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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about how to claim all three brand new ghost skins, two of which you can also use inside of MW3 and regular war zones. Also, as a reminder, we got plenty of brand new content going up over on {668} for those that want additional coverage of multiplayer War Zone and zombies, and now War Zone Mobile, plus we got plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated.

Twitter I want to thank all of you guys out there for the immense support for my recent war zone mobile articles. You'll also see plenty of articles and tweets from Detonated covering the brand-new launch. As a reminder. Wars of Mobile is fully integrated with the mainline Call of Duty series, making it that much easier to integrate here on the main channel, but I want to start off with the daily login rewards that you guys probably didn't even know were live unless you guys have played the game for a little while.

2 weeks left to claim login rewards!

2 weeks left to claim login rewards!

As you guys can see here, you have about 17 days left to claim all these Daya login rewards. There's 14 total, so make sure you log in on 14 different days. I'm already about to hit day four, and I got, I think, a good N9 hours from now, but the first reward is a large decal. We then have an XP token, a blueprint for the knife, followed by a weapon sticker and another XP token, and then a really cool-looking animated calling card.

Now Via battle pass or even a bundle, at some point I got some more XP tokens, a vehicle skin, an animated emblem, and then we have a charm. Coming towards the end here is a double pass or double battle pass XP token, but then on day 14 you will get a lockman sub blueprint, so again, these are the daily login rewards for the launch window of the game.

I'm sure more daily login rewards will end up being added in when season 3 rolls around after April 3D, but as of now. I'm hoping that maybe in the season 3 Battle Pass or at some point in the future of Moder Warfare 3, some of these rewards can also transfer into the mainline series. But as you guys are probably aware and I'm fully aware, there are going to be some rewards here and there through events or other opportunities in this game that do not transfer to the main series, so hopefully that makes perfect sense, but for those wondering what's going on with the condemned.

How to claim condemned ghost

How to claim condemned ghost

Ghost Skin This has been an operator skin that we talked about since what I think Cod next Modern Warfare 2 September of almost 2 years ago. Now this is a skin that looks pretty damn cool. It was initially confirmed to release as an operator in MW2, and I think even after that they mentioned Modern Warfare 3, but for whatever reason, as of right now, condemned ghosts are only usable inside of War Zone Mobile, so first off, here's how you go ahead and claim.

The Condemned Ghost Skin I'll put some other footage on screen, but what you would end up doing is going to the Day Zero tab here in the store, of the wars of mobile menu, and you would see the opportunity to claim the Condemned Ghost Rewards. I'll put some footage on screen so you guys can see what I'm talking about.

When I first booted up the game, that collection was right here in the Day Zero menu. I just hit claim on it, and then right away I was able to use all the condemned ghost cosmetics inside of War Zone Mobile. What that should have done was allow us to then boot up Modern Warfare 3 right after that, and we should have been able to see The Condemned Ghost Skin in our operator menu, but for whatever reason that wasn't the case, so here's what's weird about that.

Transfer condemned ghost to mw3

If you take a look at the subreddit for War Zone Mobile, we have actual developers confirming. The Condemned Ghost is meant to be a transferable reward that you can use inside of Modern Warfare 3. I don't think you would be able to bring that skin into Modern Warfare 2, so you can't bring it backwards, even though it was initially confirmed to be an MW2.

Maybe they'll quietly add that in at some point later. For whatever reason, right now they're saying that it's supposed to transfer, but it hasn't, so it's unclear if any day now they're going to hotfix that into MW3. Do we have to wait until season 3 is released for that to happen? It's a big question mark right now.

I hope that clears the air on condemned ghosts.

Operation day zero event tab is open

Operation day zero event tab is open

Maybe they made a mistake, but let's now move into operation day zero, which has just gone live as of today. When I'm recording this article, you will see the special event tab has been updated towards the right of the screen, and here's how the event itself works. Go to overview, and it does mention, as you could see, that to participate in Day Zero, individual individuals can earn EP and individual Rewards WS, so EP do represent event points, which are the currency for this event.

If that makes sense. I just turn my camera off so you guys can see, and then it says combined individual event points go toward the Day Zero community, and the community's event points will clear new zones. Play in the active zone for better drops. You can then unlock community rewards with each zone that is cleared, and if you go to How to Play for Day Zero individuals, play any game mode to earn event points.

How to earn event points in active zones


Collect tactical boosts to increase the amount of EP earned for certain event actions in Battle Royale and mobile Royale playlist features of the day Zero Zone: better quality ground loots, more legendary supply boxes, and reoccurring high quality Day Zero supply drops. Any event points earned by Day Zero individuals are combined with the community EP in Day Zero Community to clear zones and unlock rewards.

Like I mentioned before, it's a bit of a different community event this time around where your individual progress will go. The community obviously, but that individual progress also gets you a separate set of rewards for what the community unlocks will actually provide you with, so that's really damn cool what they're doing at this time, but as you can see in the event actions, how to earn event points says it right there on the right.


Open any supply box, get eliminations, complete any contract, use kill streaks, get head shots. Go ahead and interact with the buy station, open day zero supply drops, and then get eliminations in multiplayer. So obviously, to get the most EP, you want to just complete contracts, you want to open day zero supply drops, go for some head shots when you can, and just kills in general, but you get the least amount of points from opening supply boxes using streaks or getting eliminations in multiplayer, but multiplayer still does work for the progression of this event now; as you guys can see, it shows us map progress.

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