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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about a brand new challenge event, some free rewards, and even a mastercraft. Plus, we get plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated. Twitter is now real.

New patch notes & fixes

New patch notes & fixes

Quickly, I want to go over some patch notes that just came out a couple of days ago for those out there who're interested in the War Zone mobile experience. On April 15th, they confirmed that when it comes to graphics, asset streaming efficiency has been improved, with textures now loading a little bit quicker for gameplay.

They also fixed a specific crash that occurred when using the WSP Swarm Aikimbo. Bots will also no longer use the Survivor perk, which was really frustrating, and they've also adjusted matchmaking rules to improve the overall speed of matchmaking itself. They are planning for it eventually, but they aren't sure which exact update yet, and they're going to call out whenever they can, so I'm going to guess maybe by the midseason 3 update on May 1st, they'll probably end up fixing the executions.

Or maybe no later than the beginning of season 4, which is the very end of May—I think, May 29th. Let's just wait.

Playlist updates in wzm & more

modern warfare 3

And see, speaking of season 3 Reloaded, I actually didn't expect these playlists to go out this early. You can see that for War Zone, they've added buybacks for Forance. Battle Royale is about a 10-minute match supporting a squad size of four, and you can of course earn event points, which we're going to be talking about in just a second.

You could earn those points in any game mode you see here that says EP, so essentially all of them, but then for multiplayer, they've gone ahead and added in a TDM playlist, and they've removed Shoot the Ship. You still have a m-pit right there as well, with pretty short matches, but plunder is still available for Verdansk as Rebirth Resurgence and then Mobile Royale.

For verdansk. As well, there are quite a few options there when it comes to our playlist in terms of what's coming with season 3 Reloaded, though nothing's really been confirmed in the recent blog post. They haven't mentioned any new content, game modes, or even weapon support. We know the Morris is still unavailable in this game, so hopefully that gets added at the beginning of May.

First, as you can see, we have a brand new challenge event called To The Metal. It's been confirmed that with every single Thursday of season 3, there's going to be a brand new event added to the game.

Now, I'm still waiting for the moment when we get an event that you can complete in either the mainline series or in Mobile at the very same time. We'll see when that happens, but just like with the previous challenge events of season 3, you need event points to progress through all these tiers and unlock the free rewards.

You have about 6 days left to complete this event, as you will see. And I'm sure each event will last exactly 7 days; that's typically how it works, but moving into the rewards themselves, we have the overtaken calling card for 400 event points. You then get four Bruiser badges for 4, 000 points.

mw3 challenge event

You will then get the skull throttle weapon sticker for 12, 000 points and another four Bruiser badges for getting 35, 000 event points. Next up is a vehicle skin called High Vis for the LTV for 65, 000 event points and Five Bruiser badges for hitting 92, 000 event points. Next up is a vehicle skin called Total Terra for the cargo truck, and next up we have the Bruiser badges, so we got five of them total for 160, 000 event points.

Coming towards the end, we have a melee weapon skin called Scale Issue, so instead of skill issue, it's scale. You guys probably get that play on words, and then this is going to cost you $200,000. Total event points are probably the most underwhelming reward for a Wars of Mobile event to date, at least in my opinion.

The tactical boost will include a boost here for getting damage. What else do we have to complete the Recon contract? getting assist in Battle Royale once again hitting damage on certain enemies, which you can do in both. I think. Battle Royale and multiplayer. Using any weapon of your choice also results in more recon contracts, and those are pretty much all the event boosts, which again look like small tablets you can loot out of your chest while playing War Zone Mobile.

How to earn the new event points

How to earn the new event points

When it comes to how to get the event points in this event, this will vary from event to event.

Sometimes you have to do 100 damage with any weapon; sometimes you go ahead and loot a bunch of chests. In this event in particular, here are the event actions. So for the metal, you have to do 100 damage with any weapon in Battle Royale. You'll get 200 points. Complete the Recon contract for 500 points and then get assistance in BR for just 30 points, but for distance traveled, obviously this is exclusive to war zone CU.

You can't drive vehicles in multiplayer; you get 100 event points for 250 meters. Yeah, as it says here and then, for any elimination in BR, you get 100 points; for any elimination in multiplayer 25, and opening any supply box, you'll also get 20, so again, these event actions will be different every single week with each new challenge event.

Exclusive rewards from bruiser badges

Although the rewards are a bit underwhelming, for the metal challenge event, you're still unlocking Bruiser badges as you progress through those tiers, which you can take to the item shop, specifically into the event store. You can unlock any of these cosmetics for free using your badges. I already have 20 badges, which I saved from the first two challenge events, but I'm going to stockpile even more with this new one.

You can, of course, choose the Mace Pinnacle skin for 25 badges. There's the MCW green for blueprint, which looks pretty damn nice, and we also have a blueprint there for the tire, Pistol, which is not too bad at all. Again, all these cosmetics we went over for this page, here in the event store, and the rewards that you see in the Metal Challenge event are exclusive to War Zone Mobile and do not transfer yet into the mainline series. Hopefully, at some point in the future, they will allow us to take these rewards into MW3, or regular war zones.

New copperhead rewards & mastercraft

New copperhead rewards & mastercraft

Sometimes, though. I think they'll go ahead and update the keep on Thursdays when the new challenge event also drops, but as you guys can see, we have Copperhead, and Copperhead is available alongside the other two keeps that were previously available.

I also made articles talking about the rewards from these other keeps, and I wasn't very lucky with the rewards that I ended up getting when I spent a little bit of my Cod points, but as you can see here, when it comes to all of our rewards, we first up have the liftoff MasterCraft for the tack 56, one of my favorite weapons from MW2 2022.

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