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The votes are in, and you want to unlock all the schematics in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. When I tell you that each schematic has a specific thing you must do or a specific location you must visit, some of you won't believe it. You'll ask if I need to complete the Modern Warfare 3: Zombies story to unlock every schematic.

slow down Suzie First, in every game you load into Zone 1, by completing contracts in Zone 1, you unlock perks and ammo schematics, including Deadshot.

All zone 1 schematics

Dakir Speed Cola stamina, brain rot, and Napom burst Check those off your list first; they are easy to get and require the least amount of prep.

As your game naturally progresses and you equip or find better items, you will make your way to Zones 2 and 3, where contracts also unlock specific schematics. But these contracts only provide access to 15 of the 30 schematics available in the game if there were an updated reference guide, right?

List of all schematics and where to get them

Need even more help or want the new MW3 camos hard-unlocked bot lobbies, all the new schematics, the brand new nuk skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts? Check out {654}. They are 100% legit, with 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code dk1 for 5% off. Once you've unlocked Zone 1 schematics, you can fill in or complete Zone 2 contracts, where you will find a mix of perk ammo mods and even a crystal schematic, Zone 2.

All zone 2 schematics

All zone 2 schematics

Contract schematics include Pack-a-Punch: one raw ethereum crystal, the infamous Juggernog schematic for extra-health PhD Flopper dead wire and shatter blast for zone two.

Bring a blue tool, or find one in the game. Pack-a-Punch to level one or two on your favorite weapon, and always be sure to have a self-rival. If, at any point, you feel stuck, switch it up. You have to complete story missions anyway to unlock the uncommon ether tool.

All story mission schematics

Quick Revive is a rare ether tool that cryofreezes Death Perception and the Wonder W schematic.

Communicate with your squad and plan ahead. Random Squad, fill your thing. Ask at the beginning of the match what they plan to do. Sometimes you'll be on the same story or mission or need the same schematic. Ever notice someone drop a message in game chat, like, Is anyone doing the Eldersigil this game and joining them?

Is anyone doing the Red Worm this game and joining them too? One of the best tips is to fill your new schematics ASAP or drink a tombstone can in case the worst happens. What do you mean? Call of Duty servers are perfect; they never grow down. This way, your schematics are safe, and you can just extract them the next game, so be social and join other squads for faster contract completions and increased RNG.

You can unlock many of the schematic solos, but I recommend playing with a squad, especially for the harder zones and dark ether Rifts plus the red worm. Besides, the RNG for a six-player squad will be six times higher.

List of all schematics and where to get them (again)

List of all schematics and where to get them (again)

If you're missing a specific schematic, go back to our easy reference guide and focus your farming on the schematics you need. Some, like the new dark ether and redworm schematics, will take multiple runs because, even though the schematics only drop in these modes, the drop rate is random and rare.

So remember to drop your comments on what you need or what you can help with because you're missing the most rare schematics, and then get fully kitted up with your best items. Legendary tools triple pack perkaholic and head Zone 3, where you will complete contracts to find the ray gun schematic.

All zone 3 schematics

Tombstone, an elemental pop epic ether tool, and refined ethereum crystal Before every game ends, head over to fight the red worm, where you can unlock the legendary ether tool.

All red worm schematics

Flawless ethereum crystal and scorcher schematics. Like I mentioned before, the drops are random, so you may need to fight the red worm multiple times and be ready for a fast-paced farmer market-style trade swap.

After eliminating the red worm and the gas The game timer runs out, so communicate what you need to others and quickly fill it, feeling spicy. Then pull out your scorcher and make sure you hit an Ammo Depot to fill your gas mask to 100%. Then you and your squad will fly over to one of the dark ether rifts.

Remember, only the Elder sigil will unlock the actual schematics.

All original dark aether schematics

All original dark aether schematics

The original Eldersigil dark ether will drop classic schematics like dog bones, infinite ether blades, and golden armor plates. The new dark ether is where you will find the vr11 schematic , Mags of Holding, and Blood Burner Keys.

All new dark aether schematics

Go away.

The votes are in and you want to unlock all the schematics in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. And when I tell you that each schematic has a specific thing you must do or a specific location you must visit, some of you wont believe it.
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