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You feel like your aim assist doesn't feel as strong as the pro players in Modern Warfare 3 then in this article I'm going to be discussing the best ways to get the most out of aim assist in mod Warfare 3 rank Play Now by getting the most out of your aim assist this is going to mean that you have more chance of getting more kills on the map and when you get more kills on the map you have a greater chance of winning every single game and therefore it's going to make you play better and get more Sr, and just quickly if any of these tips do help you today I really appreciate it if you can drop a like on the vid and a sub to the channel now let's get into this article, so the first thing we're going to be discussing here is rotational aim assist and now I've got a bit of a controller overlay on my screen so you can kind of see what inputs.

I'm putting myself into the game while I'm moving, so Call of Duty has something called rotational aim assist, where if I just, for example, aim in with my left trigger and if I just use my right stick to go left and right, you can see it slows down each target in the fire range. It's not that sticky.

However, with rotational aim assist, this gives you extra aim assist when you move your left stick. As you can see here, I'm pushing down the left trigger. I don't have anything at the right trigger, and all I'm doing is moving my left stick from left to right. You can see how sticky that is; I literally don't even need to move.


I can shoot. The only thing you really need to control your right stick is like ever so slight fine adjustments and mainly just recoil control because if I try to strike my left stick,. For that rotational aim assist and then shoot, you can see that my aim just goes too high up, so the main thing I'm doing when I'm shooting is just using that right stick, which you can see on the screen now, to kind of control that recoil, and using the left stick to essentially engage the aim assist.

Now, this works in a few different ways as well. It also works with drop shotting, where if you drop shot, you'll see there as I pull back on the left stick because, again, when you're lying down, you don't get as much aim assist, whereas you actually do get aim assist on your left stick. When you do move left and right, you can feel it there, like locking onto the target, so if you ever drop a shot, it's always great to kind of hold back or maybe just slightly to the side.

That way you always fully engage in that rotational aim assist, and I have seen articles of before where, if you do ever slightly move it there, there's not really any assist there when I'm ever so slightly moving, so it does have to be a tiny little bit, maybe like a 10 to 20% input, where you know that's like a maybe 5%, whereas that's more like a 10 to 20.


So having that 10 to 20% or more movement just means that your shots are going to be so much crisper, and now I'll quickly go into some private matches here against some bots and show you some examples, so jumping in here into the free for all. I'll show you some examples and get more information about tracks and players, so you can see here that even if I'm dead, there's still a little bit of lock onto that target.

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Obviously the bot managed to kill me before I can do anything, but so if we just stand still you know you can shoot fairly straight you can see that you do miss a few shots not engaging that rotational aim assist however now if we put what we said into practice where we're moving that right stick you can see how easier it locks on and the best thing I'd say here is just you know you can see on the screen but the best thing to do is go into a private match and try to sight yourself, because you can you can literally feel how sticky it is when you are moving that left stick and you always see here when I am aiming I'm always moving that left stick in a certain direction, just to make sure that aim assist is engaged you can see here I'll drop shot move that back stick back left stick back sorry and it just feels so sticky when you shoot, because if I go to drop shot someone.

In this next life, and I don't. I just drop shot and leave my L stick as it is, so we'll go here. You can see I just missed a couple of bullets at the top left there, whereas when you are drop-shotting with that left stick down, it's just so sticky, so always make sure that when you are in gun fights that you're using that rotational aim assist to your advantage, and especially if you're ever sat behind cover, for example, a lot of people you know that it's on search and destroyer, you're in a 1 V one, and people will just sit dead still behind a piece of cover, and that is great to do.

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You know, particularly if you're holding a lane or like here, someone might just be crouched, but if you're just crouched, it's going to be a lot harder to land your shots, whereas if you're just ever so slightly moving, especially when you crouch, you can fully engage that left stick and you barely move back, but then it fully engages that rotational aim assist, to make it so much stronger.

So the second way to make sure that you're getting the most out of your aim assist is to have the correct dead zones for your own controller and your own personal breath. For dead zones, all they are is essentially the kind of distance that is the minimum, the minimum distance where your stick needs to move in order for the input to engage.

For my left stick, obviously, that's all movement base, but the right stick is where you see where you're aiming, so for me personally. I like to have 5% on the right stick and then 100% on the maximum. I'd never recommend anything less than 100% maximum because if you have like a 90 to 95 maximum, potentially the kind of far rers don't get registered, and when you're trying to pull back from a quick snap from one direction to the other.

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I'd always recommend leaving it at 100. But for the right stick you know you can test from, I would say personally anywhere from 0 to 10 would be a good range. Personally, I like five because, you know, if you have zero, for instance, I'm using this PS5 dual-sense Edge if I quickly hop into the firing range here.

With Zero Dead Zone, I've had this controller for about two months now, so there might be a little bit of stick drift on the screen. Luckily, there doesn't seem to be any stick drift with this controller, so technically, you know you could use zero dead zone, but it does mean that any accidental movement, so say if I'm trying to pre-aim this guy and I accidentally, you know, cough or something.

In this video, I discuss 4 tips on how to get the most out of aim assist in Mw3 Ranked Play including Rotational Aim assist, aim assist types, deadzones and more.
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