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Tuned, all right. So when you first get into your match, if you already have a tombstone on the ground, you want to head over to it and crumble it. Make sure you pick everything up so it disappears, and then you're going to want to find your closest tombstone perk unless you can bring one with you, but I didn't bring one with me because all my inventory is full of other stuff, so we're just going to head on over and crush that tombstone and go get that.

Perk, so just make sure that you do get everything out; just drop it on the ground, do whatever you have to do, and make sure it crumbles. Get out of here. One more thing there should crumble. I want my legendary ether tool back all right, so let's run over and we'll grab the tombstone perk. With this new tombstone perk, you will lose your guns or anything else that you have other than what's in your backpack.

But that's no big deal, and it is actually quite a bit easier to find than the other. One, it's a lot quicker, too. Just clear up these last couple guys, and we'll head on over to the perk machine. And with this one, you can do it completely solo; you don't have to down yourself and lay on the ground hoping that someone comes over and picks you up or anything like that.

So you can do it completely solo, so that's always a bonus. So we got our perk, and we're going to head on over to the. So this is the portal that we're going to end up using; it's not the one on the little island, so you might want to just clear out a couple zombies.

Location to setup

Location to setup

You don't really have to , but I don't have very good gear right now, so I don't want to die, so I'm just trying to clear these guys out or get them out of the way at least, so we're going to have to go over and activate that portal as it's counting down. Run and jump into the water and sit at the bottom, and what I do here is I'll hold my fingers on M and the number three, so as you're watching your breath level go down, as soon as it turns red, open up your map and hit three to accept the portal.

You're going to go down and the portal's going to open at the exact same time, and then as soon as the screen turns black, that's when I on PC push alt and F4, and that's going to close your game, so right here, alt and f4, the game's going to close, open it back up, and go back into Zombies. Check out your gear, and you'll have everything still in your backpack, so from here, just throw it in your stash if it doesn't fit in your stash.

I have another article on my channel that will help you guys out if you care to look that up, and from here, just drop everything in your stash for some reason. I don't even have to swap them with the rewards; I can just drop them right in, so that's convenient, and then from here. I like to keep one of my scorchers, so this is going to stay with you at all times, and I'm also going to grab a tombstone perk, so this time will actually be a lot faster.

I don't have to go running all over the place. I'll grab a gun just to be safe; it doesn't even matter what it is. It's just something that I don't mind losing. Yeah, there we go, and a decoy. For sure, you always want decoys, no matter what's going on.

How to duplicate items

How to duplicate items

The Ether shroud just because again you're not going to need it, but just in case you want to jump back into another game now, this time now that we brought our scorer that we just duplicated, we're going to drink our tombstone, grab the scorcher, and now we can just fly around the map so we don't have to run anywhere anymore, and this was already a free scorcher, so we're good to go head on over to the tombstone, where there's going to be another scorcher, so you're always going to have another one still going back into your stash once we get on over; there you can even bring in a crystal too if you want.

Pack-a- Punch this the scorcher, and that'll help a little bit, but that's not really necessary all right, and every time you go down underneath the water, your tombstone is going to appear here at this graveyard, so grab all your stuff; you already drank your tombstone, so you're good to go and head right on over to the dark Ether.

act 3 boss

Portal, just find the cloud or find the tornado in the sky and head head-on over that. And then I'll show you guys one more time just so you can get the hang of it. Now I don't know what the exact timing is for on Xbox and Playstation, but it would be fairly close, so you might have to just do a couple practice runs just before you bring in all your good stuff just so you can get the timing down.

So again, I activated that. Go down this little river. Sit at the bottom of the box and wait for my breath to turn red fingers on the map. So map three so map three accept it. Sit here and wait for the countdown. Okay, now I am getting ready to push alt and F4 as soon as the screen turns. Black Alt and F4, there we go.

The game's going to close, reopen the game, open up, zombies, and we're going to want to check out our. Gear, there we go. We got everything back again, so I'll show you guys just what I have in my inventory or in my stash. So we got 153, so we'll quickly drop all these click clicks, just like that, and there we go. 161 Here's a little preview of what I got stashed away, so you might as well use this glitch and load up your best items while you still can, because we're probably going to eventually run out of these glitches, but do it while you can, and I hope this article helps you guys out.



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