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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about the season 3 War Zone mobile update and some content that was finally released as of today. Drop a like, and yes, I want to point out that I'm very well aware that Wars of Mobile still needs some work.

Warzone mobile is getting fixed

Warzone mobile is getting fixed

The game itself didn't release in the best state for select devices in select regions. I'm aware that some folks out there thought their device was compatible, and they even pre-registered, but they then found out on day one of release that their device actually didn't work with the game.

I'm aware there were a number of issues, but here's the thing: I'm still going to be covering Wars of Mobile as often as I can, as it is fully integrated with the mainline Call of Duty series, and I'm sure with every new update that does release for the game, especially the one next week on April 3rd, season 3, the game will get significantly better over time.

Also, as a reminder, there is plenty of brand new content going up on Detonated. Docomo; the coverage of multiplayer War Zone zombies helps even War Zone Mobile; and there are plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated Twitter.

Playing catch up with main warzone

cdl major 2 drops

Now the first thing I do want to point out is the fact that War Zone Mobile honestly feels like it suffers from the same issue that War Zone 2.0 did as of last year during Modern Warfare 2's life cycle: the idea that the game needs to play catchup.

It might be a number of seasons or a fair amount of title updates before Wars of Mobile is brought up to speed, with the current war zone we have following the Modern Warfare 3 integration. Right, the game itself definitely feels like Modern Warfare 2 mobile, from the background music to the mechanics in the game.

It definitely needs to play catch up, and maybe it won't until the Black Ops integration this December with season 1. Maybe they're waiting for that, but you would have thought a game like Wars of Mobile would have launched last year during the Modern Warfare 2 cycle considering how close it is to the experience that we actually left behind after Al Mazra got vaulted following MW3, season 1.

Now, I don't think that was the best note to start off on for the global launch of War Zone Mobile, especially considering Rebirth only had about 2 weeks of exclusivity. Before the main War Zone app gets the M back, right, it's getting the M back this upcoming week on April 3rd, so things have been a bit wonky, but I guess you could say for dank that it's rumored to be an exclusive mobile experience, at least for the next couple of months since it's rumored to release during season 1 for Black Ops Golf War Cycle or whatever that game is called, but on a bit of a brighter note, we do have some community rewards that have finally gone live for all platforms.

Golden phantom skin available now

Golden phantom skin available now

This was a part of the Operation Day Zero event, and as you guys can see, hopefully you guys like my new mobile setup. By the way, I have my phone mounted on the mic arm. We can see that the event itself is now complete; the community has gone ahead and completed every milestone; we've gone ahead and cleared every single zone across for dank and even rebirth island, so now you can go ahead and claim all your rewards.

I already did so, so this tab is now blank for me, but if you go to the item shop and click on the Day Zero tab, you should see all of the new golden ghost cosmetics that are fully transferable into Modern Warfare 3 and regular war zones, so that's cool to know. You can just go over to Gear, select your operator, and then once you click over on Ghost, you should see the golden Phantom skin usable on all devices.

For some reason, it is a little bit bugged on Modern Warfare 3i and War Zone right now, where the skin looks a bit wonky. The Mask doesn't exactly load in, but I'm sure that'll be fixed either in the next few hours or with the launch of season 3 in just a couple of days, but there you have it with Golden Phantom, now available inside of the game.

Condemned ghost coming to mw3

Condemned ghost coming to mw3

If you guys are wondering what's going on with the green condemned Ghost Skin, which was initially marketed as a transferable reward for the mainline series.

I'm sure that skin is going to end up dropping inside of the main game, probably with the start of season 3, considering it was initially confirmed as a transferable reward, and developers have still confirmed over on Reddit that skin is meant to transfer to all games, so just be a little bit patient with that one, but at least we know Golden Phantom does fully work or somewhat work on every single game as of right now.

At the time of recording this article, I do plan on doing a live stream as of tomorrow, going ahead and finishing all my individual rewards to get the bloody Reaper and Ghost Skin. All the rewards as a part of the individual section do not transfer into modern warfare 3i and regular war zones; they might add a later date, but as of right now, they just won't tell you what this is: 300, 000.

Event points to unlock this skin. Luckily, they've doubled the amount of event points you can earn while playing on either Forance or Rebirth Island. The entirety of Rebirth is a zone, whereas there's particular points of interest in Ver Dan; nearly all of them do count as zones as well, so take advantage of that for the next couple of days before the start of season 3 because then that'll be the end of operation Day Zero.

But yeah, as a reminder, the community did go ahead and fully complete the community aspect of the event, so all rewards can now be claimed. Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch Cactus, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banned methods and will actually help you play the game.

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