should be fully transferable into MW3, and War Zone is not so sure about MW2 anymore. It probably is the same deal where you can transfer those cosmetics to that game, but for the time being, all that should be transferring over into the current Cod.

Warzone 3 movement coming to mobile

Warzone 3 movement coming to mobile

Someone also went ahead and asked the war zone mobile team over on Discord if we're going to be seeing the full quote. Unquote War Zone 3, or just the current war zone movement system inside of Mobile, and they actually went ahead and gave an interesting reply.

They went ahead and said there was no news on that. Implement multiple parts of it in the last four to five updates, and we may continue to do similar things where we take specific parts of movement, or MW3, in general, and sync that to war zone mobile. I think the game already looks pretty smooth, especially for a mobile experience.

I think it's just fine as is, but let's wait for the game to fully globally launch so that everyone around the world can give their two cents on how the movement feels if any adjustments are needed, and I'm sure they'll probably tweak things here and there by the time Season 3 rolls around during the first week of April, and that's going to be April 3rd specifically.

I think when it comes to the MVE, the way it is right now in War Zone should remain a staple for at least War Zone going forward, but I'm going to guess Black Ops 2024, which comes out this fall, is probably going to feel something similar, so in that case. War Mobile is probably going to follow suit and add some adjustments to make sure that it feels unified with the current Cod series.

Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {645}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes, schematics, and MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game. MIT Cactus is also supported by Trust Pilot, with over 10,000 barfi reviews. You can use Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order.

Operation day zero in mw3 event tab

Operation day zero in mw3 event tab

Now, what's really cool is that earlier this afternoon, right as we were starting the brand new podcast, this popped up in the game for users that booted up Modern Warfare 3 or War Zone. It does say right in the feature tab, Warso Mobile coming March 21st, that we have Operation Day Zero.

Yes, this is the launch event for the brand new Waro mobile integration, and plenty of information was provided, which gives us more context now on those other rewards that leaked out a little while back. I know you guys are probably confused as to what's going on with this black and gold condemned ghost, which is known as the Phantom Ghost.

mw3 rewards

People assumed that was going to end up replacing the green and silverish-looking skin that was supposed to also drop as a pre-registration reward. It looks like these are going to be separate and limited-time rewards dropping during the launch window, so as it says, the event does start a good 6 days from now, so exactly when the game does drop, this operation Day Zero event should become available.

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