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I want to show you guys how I was able to unlock the dark Ether Portal. I usually run solo, so it did get a little bit crazy, but with this technique, it did make it a lot quicker and easier, and we got it first try, so I'll go ahead and show you guys what I did. The first thing I'm going to do is run to the grocery store.

I'm going to fill up on a couple self-revivals. You're not going to need any, but one or two would be good to have, and the rest was sentry, guns. Usually you can find a buy station and an ammo deposit somewhere close by to give us an edge, so it's easy to set this up. I don't even know this random guy; I'm just going to have perfect timing.

Ah, it's empty, of course, all right, so now I got two randoms following, Me So we're just going to make our way down to the tornado. I already picked up all the items there's lots of articles on how to get all those it's not too bad there's a couple missions in there that you're going to want at least Max guns but you can get them going to fill up all my.


Perks and then we're going to run down to the, tornado so this is the area you're going to have four different items you're going to have to place in these little, pedestals but from here what I would like to do is set up a bunch of sentry guns. We do have an Ammo right there, and I'm pretty sure there's a bus station pretty close by.

I'm not sure how long these sentry guns last, so I'm just going to drop one for now and see if it stays there for a minute. I don't know why, but my game keeps glitching out; it never lets me put these down. I always have to switch my gun back and forth, and finally it will. Back having a dog's definitely handy too.

Now I'm not too sure if these sentry guns are going to be too far away, but where the box is nice and close, it's definitely worth a try. Sentry guns are pretty cheap anyways, sry., in now they should all light up and the portal should appear. We have one more sentry gun to drop down. I'm not really sure how the rest of this works.

dark aether boss

This is my first time seeing this, so I just know there's a big guy in it. Here all right here, he comes, so hopefully all the sentry guns lock on my dog's running around trying to clear out some of the zombies, and we just focus on the big guy. Now this island is kind of small, so you don't really have much room to work with, but having a dog sure helps, because he targets the dog quite often.

Just like that, all the other zombies despawn. You can grab a couple items that may have fallen, but now you can go into the dark ether whenever you want. You just need one of these sigils, which you can find in the Red Zone. I definitely appreciate it.

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