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Okay, let's get started. The story Mission and Easter Egg is a multi-part process that will take several games to complete, but don't worry, it's not overly difficult if you come prepared.

Act 4 story mission

to start off, in the main menu for zombies, you'll need to open up the mission selector and activate the act for Story Mission.

I'm not sure if you have to complete the first act four mission to do this one, but it'll make more sense if you do that Easter egg before this one. Check out my season 1 dark ether Easter egg on how to do that. Once it's selected, make sure you have plenty of gear with you. I highly recommend that you bring in death perception with you or get it early once you're in your match, as it's invaluable later on.

I would also suggest that you take the highest pack-a-punch crystal you have and the best ether tool as well, either an epic or legendary etheral. Once you're in your match, complete some contracts to earn some points, and then buy a couple of self-revivals as a precaution. Once you're ready, you'll need to head over to the Tier 3 Zone, where the Mission Xville icon is.

If you can't see it, then you won't have correctly activated the mission in the main menu. Head over to the portal and interact with it, then open up your Tac map and vote yes to travel to the dark ether. A countdown of 10 seconds will start, but be careful, as Tier 3 zombies will swarm you, so watch your back. Now that we're in the second season of Dark Eternity and you don't have long, there are three obelisks that you need to interact with here to complete a challenge.

Collecting relics

Collecting relics

There's one on the ship next to where you start; there's one in the middle of the village; and there's one in the river. Now you might notice that this is actually a city from al-Mazra, so if you have experience playing on this map in War Zone or DMZ, then you shouldn't have problems getting around.

First head to the front of the ship and turn the corner to see the small Hut with the truck suspended in the air climb up onto the roof and then onto the truck to then board the ship and head into the middle of it where you'll see an obelisk with a fist on it interact with the Obelisk and you'll see a ring appear on the floor and some zombies will start to spawn in now punch the zombies to kill them and you'll see their souls fly into the Obelisk, an instakill power up will appear that you can pick up which makes this very easy to do Once you've gotten enough zombie kills as a reward.

act 4 dark aether

Rift will open up and give you a pair of Epic MMA gloves, so take them, move over to the village, and again interact with the Obelisk there. Here, you'll notice that there's a target on the obelisk, so you'll need to get head shots or critical kills on zombies that enter the circle. If you have an assault rifle or an SMG, this won't be very difficult.

Once you've killed enough zombies, open the reward rift and take the epic-perforated target. Now head over to the river south of the map and look for the Obelisk here, which should have a mirror on it. This is where it's handy to take some spare ammo mods with you. You don't have to have them, but if you're not paying attention, you could mess this one up.

Interact with the Obelisk and then look at what the ring around it looks like; if it looks like red flames, then you need to use the napon burst ammo mod on your gun to kill the zombies. Once you've killed enough zombies with a certain type of ammo mod, it will change to something else. If you look at the Obelisk, you'll see that there are four types of ammo mods that you can take from it, so for example, when the ring around the Obelisk changed to Green Smoke.

I took the brain rot from the Obelisk and used it on my gun to kill the zombies. Be very careful not to take all of them at once, though, because once you take an ammo mod from the Obelisk, you cannot get it again. If you accidentally remove a certain ammo mod from your gun that you need, if you don't have a spare, you cannot complete this Obelisk challenge, so once you've killed enough zombies, the reward Rift will open up and give you an epic mirror.

Okay, so now that you have the epic versions of the gloves Target and Mirror, you then need to complete the story. Mission normally, which involves escorting the ACV, clearing the infected stronghold, which is where the death perception comes in handy, and then defeating the manga boss. Once the manga boss has been defeated inside, the reward for Rift should be a legendary drum. Take it, and then head to Xville.

Upgrading relics

Upgrading relics

Now you should be back on the main menu, ready to gear up again. Make sure you have the legendary drum and the epic gloves. Target and mirror in your backpack with any other gear that you want to take in. You'll need to make sure that you've got good guns with you because you've got another boss fight ahead.

When you're ready, head into a new match. Now you need to convert your three epic items into legendary ones. you'll need to complete a challenge in three different locations across the map first you'll need to go to the church and wait for a prompt to come up on screen to offer a relic, you need to head to this spot here then you should see a zombie appear with a specific ammo mod effect around them, so for me the zombie I had a brain rot effect, so I went up the stairs to the tower, interacted with one of the walls to get brain rot, and added that ammo mod to my gun to kill the zombie.

Once the zombie is dead, you'll get the legendary version of the mirror, and then you need to head to the shooting range south of the Mana house again. Head to this spot to get the prompt to offer The Relic, and then you'll see targets appear with red smoke around them. Shoot them all to make them turn purple, and once all the targets have been shot, a legendary version of the target will appear on the ground for you.

Finally, you'll need to head over to the gym that is across from the university. And enter the boxing ring. Wait for the prompt to offer the last relic, and then jump out and punch all three of the punching bags until they're on fire. A zombie will then appear in the boxing ring with glowing hands.

Get into the ring and melee the zombie to death. The zombie won't take damage if you're not hitting it, and you must be in the ring for it to take damage. Once the zombie is dead, you'll get a pair of legendary gloves , and that's it.

Elite boss fight

Elite boss fight

You should now have all four legendary items, consisting of the drum, the gloves, the target, and the mirror. If at any point you start one of the challenges and you can't complete it, for example, I tried hitting the zombie outside of the ring, and it took no damage.

The ULTIMATE SOLO GUIDE for the new Season Two Dark Aether easter egg and story mission.
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