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Right, so welcome back, guys, today. I got a guide for all of you solo players out there, so what we're basically doing here is we're going to be running the darker on a solo run, so obviously if you already know what the darker is, you already know that it's quite difficult. Well. I wouldn't say it was too difficult, but obviously you got that one contract, which is the escore contract, and it takes the mick, so with this.

I'll be showing you how to complete all three of the contracts in one run. So what you want to do here is get yourself a legendary EA tool, and if you can, you want to try and get a pack-a-punch level two Crystal or a pack-a-punch level three Crystal. Obviously, if you can get a pack-a-punch level two Crystal, then you only have to go into the game and get 15, 000 points in order to pack-a-punch to level three.

If you get a pack-a-punch level three Crystal, then Happy Days You don't need to spend that money because we will need a lot of money to complete it. So what you want to do from there is, for your weapon, you're going to want to get yourself the WSP Swarms and put the following attachments to it, so you want the WSP Reckless nighty long barrel, the hip shot L20 laser, the 9 mm high grain rounds, and a 100-round drum.

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You'll also want to equip the WSP Aimo Brace, Stock, Once you've done all this, then we're pretty much ready to go. I have got a few things that I would suggest getting if you can; if not, it's not the end of the world if you can get them. These items are basically the EA blades, or gold armor plates, and a dog bone.

If you can get one, they're not too important, so don't stress too much if you can't get them; we'll be able to do it without them anyway. So, assuming you've got enough money and you've done contracts, you want to come to this station in Tier 3 and buy a load of these Casmir grenades, as many as you can get yourself, two free self-revivals, and a sentry gun.

Once you've done all that, come to the portal with your sigil. You know what a sigil is anyway; otherwise, you wouldn't be running this. Then just activate the portal and come into the dark EA. So looking at the map on screen now, these three points are where the contracts are actually located on the dark EA map.

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So the first one we'll be starting off with is just over your head, so run this route. Come up this ladder, and this is the epha extractor contract. So just activate it, and then run over here. Just follow the same route I am, and then you'll see this rope basically leading up onto the fortress.

Go up this rope, and you'll see a load of zombies and one of the Ether extractors there. If it's too hysterical here, then you can do it this way. Leave that area and run over to the next one, and then it should calm down back to that one when you get back to it, but obviously, as you can see, it's a bit heptic here, but just try and kill off the zombies if you can; if not, just run around and kill them off.

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Obviously, bear in mind you are on a time limit to do these, so try and get him done as quick as you can; just literally come up to him and run it as if he were running any normal extractor contract. Make your way over to the next one, kill off any zombies that are you, and then, obviously. Again, disable the eph extractor and then make your way back to the first one, which, like I said, sometimes is very heptic over there, but if you run away from it and then come back to it, as you can see, yeah, it does die down.

If a lot of the zombies disappear, or near enough all of them, just activate this again, and then that will be the eph extractor contract. Done obviously, just go to your reward rift and collect your rewards, whatever you get out of there. If you've got nothing in your backpack, just make sure you keep them.

how to get dog bone schematic

Casmir grenades, because we will need these for the escort. Contract, so the next one we'll be doing is the Outlast contract, and obviously this one isn't really too difficult it's quite straightforward to be fair obviously just run this route, see this never normally happens it was just my luck that a zombie just happened to be waiting for me at the top of the thing so that's well that's just basically Call of Duty for you, but obviously just coming activate the pnd and then all you want to do while you're in this room is basically just constantly move, so you can just literally keep an eye on both directions like this, but, sometimes it does get overcrowded down here so when it does start to get a bit overcrowded down here you'll want to just start like Circle in the room basically so, what I mean by circling the room is just run up the steps look back kill a couple of zombies obviously bear in mind they will come from the side of you as well so try and keep an eye on the side of you, just keep killing them on the stairs until they come to the side you kill them off run around the room a bit more run back up a different.

Staircase, kill a bit more of them off, and jump over the balconies. Obviously, there's loads of different ways you can do this, but the main thing is that you just keep it moving until the contract is over, so once you've done all that, obviously again go to your rewards Rift, see where you've got your rewards, and then we can move on to the next.

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So for the next contract, it's everybody's favorite contract, which is the dreaded escore contract, so what you want to do is activate the contract. Come and activate the tank and place a sentry gun down by you, and you'll notice it will go to the back of the ACV, basically. So the thing to do here really is that you don't need to worry about what's coming in front of the tank because the tank will literally wipe all them out anyway without causing damage to it.

how to get flawless aetherium crystal schematic

You just need to concentrate on the back until it basically comes to a stop, so just kill any zombies that are coming from behind the tank until you get to the contract. Well, not contract the first thing, like, EA, whatever they're called. So if you have a turret circuit and you have a turret like this in one of the free-spawn locations of this contract, then, use the turret circuit; if not, then just throw these Casmir grenades down on the floor like so, and this will pretty much wipe out any zombies that are coming towards you, so you have pretty much got a straight run, so as soon as we start moving again, same again, just keep an eye on the back of the tank; don't worry about the front of it because again, the tank will just literally run them over and do no damage at all, but you do obviously have to keep in mind about manglers mimic disciples.

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