News - These Will Help You To Get All Tier 3 Schematics (how To Unlock All Schematics Warzone 2 Zombies)

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It is now easier to get schematics inside of Tier 3. I'll be going over the weapon ammo mods things to do that have come out with the brand new update to essentially grind out these way better, so if you do like the article, then definitely be sure to drop a like on it as that does help out this afid of it and just overall does show me that you guys do like the article, and also be sure to subscribe.

We're underordering 50, 000 subscribers, so I would very much appreciate that. But you can also run around with whatever you want. One thing that I need to point out that I forget is that you can do whatever you want to grind these things out. I just want to point you in the right direction, so if there's something that you prefer more, then definitely be sure to use that, but the lock with 680 is, in my opinion, a beast inside the game, and attachments that I recommend for you to use are: for the muzzle, use the crown breaker choke; for the barrel, you want to use the Lockwood Defender.

Barrel, which is the last one, then the 12 gauge slug ammunition. For the stock, the saw-off mod, and lastly, for the bolt, you want to use the express light bolt. All of these attachments together are actually insane, and the most important thing is those slugs, because when you aim downward, the shotgun essentially becomes a sniper rifle.


Now I like to hop into the game with a purple or gold rarity on the shotgun. These are probably the best ones to go inside of Tier 3, so if you don't have that, then you definitely should run around, grind out a bit, and then definitely have at least one pack-a-punch and two on the shotgun; it will definitely make a difference.

The other option for using a weapon is your fists. If you don't know, running around with fists is probably one of the best methods inside of Tier 3 because you're super fast, and then you get to outrun the zombies. You also need a collection of certain perks to make your life easier, like stamina up, quick revive jug, and speed cola, just because all these together will make you reload faster and regain more.


Health faster, obviously, have more health, and lastly, be able to run around faster, so all of these are definitely essentials in my opinion now. One thing that got added with the brand new update that I think really makes this strategy a bit better is snowballs. Snowballs are actually kind of pretty good inside of Tier 3 because they will always be stunning zombies and specifically stunning those damn dogs and making them fall over, so if you do end up wanting to use them.

I do really recommend it. I know explosives are really good, but running around with the snowballs will actually get you out of certain sticky situations. For example, if you have dogs running after you while reloading your gun, you can instantly turn around, throw a snowball at a dog or a zombie, and then make them go away.

Another thing that I really recommend that you have is a brain. Rod brain Rod is an insane ammo mod, and I will be covering it in a future article because it is so good inside of Tier 3; it will be getting you out of so many sticky situations; it's actually insane. Now for the contracts, which ones do you want to complete?

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honestly, it doesn't really matter the escort mission because what I would never tell you to complete is the escort mission because that is really difficult to control inside of Solo if you are planning to hop in Solo. There's like thousands of people on there that will 100% Be welcome to helping you out if you do need it, but going back to what contracts to complete, for the escort mission itself, it's actually pretty good because if you do accept it and cancel it, there is a very, very high possibility of spawning in the cargo mission, which is 100% the best option, and then on top of that, you can complete the egg mission, which is actually pretty easy to complete.

All you have to do is run around; you can complete bounties, which can get an issue; sometimes you can get an abomination or maybe even two abominations together, which I do recommend for you to abandon that challenge. There's no point wasting your time on a contract that will just take too much time because you only have a certain amount of time inside of a game.


On top of this, a lot of people have been reporting that getting schematics is better now. I personally haven't really noticed the difference, but it still feels the exact same way. Also, remember that there are only a certain number of contracts that you can get inside of Tier 3, and the only ones that you can get are the ray gun schematics.

Obviously, weapon cases aren't schematics, but if you do want to get a ray gun weapon case, you can get inside their Tombstone and Elemental Pop schematics. Ether to schematic and Lassie Pack-a-Punch level two schematic, so those are the only contracts you can get inside of those regions, and lastly, something that people have been telling me is that at the very end of your match, in the last like 10 minutes, there's a very high possibility that there is a higher drop rate of schematics, so if you want, you can spend a whole game leveling up your weapons, getting them pack-a-punched, and then hopping in to tier three and completing a few contracts, and then maybe you will have a higher possibility of getting some really rare schematics.


But the most important thing in this, in my opinion, is obviously the addition of the snowballs, which was kind of my main point of this article, but since there's so many different parts of grinding out stuff inside of Tier 3, definitely make sure you do have all the stuff that I recommended. I'm just learning more and more and more that I hop inside of Tier 3.

It's obviously not the most difficult area if you kind of get it down and learn it off, but it can still be a bit challenging, so I will be making updated articles as much as I can just to give you a better understanding. Another thing that I love to mention to people is that it's kind of a very demotivating thing for people, including me.

It's all luck-based, or, as I like to call it, RNG. You will not 100% of the time be able to get these schematics, and there's a very high possibility that you will spend the entire 40 minutes being unable to get them. Don't worry, it isn't because they're more difficult to find for some other reason; I don't know how.


Try has done it, but it is kind of almost impossible to find a schematic in a match, which is insane in my opinion. I've spent multiple games, sometimes just running around and not even getting one schematic, getting some insanely bad loot. It is kind of dependent, I think, on the match. It's such a weird situation.

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