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So with the launch of season 3 in Warso Mobile a few days ago, a lot of players were expecting some new updates to help run the game better on mobile. Season 3 launched with some cool features, such as the new plunder mode, the new rust map, and the new Blacksell battle pass. These features are really cool, but the mobile community was more interested in the fixes so they could enjoy the game, play these new game modes, and enjoy the new battle pass.

Now I love when games add new features and cool stuff in the game to actually enjoy, but for you guys that can't play it and it's not running as well on your phone, you're more interested in the fixes and updates, so the developers mentioned that there were some Android optimizations coming, which would fix a lot of issues.

They also mentioned the device overheating, issues that will be better, and better graphics so the assets would load in before even getting into a game to make the FPS better. For some players, the game has improved and feels slightly smoother, but for a lot of players, it's not improved or it's gotten worse.

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Also, on top of that, players notice a lot of bots in the game, and the developers did mention that they've adjusted the matchmaking to help new players out as before. Texture and streaming issues They've mentioned that players are still experiencing issues with assets, not loading into the game, and weird black screens when playing, so that should be fixed along with the weapon fix as well.

It's been just 2 weeks since the global launch, and US Crit has actually spoken to the developers on a patch notes call just before the season 3 update. The question was asked about what's happening with the optimization for War Zone Mobile, and they answered by saying it is their highest priority right now.

Their number one priority is to fix the bugs and issues that the community is having, which is great to hear the community communication is good from them, and it definitely improved somewhat since the global launch two weeks ago, but there's still quite a long way to go. Now think about it: We've had four updates in two weeks.

Think about two months down the line, or even three or four months down the line. The game is enjoyable, and the content is there, so once they further optimize the game, I think you know that two or three months down the line it will look and feel a lot better. So again, just stay positive, guys.

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I keep saying this: stay positive; try not to hate on the game. The developers are doing their best. I know it's a weird situation right now with how the game is going, and it's tough for us content creators as well, trust me, but just keep giving us good feedback so we can help speed up the process if you actually check your game login email address.


They actually sent out a survey feedback form as well, so you can go there and fill out all of your feedback and give some good positive criticism. Gamers okay, I might have found the best GTA game on mobile, and it's called One State Role Play. One state role play is a game that's been created on its own engine it aims to provide the best role-play experience for mobile platforms, now I've been playing a lot and I'm actually blown away by how much there actually is to do in this game you can pretty much do or be whatever you want from taking up different jobs like a policeman or a fireman, starting your own business and making tons of money or being a criminal and destroying the city you can drive insane looking sports cars as well and race against other players to win and one state has also just released a massive update called Thug in time where you can create your own gang in the game you can take your gang fight against other gangs and be the best gang in the game when you're in a gang you can take on missions and earn tons of rewards as well and it all takes place on a real map of America, the graphics are absolutely stunning as well and it has crazy smooth gameplay for all mobile devices.

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