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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the big countdown teasers, The Condemned Ghost Skin, and the new War of Mobile Challenges for MW3.

New wzm launch images leaked

New wzm launch images leaked

Twitter As we reported a couple of days ago, a bunch of new images did leak out of the war on mobile global launch. As you can see perfectly emphasized in some of these images, we have The Condemned Ghost Skin, which we're going to talk more about in just a couple of minutes, but that's a skin that I want to say is like the face of War Zone Mobile right now, and in the background of some of these images, you could see both Dan and even Rebirth Island.

To my understanding, with the global launch of the game, we'll be seeing both maps in the Battle Royale SL resurgence right away out of the gate for every single region, so that's exciting on top of the small multiplayer experience you'll be seeing inside of War Zone Mobile that I'm sure will evolve over the next couple of years.

At launch, it'll feature a scrapyard, a TV station, the L'Ailo Brenberg Hotel, Sho House, and even a shipment. It's possible that they rotate some of those maps out over the course of the summer and bring in some maps from MW3, the current game, and then I wouldn't be shocked if throughout Black Ops 2024 or 202's life cycle you start seeing some trch maps like n sound even added into the mix for the mobile experience.

Now, in case you guys weren't aware.

Exclusive battlepass rewards found

Exclusive battlepass rewards found

I just wanted to reiterate that war zone mobile will be interconnected with the current Call of Duty experience on console and PC, so you'll be seeing the same level of progression, weapon unlocks, and even your battle pass progress completely synced over onto the war zone mobile experience, even though war zone mobile offers different maps that you can play on and even a small multiplayer.

So for those out there that want to level up their character weapons or battle pass, you can do it on the go on the same Activision account, which is absolutely insane, but there will be exclusive parts of Wars Mobile that will kind of give us a bit of a hint of Cod Mobile if that makes any sense, and here's an example: The season 2 battle pass that is currently live for MW3 in War Zone is available to grind through on War Zone Mobile, but there's actually exclusive rewards in the mobile version, which you can't actually see in Modern Warfare 3 or War Zone. I'll put some examples on screen so you can see there's an additional black cell blueprint, there's a calling card emblem, a large weapon decal, and some extra content that unfortunately you can only use on mobile and can only unlock in mobile, but maybe in the future they'll make it to where they add in exclusive content via War Zone Mobile that you can only unlock in that game on your phone, but maybe you can use the rewards in Moder Warfare 3 and War Zone later, maybe they'll change it, but there's even.

The new ␜chase ghosts␝ event is live

The new ␜chase ghosts␝ event is live

a new in-game event called Chase Ghost that's live, and you also obviously can't see this event inside of MW3, or the current iteration of War Zone, but it's also cool that while Wars of Mobile offers everything that you guys can see in the main Call of Duty series, there's also extra stuff going on in the background you can only do on your phone, which I want to cover as much as possible in depth here on the channel through articles and, of course, through some detonated articles, and that's going to be my plan as the game does globally release.

Embargo, care package & access pass

Now you guys might have seen that certain content creators, specifically some mobile gamers, did receive packages as of a couple of days ago teasing the global launch of War Zone Mobile, and as you can see in some of these images here, there's a lot of really cool merchandise, including one that mentions Rans 2024.

mw3 condemned ghost skin

We're finally seeing the return of the map on mobile, and it's even rumored to return to console PC later this fall, but The Condemned Ghost Mask is serving as the logo for War of Mobile, at least for right now, which is pretty damn cool. I'm actually excited since I received a backbone attachment for my phone during Codex Modern Warfare 3.

I'll definitely be using that to go and play some Wars of Mobile relatively soon. I'm really excited to jump into it. I actually got my first win during my very first game of Rance while I was over there in LA. But notice how some of these critics did receive an access pass. It's unclear what that means.

I'm not sure if the release date of Wars of Mobile was on that pass or if it was a code for them to access some content early. Is it another type of in-game cosmetic pass? It's unclear exactly what that access pass is, but I'll keep you guys posted on more information once we learn more from these or the mobile creators.

They're probably under embargo as of right now because the set of creators that covers War Zone Mobile is a separate set that will cover Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone. Activision flies out different people for different things, of course, and they also do provide insight on certain pieces of the game to a select group of people.

Now before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {586}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 fight reviews. You can use Go Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order now before we circle.

Condemned ghost skin unlock explained

Condemned ghost skin unlock explained

Back to the global release date of Oro Mobile I do want to talk about the condemned ghost again because there's been some confusion about this skin. I want to say that the last year and a half, this skin was announced back during, I think, the launch window of Modern Warfare 2 2022.

It was described as a pre-registration reward for hitting, and I believe it's like 20 to 30 million pre-registrations. As a community, we'd unlock this skin for use in the main Call of Duty, which at the time was Modern Warfare 2, which would of course carry forward now to MW3. The main War Zone on console and PC, and you could also use this skin in War Zone mobile, then for whatever reason the skin just never ended up coming out because War Zone on mobile never globally launched; it had only been launched in select regions, and that's been the case till this day, but then there was a developer who mentioned somewhere that The Condemned Ghost Skin was actually exclusive to mobile.

I believe that was a mistake because then, during. I think, season five or six of Modern Warfare 2 that condemned Ghost Skin got added to the game's files, it fully works inside of the main Cod Series right now in the current iteration of War Zone console and PC multiplayer. So the skin is real and will be usable in Modern Warfare 3 as of right now.

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