News - Ultimate Dark Aether Rift Guide For Season 2 Reloaded. New Schematics. Cod Warzone 2 Zombies Tutorial


Today I'm going to be teaching you all how to enter the brand new dark ether Rift, allowing you to collect schematics for the mags of holding, which allows you to not have to reload the VR 111k schematic anymore, and then also the schematic for the blood burner bike, which allows you to spawn on a bike whenever you go into any games.

brand new schematics brand new Easter egg Let's go ahead and get into it. So the first thing you need to do is obviously select the mission from the main menu before you load into the game. Make sure you do this so the portal actually spawns on the map. It is going to be here in Tier 3, and you need to basically just get a little bit set up for this.

It's only going to be Tier 2 zombies inside, but we have a couple different tasks inside that you need to do quickly and then also complete the mission so that you don't run out of time and die to the storm, so get a little bit set up. I would say tier three, Pack-a-Punch, is more than enough here.


Get some perks, and then enter the portal. So upon entering the dark ether Rift, you're essentially going to have to collect three items before completing the mission, the first of which is right here on the ship, very close by to the spawn, you're going to activate this little pedestal it's going to spawn an insta kill and then you need to get melee, kills around here it's only going to count melee kills toward the soul box it's very easy it only takes just a few of them and once you complete that are going to get some boxing gloves here that are purple Rarity, we're going to be upgrading these later, but that is for a step in the next game, so the next item we're going to be getting is the purple Rarity practice target.

It is going to be found at this location on the map. You're just going to go ahead and fly over and activate this pedestal once again. For this one, only headshot kills are going to count for the soulbox. Again, it's super easy. These fill up very, very fast, and once you complete them, you are going to be rewarded.


With that purple Target, the last one we need to pick up is out here in the middle of the dark ether storm, and you're going to look for a nice little circle outcropping. Of all of these little dark ether things, in the middle is the final pedestal. You're going to activate this, and then look at what color the soulbox rings around; if it is red and it is fiery, that means you first have to use the fire alternate ammo type, so go up to the middle pedestal.

There will be a free drop of each alternate ammo type. Keep in mind that these only drop once. If you go up, you hold it, and it will drop to the ground. You can put it onto your gun from the ground, but it will only drop up once, so make sure you just do one at a time. Take your time with it, and once you get enough kills with the fire one, it'll change to electric.

You go back to the middle thing and look for dead wire. get it to pop out, put that on your gun, and then continue on if you somehow manage to lose an alternate ammo type or, like, you need brain rot but there's no brain rod on the ground and you can't figure out how to get it out of the pedestal.


You can always run far away from this thing and give it some time; it'll reset. It'll say you failed this little contract, and then you can head back and activate it again, but again, super easy. Just fill up the alternate ammo-type souls until it finishes. You will get the final piece, so once you collect all three of these items, the next thing you need to do is simply beat the mission.

Kill the final boss. Grab the thing from the reward portal, and Xville will just follow the mission markers. Killing the final boss in the final portal will be an actual gold item, so this one is already pre-upgraded. For us, we're going to be upgrading the next three items in the next game, so once you've got all of these items, you need to keep them in your backpack and load them into the next game as well as take them.

All of the stuff you can because this next part is going to be pretty darn difficult; it's going to be the equivalent of doing like a tier four zone, so you're going to need tier or three packs, and you're going to need at least a purple or gold rarity on your guns, lots of perks, and self-recess the whole nine yards.


Get all set up for this because it's going to be pretty darn difficult, so once you're in the new game and you're starting to get set up, you're going to need to visit three different locations around the map to upgrade your items. Rarity from purple to gold in order to progress the Easter egg, the first of which is in the bottom middle of the map.

This is going to be the boxing gloves, and essentially, you just enter the boxing rink at this location. Offer your item in the middle, and you're going to go over to the side and punch these three punching bags. Once you do that, a zombie will spawn in the middle of the ring. Hop in and melee it to death, and it will drop the charged, golden version of the boxing glove, which is the first item.

The second upgrade location is at the bottom right of the map, near the manor. You're going to head to this base near the manor. You're going to head to this location off your item, and a bunch of glowing targets are going to pop up. You simply need to shoot all of them. You will hear a completion noise, and you will go back over and get the charged version of this golden target.

So the third and final one is up at the graveyard in the top right of the map, and once you get here, you're going to activate this little mirror grave right here, and once you do, a zombie will spawn glowing with a certain element. Now you're going to look for this nice little Hut close by, and this Hut is going to drop you free ammo upgrades for each one of the different ammo types that correspond to the zombie, so you essentially just need to look at it.

Whatever ammo type most closely matches the zombie you're looking at, grab that ammo type, kill it with that, and it is going to drop the upgraded version of the mirror. So once you have all four golden upgraded items, we are going to go open the portal now, so essentially, get set up, head to the Tier 3 Zone, and offer each one of the corresponding items to the corresponding pedestal.

If done correctly, there will be a gigantic portal that spawns; it'll say dark ether Rift unlocked, and an HVT will come out now. This HVT is going to 100% of the time drop you a sigil, which is going to allow you to enter into this thing. So now we are ready to enter the new tar ether zone, and this is going to be the first step into unlocking each one of these schematics.

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