News - The Best Red Dot Sights For Warzone 2 Ranked Play


Well, when it comes to pro players and competitive players that play on websites such as game battles and CMG, it's down to three choices. First of all, you might be wondering why we're using red dots this year when last year most competitive builds for assault rifles, pistols, and submachine guns didn't have a red dot site on them.

Well, that's because last year when you would use a red dot, you'd make your weapon slow, so you would lose ad time. When you used a red dot last year, but this year there's no penalty when using a red dot, there's no reason not to use them. So for the three that the pros use, firstly, we have the one that I've been using for the intro of this article, the MK3, Reflector.

As you can see, there are no cons. You don't lose any ad time when you use this site, and you also don't gain any magnification. Either way, how zoomed in your gun is going to be the same with this red dot, and without it, the advantage that this red dot has is that, as you can see, there's nothing on the top of it, so your field of view isn't covered at all on top of the weapon.

best class setup

Also, the red dot is very small, so it doesn't really hide anything when you're aiming in. So for the next one, we have the Slate reflector, which is this side that was also present last year in Modern Warfare 2. As you can see, there's no cons to using this; you don't lose anything; you just gain.

The precision side picture and the magnification level are the same again, so you're not going to be any more zoomed in than you would have been with the MK3 or without a side The advantage of using this side is that it's wider than the rest of the Red Dot sides; as you can see, it covers a lot of horizontal area, and again, the Red Dot is very small, so it's not going to be hiding anything.

When you're aimed at, if you get pretty annoyed, when the sides of your gun hide the person that you're aiming at, then this might be the side for you as it's the widest, and finally, we have this one over here, which I believe was in Vanguard as well, if I'm not mistaken, and this is one that I see a lot of people playing one-vs.

best mtz interceptor class warzone

one on Rust, Using. So whenever I play One V games in game battles or on CMG against very good players, for some reason most of them are using this site over here, and again, as with the other two, you don't lose anything when using it, but you don't gain any magnification either. Well, this one looks cool, and in my opinion, it doesn't really offer anything more than the other sides, but also, it's not like there's that huge of a difference between this one and the other two.

Next, let's do some visual recoil comparisons to see how much each side moves when you shoot, so again, starting with the MK3, Reflector. As you can see, there's little to no visual recoil when you shoot, and when you move side to side, this side stays pretty level next to the slight reflector. Again, it has minimal visual recoil, but to me, it seems like this side is shaking a bit more when you shoot in comparison to the MK3 reflector.

That might just be because there's an extra line at the top, but to me, it looks like there's a bit more visual recoil with this one, and when I move side by side again, the side stays pretty level. Finally, we move on to the NER model 2023, and like the previous two, there's not much visual recoil.

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I think this one and the first one are the MK3. I have the least visual recoil; in my opinion, it might just be my imagination. But to me, it looks like the Slate reflector, which was the second one, has a bit more visual recoil than the other two, and when I move side by side with this one again, it doesn't really move that much.

Well, first of all, in my opinion, we have to eliminate this one, the NER model 2023. Because not only is the rim of the glass thicker than the other two weapons, it doesn't offer anything when it comes to width or when it comes to height that the other two don't offer as well, so now we have to choose between the other two, the slight reflector and the MK3 reflector, and in my opinion, this one is a clear winner because the only downside that this side has in relation to the Slate reflector is that it's a bit narrower.

When it comes to width the fact that it doesn't have anything blocking your view at the top, and it looks like it has a bit less visual recoil than the slate reflector. Thank you, and

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