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Hi friends, here are the five best schematics in Modern Warfare 3 zombies and how you can get your hands on them. The first has got to be the legendary ether tool. The main reason I've got this one on the list is because it allows you to turn your custom insurance weapon into overpowered loadouts, which in most cases are better than any wonder weapon except for maybe the VR11.

Legendary aether tool

The other valuable aspect of the legendary ether tool schematic is that without it, you'd otherwise have to grind loads of contracts to try and get it because there's no way to buy it in the game. The reality is that even if you're grinding contracts, you'll find the drop rates of these legendary ether tools are quite low, so essentially, if you don't have the schematic, there's a good chance you might not even be able to find the legendary ether tool in the game.

best way to get schematics mwz

The other benefit of the legendary ether tool schematic is that it only has a one-day cooldown on crafting, which is way better than any wonder weapon because they've all got at least a 3-day cooldown, meaning you can build up a lot more of these legendary ether tools, and that can give you a powerful weapon every single G game rather than potentially just having one wonder weapon ready.

Now The way to get your hands on the legendary ether tool schematic is by defeating the red worm boss. To get to the red worm boss, here are the steps that you need to take: Head to the top left or the top right of the map; that's C1 or H2. Both of these locations will be on the second floor of these specific buildings.

Either of these rooms will have four small pictures, which you should be able to see, and those four pictures signify the location of USB devices. There'll be four to collect in total, hence the four small pictures. By the way, you don't need to go to either of these locations, either C1 or H1, but not both.

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Now you need to travel to each of the four locations you can see in the picture to obtain that USB drive. I mentioned you do this by interacting with this machine, which you can see right here in each of those four locations. It will take a moment for you; you'll do some typing, and then eventually it will spit out a USB stick on the floor, which you'll need to pick up.

One thing to note is that these machines do need a line of sight to the open sky, so that means they should be quite easy for you to find; they'll either be outside of the building or there'll be something like a roof or some open space with a clear line of sight to the sky. Now instead of you having to work out where each of the map pictures are.

One other thing that might be useful for you to know is that one of the USBs typically always seems to spawn in the red zone, so I tend to leave that one to last, so I recommend you do the same now. Once you've got the four USBs, you need to take them to find the reactors, which you'll then have to put those USBs into again.

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Thanks to {432}, I can show you this map right here, and this shows you the four locations. Of the reactors now how do you know which one to pick well it's actually quite simple find where that purple zone is once you see that purple zone now typically whichever one of these four is closest to where that purple zone is those are the reactors you'll need to use but to just be doubly sure if you zoom in close you should see two ammo crates where you can restock your ammo, very close together way closer than they normally are and that's the exact indicator of where you need to be because when you get there you should see those reactors that you'll need to use now you won't be able to use them straight away if the Zone hasn't engulf them you're going to have to wait for that purple Zone to expand, once it covers all four reactors.

how to get flawless crystal

That's when you can put your USB drive in as soon as you've done that you'll have to wait a few moments and it won't be instant, but the red worm will appear do make sure you're prepared though everyone's saying this is one of the hardest bosses we've had in zombies and to be honest from my experience having done it three or four times now I'd have to agree so the trick is Just Deal as much damage as you can by focusing on the crystals on its neck as you would do with these normal worm bosses and when he releases the purple wisps, just make sure you focus on killing them first it's okay to stop shooting the worm just for a moment if you're focusing on those purple wisps it's really worth it because otherwise you will go down to them and apart from that it's really just about team shooting the wormers as much as you can also keep an eye on the time Remember, you've got 15 minutes before the game ends, and because you're in the zone, your gas marks will start to take damage, and when it gets to about two bars, run up to the ammo resupply.

And just resupply your ammo, and you'll notice it will then resupply your gas mask as well. Now, once you've defeated that red worm boss, open the reward riff, and that guarantees you one of three schematics, one of which is going to be the legendary ether tool, so that's one of the top five schematics and how you can get it.

Flawless aetherium crystal

Flawless aetherium crystal

Let's look at the next useful schematic that you'll want to get your hands on in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and this is the Flawless Ethereum Crystal. This one's essentially going to save you 30, 000 in essence and probably about 20 to 30 minutes of contract grinding each game because this schematic allows you to craft a level three Pack-a-Punch Crystal that you can use on any weapon including Wonder Weapons, obviously this one's quite obvious in terms of how you get it without crafting, you can just use the Pack-a-Punch machine but the reason it's useful to go in with a crystal is because it's going to save you so much time and having this Crystal ready loading into the game means you can use any essence you earn from contracts to buy yourself perks you need or even go to the store and stock up on self revives or juggernauts, or even those black hole grenade Kazmir.

There is one other way you might not know about in terms of how to get this crystal in the game, and that is simply to take out a mega abomination in Tier 3. Obviously, that method is not guaranteed, but there are a fair few occasions where I've defeated a mega-abomination. They have dropped me a level-three pack-a-punch crystal.

In terms of how to get this level three pack punch. Crystal, it's actually the same as the legendary ether tool; you just need to defeat the red worm boss, and this is one of the other schematics you can get from the red worm boss.

Golden armor plate

Golden armor plate

Next up are the golden armor plates, which are the third most useful schematic to have in Modern Warfare 3. Now I've put this one here because it's a bit of a lifesaver.

I give you a guide on the top 5 Schematics in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies and how you can get them in any game of MWZ. I explain why these schematics are so good in MWZ and I show you what you need to do to get each Schematic in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. All of the items in this video are really going to help you do anything you want in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, these are especially going to be useful if you are trying to farm contracts in tier 3 or take on the red worm boss or even take on the tier 5 Dark Aether in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Season 1 Reloaded drops next week so getting your hands on these schematics using our guide is going to get you prepare for the new updates in season 1 reloaded.
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