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It's happening Gamers The big season 3 update in Wars of Mobile drops today, and the developers have released some big fixes coming to mobile. Season 3 is the first big update in War on Mobile, and a lot of players are wondering if the game is going to be fixed for their devices, and that includes overheating, performance, and graphics issues.

Well, boys and girls, yesterday Activision shared some interesting fixes, so let's get into them. Number one, some Android devices were misconfigured. To use higher default settings than intended, so they fix that by adjusting the default settings for Android devices. This basically means that your Android phones were configured to have higher settings that were meant for higher-end devices, so now that they fixed that, that should be a lot better.

Another one The graphics took longer to load than expected, resulting in low-quality graphics in early matches, so they fixed that by adding more assets that are loaded in before the match begins, so graphics will immediately improve rather than upon joining a game. So you guys know that the more games you play and the longer you play Wars and Mobile, the more the graphics, assets, and the assets and the textures load.

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What they've done now is that before the game even starts, the graphics will already be loaded in, so when you load in, it's not going to lag or you're not going to lose frames as much as another big one is crashing. Graphical Corruptions and disconnects were unexpectedly occurring on Android devices.

Another issue The default FPS C was set too high on certain device models, resulting in thermal and performance issues, so they've now adjusted the default frames per second for devices to keep devices cool. Now, I'm not sure what they mean by this. Do they mean that they are going to be reducing the frame rate so devices are only going to be able to use, like, 30 FPS?

Because if that's the case, I don't think that's a major fix. It basically means that before, some of your devices had like uncapped and 60 FPS options when they shouldn't have, so it's going to be interesting to see when this update comes out if it's actually going to be 30 FPS capped for a lot of your devices, but we'll see now in progress that they're still fixing, and they are continuing to adjust other levels that affect the device temperature.

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I know a lot of you guys struggle with overheating; even on the latest iPad Pro, after a couple of games, my device overheats. Luckily, I've got a cooler, but for a lot of you guys who haven't, it's bad. Another issue is that War Zone Mobile uses streaming to load graphics as you play. This dramatically reduces the total install footprint and download size for players, but players with poor internet connectivity will experience lower-tier graphics fixes, so a fix for this is that more graphics will load in before the match begins, so graphics will immediately improve rather than upon joining the game.

So again, we've gone over that already. You're going to have all the graphics and assets loaded in before you even get into the game. More real players lead to more difficult games. We've adjusted the matchmaking and other levels to improve the level of difficulty for new players. Now, does this mean that they are going to be adding more bots for new players, or does this mean they're going to be reducing the game?


At the moment, every game I play, I've got like full-stacked lobbies. Now again, I'm not going to super hype you guys up because the update's not out yet; it's dropping at 5:00 p. M bst today, which is UK time, so if you translate that to yours, 5:00 p. M in the afternoon, that's when the update is going to drop, and we'll finally be able to see how improved it is if it's not as improved.

Again, don't get your hopes up; it's not going to be perfect. They've already mentioned it's not going to be perfect. They're going to continue to roll out more updates over the next four weeks of this season. Remember, guys, I've already done three in the first week and this big update in the first week, so imagine what it's going to be like in another 3 or 4 weeks regardless.


I'm super excited. I'm glad that this is a priority. Man, it's amazing to see developers actually listening to the community and doing something about the game. They didn't do too much with the community, and that didn't turn out well, so I'm glad that Wars and Mobile are actually being responsive; they're communicating.

It's going to be good.

NEW Warzone Mobile BIG FIX Update! Season 3. Wassup Legends, in this video we take a look at a new fix update dropping today for Warzone Mobile.
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